1. Can’t say I’m surprised. A so Mavado stay from long time. Ask Dahlia, ask Gavesha, ask Foota…no loyalty.

  2. Mavado tierd of Killa and him dutty ways . Killa release how much statements dissing vado , drop songs dissing vado, so what was vado to do? just sit by and let drunky killa style him up , no sah . killer always bad mind and tracing somebody . he is another one of them artist that love hype

  3. Ole time ppl always seh only yu parents can style yu and its ok. If bounty did badmine ova him “pickney” dem…movado r kartel, from him see dem talent him wouldn’t buss dem. But yu know when pickney ungrateful an feel seh dem deh pon top now…ah so dem behave. After all these yrs regardless ah wah killa still relevant. Movado ah ride him high horse now ah juss hope him heng on good an nuh drop off

    1. So tru somebody help yu dem fi live inna yu back like leeches. Killa do it Cham, Kartel, Vado n others wa can testify. Not because but still…

  4. I personally don’t think the Mavado song is a Bounty diss, but is probably a Flexxx diss.

    The rhetoric about Bounty being bad mind about his proteges is straight foolishness, as he never bind them in a contract and have given them the platform to develop their skills, make music, do shows, make money and create their own destiny. If he was bad minded he would have signed them to an iron clad contract. But I can hear the haters response that he is uneducated, blah, blah. Even if that was the case, why does he have so much sound investments that he does not even talk about and that people don’t even know about. Hey, but then again, he is uneducated right?

    1. this anu Mavado vs Killa

      tru de media jump pon sumtn everybady believe it goh soh

      Vado song soun like waste cross get inna problem wit people ah rd
      and vado haffi defen de likkle skunt!!
      me noh hear NO reference to killa inna it..

      Killa tune aim at Flippa Moggla
      in tha tune him seh flip over
      him voice it for ‘free willy’ productions, killer whale and dolphin ah de same dont??

      after him flip over and flop

      killa still seh him dont want to see no ghetto yout go down down

  5. Yo… Unu hear this yu see Killa him my easy enough, even though him dem. Him still will bad mind, but Movado a wan real pu$@y ole unu stay deh.

  6. Never bite the hand that feed you. We from Jamaica when our parents beat an curse at us do we disrespect our parents no. That’s the way bounty is for so Many years he’s like a parent. I’m not saying that Mavado should be scared of bounty. Just let him talk an be a Parent. Just remember what the Bible say obey your mother and your father and your day should be longer

    1. Life is a cycle, if someone gives you a break in life how does that make them your parent.? Of course you’ll have respect but every action carries an equal or opposite reaction.
      This isn’t about Bounty and Mavado. A two separate tunes done fi separate reasons.

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