0 thoughts on “THERE IS A MATCH

  1. When mi see the original post me say this smaddy looks familiar. Cory rudeboy is kori rude gyal

  2. DWRCLLLLLL mi ah deadddd to pussssssciclaaaaaat

    Konichiwa da person ya hate yuh guts!!!!
    You & Corey are twins though no lie
    Mi still a pop up
    Why ppl suh wicked

    CRYINNNNNNNNNNN!!!! This girl is bisexual
    Anuh Corey unu please behave :travel

  3. Met wha dis Corey just gone sooooo,,,in the dark
    Him can’t do me,,he would brighten up the room with is bleach light…lol

      1. mi seh wen mi si it …all inna mi head is Corey and di beard weh him SPRAY On pon him face dat a easy wipe off…….no man him fi behave

  4. Met you need to get with the program..rupaul ,,, all I’m going to say!
    Rupaul looks better than some woman with hips…lol
    Long time draggggg me hear!!!!!me heerrrrr dwl

  5. My met just the program of seeing under the makeup,,lol,,even when he dresses
    Like a man he still look like drag,,,,someone said busted I would have to agree with that one

  6. she name T and she av a son unu too damn bad
    she well bleach out bad bad bad plus she photo shops her pic alot
    and plus the make up … she think she a some kinda fashionista but
    it dont look good more while she do too much she is a next teef …
    but bwoy she and cory look alike bod bod bod

      1. dwrcl metttttttt u tooo bad behave nuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
        maybe dem is are related!!! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  7. @observer…Dwl,,,if i answer u I dead!,,,I’m very masculine my angel
    Since u want this to be G rated lets leave it there,,, u bad sooo

  8. Dwl,,,so met who u think dis is?,,,, find this woman for me
    Anywhere in this world,,Dwl ,,, Cory looks the same in drag as out of drag!,,nothing different unlike

  9. Please t you got busted the ppl say,,, if you know this person as you said
    Then u would know if they related,,,st8888,,so please
    Don’t come and make a foul of yourself sir!!!

    Bout must be family,, I would know if I have a twin!

    1. Y is lie u yere is corey pan dat picture all the lips…it could not be someone else tell di person seh a not believing :nohope:

      1. Met I know I don’t know who him trying to foul,,,that is Cory and check out the drag name
        Koko!…smh,,,he better give up this fight,,, calling Kim p come here for a sec!lol

          1. Definitely not like this met,,,only time Corey smile is when his in drag!
            People please even ray Charles know this is Cory!

          2. Met most drag take after someone,,,I don’t care those two first pic is Corey. The one where his not smiling might be a girl! I need pictures please that convince u met

          3. Met please take the wheel,, this can’t be real Cory needs to stop following this person. Myyyyy!!!!!my!!!!!i see the girl I see the kids but I still see Cory! Stop Cory stop follow,, doesn’t look good

  10. Tee……shim an rudebattydwoy get tat inna di sed place too, right? GTFOH with that shit Corey. Yu deh a dance a bade di man den inna shampagne, den dry dem off wid yu towel tongue. Mi sorry fi di gal dem whe a mess wid you fi likes….does yu makes dem suck yu “cl!t” or lick yu “poo-c”?

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