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  1. Put u bredda pan blast too cause if him nay go deh him name couldnt call. Him bareback koki did a put har pussy pan blast an u were nowhere near there…..suh why yuh feel fi pick up yuh bredda battle…..Jacket or Vest…..if yuh bredda feel like go back go deh wid Kadian…..him going right back to di jacket factory….Suh stay deh . Unuu too nuff an ina every ting…..( I dont know Kaydian or yuh kayliss bredda….but mi know uuuuu Ms Nuffy Dionne) Leff ppl biznizz an mind yuh own…..bredda or not. Mawnin Fambileeeee. :toast :2thumbup

    1. Pap pap pap!!! Str8 suh Mamacita… Whether Jacket, best, raincoat, petticoat or sweater him was willing to get fitted once him enta bare back. :babyboy :babygirl

    1. Lawd gosh Quena…..Yuh know it crawse mi mind…We neee sum Holy water over here …an di blood of Jesus to cover us. :ngacir2

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