Sher seh as she land she affi visit kadi fe do her hair inna center “PATH” a Cyah laugh mi seh dem so called hot gyal yah need extra lessons in English

22 thoughts on “A BETTER YUH SEH CENTURY

  1. That could have simply been a typo but I can’t swear fi any of them cause them dunceness alone can shame mi in the future

  2. That is how you spell center in JA. Who nuh know seh Jamaicans are taught the queens english and they spell different from american english. My Gawd unnuh petty.

  3. This want an Oxford Dictionary and a New First Aid in English. Kingston Bookshop have dem in stock. Before dem buy a pack a weave dem need fi invest inna dem two book deh, God know dis serious

  4. Now you see why she act so dark & fool fool..just a pretty dunceeee! which part on that girl humble???????? ah joke this.. she’s so conceited & full of it you can see it thru all her fakeness

  5. Dem ppl ya really need a life, wen me use to guh school a Jamaica a same way me spell “center”, because we were taught d English way, just like how America spell check weh u cash as “check” and Jamaica spell it “Cheque”….a wen me come a farrin n a guh school me realize we have 2 diff kind of spelling….too much good speller deh bout d place n unuh naw do ntn wid it more dan find fault unuh guh teach d yutes dem weh cyaa read and write

    1. DWL check and cheque are both spelt correctly bit have different meanings…
      Sher put path when it should of been Part!

  6. Well she did admit on Nightly Fix to dropping out of school at grade 10!! Oh well these waxk niggas don’t care they see a pretty face and fat ass they hollering same way.

  7. Imma need yall help because I swear I can’t be the only one ok…

    Can anyone else plz confirm that you too thought Sher was aiming to actually say


    through my understanding is that she returned to New York. ..so I’m innocently thinking she a link up with her hairdresser inna the park like how yuh can get ur hair do downtown Kingston a roadside.

    Read it over again n insert central park instead of center path n it will mek perfect sense. Man a yardie so mi nuh too know how unno set up unno ting a farrin,if u need permit fi do lil hair inna the park r what. ..ijs.

  8. MNL enu yardie noooo MNL mi live a NY fi a veeelllyyyyy looonnnggg time now an mi cannot recalled di hairdresser ting inna “center part” wtf “central park” :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak if it a gwaan mi neva si

  9. PART !!! Like when Moses part the red sea a suh u part u hair, how path drop in. That is not a typo the girl is a dumb dumb, time she tek a dash word she woulda guh study har dictionary and guh tek up a first aid in english. Damn dunce bats, cya read, cya spell, cya talk properly but a hype pan social media.

  10. Anytime people correct or point out unnu obvious faults we badmind n a hate pon unnu but then if people chat behind unnu back unnu same one tun round n seh we a hypocrite. Mi nuh know wah go wrong with dis ya generation.

  11. Nicky you send u followers them so how Nicky make mistake unu nu put her on this a sher unu hate wahday me comment and tell Nicky fi use spell check cz she never spell nth good yet so a nu sher alone dunce..lawd god man make d gal breathe in peace .

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