TRINIDAD & TOBAGO– Miss Trinidad and Tobago World 2013 Shereece Villafana who represented the twin-island republic in the Miss World pageant a month ago in Bali Indonesia, has been stripped of her crown.

The Trinidad Express newspaper Monday said a press release received from the Miss World Trinidad and Tobago Organisation, headed by director Athalia Samuel stated: “This dethronement has become necessary as a result of unsettling reports brought to the attention of the organisation. These reports concern conduct that is not in keeping with the high moral and ethical obligations the Miss World Trinidad and Tobago Organisation strives to maintain.”

The report said the organization’s decision to strip Villafana of her crown came after the organisation received a letter from the Office of the Prime Minister informing them that Villafana received TT$200,000 in sponsorship money to help with preparations for the Miss World pageant.

Samuel said Villafana received the money without informing the Miss World Trinidad and Tobago Organisation.

“Prior to leaving for the pageant, I asked various agencies and organisations for sponsorship and every time I asked for assistance they would respond that they already gave money, which I found to be strange because we never received any money,” the report quotes Samuel.

“I didn’t know what they were talking about and at times I felt embarrassed because I had no knowledge of receiving any of the monies they said they gave … eventually, we received sponsorship through various events, as well as from a company in London who eventually paid for our airfare, hotel accommodation and spending money.”

The report said Villafana had no comment to make on the matter.


        1. Zerva it too late, behave yuhself. Woooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I cant.

  1. met if open a topic about the heinous crimes the TRINI DEM DO….mon to sunday yu site woulda full fi di next million year cause a regular …….dem is a disgusting set

      1. Not at all..but that is why I put this post because di person in the other post a call we deportee etc…so this is to show that it deh everywhere ..none nuh better dan di other

      2. Di two year old weh di man dem ova deh a rape off pon a daily basis …sodomize and all ….especially di case where they gave the child back to her mother and her so called step father and the child anus was falling out …..there are so much it is much much worse than anywehere I have seen

        1. mi nah put dung nuh baddi …but di trinni lady weh used to work inna di same division seh she nah go back a trinidad ..shi neva born there her parents born there…but she seh dem have too much incest and such ….and that it ridiculous if u nuh mind sharp dem kid nap yu….I spoke to some Jamaican workers who were begging to come back to Jamaica because gun man ova deh a walk inna broad day light wid dem gun pon cock and there is no police or men of the law ………mi used to read di paper fi info. and stop ….it was just too much

      1. Met, don’t do it! Cause then that would lead me to say you only see what you want to see and by pass others! I never came on JMG and professed to be anything but Trinidadian and which I’m very proud to be.

          1. And mi ask agen whey u mean? If im asking someone fi explain demself how di hell u a go tell me se me a pretend not to know whey dem a seh u fi real? no man we nuh live so nooo oo

        1. Saucy we a go be proud fi be Jamaican and come to our defense all the time as Jamaicans there is no way people a go feel se dem a get putdown and roll over so life is funny. To date no islander can se dem go Jamaica and get the treatment unleashed on us if there is such a case then we can draw a line and se well this is this and that but di treatment onesided so what are Jamaicans really to do?

          1. Well Met as you stated you are proud to be Jamaican and I would say likewise, I’m very proud to be Trinidadian and the same way you feel is the same way Status and I feel. You are right, I should leave it to Status to explain exactly what she means. After all Trinidad is nowhere and low down on the totem pole as someone stated on a previous post, lol!

  2. oh my! yuh dont say… gud up gud trinidad de news reporter sure she did cuz its de land of pure saints yuh :cool

    1. Saucy we cool yes but life funny don’t? What were we supposed to say? Before we started talking yesterday u run and in se dont disrespect now if the shoe was on the other foot mi know personally I wouldnt and couldnt find it within me fi tell people how fi act if dem feel disrespected so I guess this is where we differ. People run in and talk and we answer dem so what we were to do just say it cool ? No…I dont think anyone went all the way overboard and mi nah go tell u how fi feel but as I said Barbados fi get it more dem too outawda

  3. no man a Jamaican alone fi get disrespect right? and jus tek it and nuh say nutten? but dem people yah nuh easy.

    me fi one nuh see why any right thinking yardman woulda want go trini or bargaydos anyway. is like them eediat yardy deh nuh watch news and read newspaper seh them place deh as f**k up as yard. nuh make the oil stories fool unnu. especially a trini weh black people have it hard under the coolie regime.

  4. Good afternoon Met and bloggers is like when mi have school and class I miss everything. Weh gwaan mek the Trini bloggers dem vex?????? Summady wah clue mi into wah mi miss…

      1. I mean this a forum. We all free to express ourselves. Look at it…we cuss our own Jamaican ppl when dem violate en the customs ppl. Ppl are going to feel a way if their country man goes to another island and get rejected for no valid reason.

