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I am still deeply disturbed by a phonecall I got from my big brother yessiday evening. Bro sey him went to a store name E—– mussi Inna Mall plaza a Half way tree to buy a shirt.The man sey him frighten so till fi see 2 battyfishes a galivant n carry on in dere. Imagine how traumatizing it was to see one a di shim dem with baby Inna pouch a carry jus like any woman!!! Met the thing is remember it was just a couple a yrs ago the whole HWT did descend pon some shims n is police did rescue dem, check utube fi dat popular video.
Fast forward to now n mi bredda sey the men dem all a try on ooman’s clothes pon dem one anneda in broad view of other shoppers.mi brother sey the manager come over n apologize fi di shim dem behaviour n offer him 30%off whatever he opts to buy!My bro says he was so disgusted he declined n stepped outside n call me a sey a histrie dis Inna Jamaica.Met this incident has caused me to start writing a letter to youth minister Babsy grange. Question…Can gay guys adopt children/babies in Jamaica?? If no then keep it that way,if so join me in lobbying for this to Stop immediately!

I will send you a copy of my letter to Babsy cuz dem a get way too brite now.Bad enuff wid dem cross dressing n public dispay of affections but we drawing the line on battyfishes parading babies/kids around like that shyt is normal!

3 thoughts on “A HOW DEM A GET SUH BRITE?

  1. from bad man and area don condone the gay thing them out loud and bright…shit bad man did a kill man after him give him blow job so them free up now…..you soon have civil war a jamaica gay versus straight …..you can’t even beat them no more ….a dem a miss out because nothing nicer than the natural juice of the vajayjay ………GOD HELP US.

  2. You know a feel a one careless gal a shim breed fi play “mother” role :hammer

    The gyal dem inveigle de slackness. It could all be family or a rent a shim a baby.

    Dem won’t have fi adopt cause gyal already a phuck dem big and bold.

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