        1. Thats true but I feel bad se Saucy and worse seh Status feel a way…and I feel it more because Status know we more than cool but mi cannot help but cuss.. so deep down mi feel bad but cannot help it mi vex and still vex and waa gwaan worse..So Saucy as mi seh mi a beg u pardon and I am truly sorry u feel away..Status…mi feel bad bad bad :kiss :kiss mi vex because mi tired a it also Jamaicans fi tan a dem yard dem fi stay dere but :kiss :kiss one next time agen mi apologise to u agen Status

      2. No Met, is not because of the cussing and going on about the situation what happened because I would not be the good person I am to say it was right. If there was no valid reason to deny entry to them, it was wrong. But, I can also make the argument that I am not an immigration officer so I do not know what criteria they were looking for. As I stated yesterday I experienced it first hand.

        1. Saucy mi get dat long time and who am I fi tell people not to be proud a dem country ? Mi neva tell one person whey se dem a Trini nuh defend it but when dem talk we a go talk right bakka dem..if dem did low we mek we chat it wudden haffi go pass di border and dem nuh talk like u and Status no sir ..We a caribbean people and none a we mouth nuh nice

          1. why unnu Trini nuh tan a fi unnu country the amout a unnu wey full up UWI unnu nuh have university thats y unnu suh dark and friten .AN wha suh hot all who a cuss bout oil dont even see the first cent cause the coolie dem a reap the whole a de oil money and the idiot dem cant even say a word inna dem own country…If i was a black Trini I would be cussing Trinidad too the way how unnu get treat like dog

          2. I meant ON before dem cuss mi, and mi a nuh Trini mi a born Jamaican nah change, and cah change. Dem fi stop guh weh dem nuh wanted because when mi see we own get treated a certain way it bun mi heart strings…

    SO WHAT.

      1. A mi fi tell yuh Real.. fi dem companies nah guh profit from my little two cents am sure it wont be missed, but if yuh nuh stand fi something yuh fall fi anything…And mi like de likkle crackers yuh nuh.. Oh well!!!

        1. a true ting..dem ova deh a discriminate wid black ppl and a chat shit bout dem a dis and a dat always a look a reason fi segregate ..minah nyam nutten wid nuh funny name

  6. well mi guh trinidad ahready and Jmaica is a way better place. I stay at the only decent hotel them have hyatt and the water dutty and crawny, As yuh come off the airport yuh smell raw sewage cause cause the sewage drain in trench pon roadside. The likkle capital not even as big as montego bay. The coolie dem treat the black dem like shyt them racist like whoaaa. The f**king immigration officer dont like Jamaican and i was traveling from new york with a US PASSPORT BUT IT SAY BORN IN JAMAICA AND THE F**KA HAD TO NOTICE THAT and mention it. The only good thing them have is the ferry to tobago. So who the f**k care if them want call we deportee shyt who inna dem right mind woulda leave good good Jamaica the land of wood and water fi guh suffocate pon raw sewage and dutty water. Guh de yes guh hustle andget some ah the oil money and lef . The f**ks dem ah themost badmine hatefull people mi ever meet shyt yuh si how we a rally backa Tess and she a chiney jamaican dem woulda never support dem own suh cause them racist gainst dem one anodda.. trini an nuh nuttin fi yuh start a whole thread bout. KMFT cho

    1. das how dem is and that is why mi se a trini woman will marry a jamaican and u dont know because we nuh mention it but anything dem will bawl out she is jamaican like dem a gi out warning or something

      1. Mek mi mek mi las point mi seh mi fren come to mi and seh shi have sitten fi tell mi ….mi seh a wah now ..shi seh my girl mi tenant seh him a go pick up him uncle a airport ……..and he wont be there for the fixer upper so if he can reschedule for the next week she said no problem…when shi reach a di yawd di man wife introduce the uncle as fi ar fada …….di husband seh a him fada bigger brother a weak ….dem just too near

    2. Ignorance is a hell of a thing isn’t it? Lol, the only reason WE were going to UWI in Jamaica is because it was way cheaper to do so in Jamaica. Get your facts correct before you run in and chat foolishness. Btw, last time I checked UWI in Trinidad is now free and open to all citizens!

      1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so a so unnu waaaaaaa lib unnu come a we country come rape the cheap education till unnu coulda build unnu own but we caaaaaa come a fi unnu cause we this n that n all manners of evil unnu no see say unnu a wicked ppl smh ahhhhh sahhhhh

        1. yu love tawk di chuet too much u need fi behave and lef di ppl everybody love Jamaica….dats when most of the trinis believe or not are respected as blacks

        2. Cho dont even pay ano nuh mine cause fi dem own black people cant guh de much less . SO why we woulda want send wi good good students over de fi them tun idiot

          1. De same way trinis in ja university is the same way jamaican students in trini uwi..so stop the BULLSHIT

        3. chuety a di same anonymous puxxyole uppa tapp ketch feelings fi mi words but i care zeroooooooooo…unnuh island small like unnuh mindz FOH

          1. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mi seh if yuh a nuh de bess mi nuh know who is….. Wah mek yuh bad suh?????????Mi nuh see y there is a issue at all because people chat mad shit about Jamaica all the time and mi haffi grin and bare it because mi cah get fi correct all the misconceptions and I am not able to. Weh yuh come from coming like decent woman and dem babies dem cah do no wrong when a stranger judging, suh mek we just call it a spade a spade and move along…

      2. so unnu finally get one likkle free university and have mouth. How much black trini go there before you answa make me tell yuh kless than 20 % of the students so that a something fi brag bout. The black Trinis still have fi run left unnu so call university guh Jamaica so dem can live like human being and not dog shit

      3. yuh sound just like a Trini, just Stupid. If the education free why go Jamaica fi pay even if it cheap ….UWI in Jamaica a better school and the Trini dem dont want lef when dem reach. A same way one a mi fren brother get kill ova one whoring Trini gal a UWI cause she woulda fcuk dun the whole a the yute dem fi bulla and box drink . Where was fi har oil money cause the bytch haffi whore out fi survive. And still a the first in har life she feel like smaddy.

  7. Thats true majority of the Indians dont like the black if yuh a Dougla (Indian mix with black) u might get a little chance but if yuh pure black they automatically think yuh from Diego Martin,Belmont or Beetham,

    On Charlotte St they treat the Guyanese so bad, its sad that Trinis on the thread feel a certain type of way but right is right and wrong is wrong and the little hype and shit bout oil and all needed to be nip in the bud because yuh have real Jamaican who have been to Trini, see the living of some Trini and wonder if the oil well is only in the politicians yard because is only dem alone benefitting from it!

  8. Met let mi explain.

    The issues here is Jamaicans being wrongfully deported, but people are being purposely hateful with their comments, and I am a Trini to my soul so I will take this personal.
    What does a child being raped or our oil have to do with the deportation taking place.
    Their is a underlying problem of mutual dislike and its not only on the Trini side.
    Every island, country and town in the world have rapist, thief, rich, poor, i just don’t see the point of all of that being thrown out when the topic is Deportation.

    I can’t tell anyone how to feel, cuss etc but these comments went beyond what was necessary on both sides, and i’m sad to say this i have seen a new side of JMG that i don’t like.

    1. That is fine , what u have seen is not new because we went in on barbados just the same and even worse but because its your place you feel a way and I understand and will never tell you how to feel. Things will never be pretty when patriotism comes into play

    1. No no I wouldnt say there is hate either side either ..hot situation dat is all and as mi seh Jamaicans a get beating every whey

    2. Status but mi bet if we do a poll yuh have wayy more Trini, bajan and adda island that hate Jamaicans than we them. My sister lives in Bahamas and she get so much hate from the adda woman dem is unimaginable every day mi ask har y she still married to dat Bahamian man… De odda island people dem not saying everybody but most always have something negative fi seh or do to JA, mi know it nuh nice fi live in somebody else’s shadow but a suh it set. Jamaica a one a de most talented island ina de world no doubt, if I were dem I would hate us too….

        1. Nuff a we female get hated on because weh we come from and its mostly from the women never the men.. My mother pray very hard fi my sister because mi see first hand how de woman dem try fi sink her because she a Jamaican. Mi almost floor a gyal because my sister naturally brown and she a comment bout she a Jamaican dem love bleach. Y they mad though???? I already know.

          1. Babygirl people mek it seem like we jus a talk up in the air. But u will never find any a dem whey live a Jamaica fi seh we a hate pan dem for being from other places..

          2. furdah mor nuff a dem deh a yawd a pretend fi be yawdie luk how much get deported an unnuh nuh jamaican…unnuh fi gwehhhhhhhhhhhh caw tan unnuh…come talk now caw mi nuh careeee oooooooooooooo

  9. true enu……in all the Hollywood movies it’s sooo cool to be a Jamaican, most people when they meet a caribbean person overseas they think are Jamaicans….

  10. Met….mi neva get fi read di offensive poce before it get tek down, but mi guh Trini pon vacation and mi gwine back. When mi chavle choo di Caribbean mi tek two or three book wid mi, cause mi know any number can play pon di border line, an mi nah tun back.

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