When will the relevant authorities talk to us about what is going on? The most heartbreaking part of this is that women are involved and are facilitating these sick people.


    1. Fi real, mi body feel numb, all this morning as mi open mi whats app a more pics mi a get, mi feel like THE MOST HIGH just seh……unnoo deal wid this shit unoo self cause unoo get too evil

  1. Di whole a dem politician yah love politicise crime! Dem come inna power and a it dat! Bunting did do it after Bruce and di JLP! Andrew do it after Bunting and di PNP.

    If unnuh haffi lock down di country and go dig up everywhere fi find di nastiness dem and whoever a hide dem up den do it! But stop a mek dem hav unnuh like punk inna corner and a run rampant inna society!

  2. Met it IS a sacrifice thing. you are right. My little cousin in the mid 2000s was found mutilated and every drop of blood was drained from her body. Upon further inspection of the corpse, or what was left of it, it was confirmed that tools were used to drain all the blood. That was when young ladies were being taken away very often in Montego Bay and then their bodies were found after. It was being rumoured that they partake in the consumption of the blood of their victims. SMH. Down there scammers will do anything to survive. I dont know if it is the same scamming thing but trust me….when i heard of the frequent missing children’s reports again in the West it brought back some bitter memories. These money hungry fools will do anything they are told to keep their money. One even hired a hit man to kill his own child’s mother. Last night i saw a young girl take the license plate of a bus before she entered and when i asked her about it, she said she is going to WhatsApp her mom the info. Boy me nuh know yaa. Jamaica turn upside dung.

  3. Unnuh member when man did a tek weh girls, talk bout dem want 100 virgin fi di devil? Unnuh member when di nastiness dem did a rush di likkle pickney dem hard (di big Memorial statue deh down town)? Unnuh member wen black heart man did a hunt down woman and did love di pregnant one dem di most? Unnuh member wen dem used to a use MySpace/Facebook hard fi girl come meet dem a road? Unnuh member when after a while a woman you did haffi fraid a cause a dem did a lure away kids for men? Unnuh member seh a nuff loader man used to a set up girl fi get tek weh? Unnuh member seh di promise a likkle KFC and some money would a get a girl fi cross Jamaica and go to a man? Unnuh member when if a man did hav a nice vehicle him coulda draw down pon a girl a road and she woulda go inna di car like ntn?

    If any a unnuh member Xxtra, di other newspaper weh we used to have weh used to post up all a dem suptn yah weh a gwaan! Den unnuh will remember seh di human sacrifice a nuh ntn new, a long rass time it a gwaan! Mi see dem a rush Montaque bout di obeah comment and a gwaan like seh dem nuh kno seh a dat di bwoy dem a do! Everybody inna Jamaica kno bout guard ring, weh everybody from police to soldiers to badman wear! Ppl fi stop play like dem fool or dem memory so short!

  4. Dem have a bwoy pon video a eat raw meat and se a liver and kidney himwant … di bwoy dem mada and family introduce them to witch craft and den tek it far

  5. My heart is so heavy right now…to think women are assisting these ANIMALS with these abductions and killings. Father HELP us please!!!

  6. OMG I said the very same thing yesterday. After watching so many African movies on the subject I strongly felt that the killings were ordered by a cult leader..Someone made the mistake of sending me a picture of a body that was cut up and the head cut off…I deleted his ass immediately relative or not. Now the damn image stuck in my head. Andrew need to ask for outside help at this point. Jamaican police full of shit and have proven themselves incapable time and time again.

    1. For real. They need some criminal profilers like that show Criminal Minds. These 6 months-trained police cannot solve these crimes.

  7. I feel like the jamaican police not asking the right questions. Are the these murders somehow similar or connected in some way. Their process just seem stupid.as someone pointed out , maybe them need outside assistance.

  8. What words of comfort can be given to the family and loved ones of the victim? Who can bring peace to their souls? From what was done to Shaneka Shakes and Shauna-Kay Ledgister so long ago with no solving of the crime I knew JA was in very big trouble. Folks slowly becoming desensitized to this, slowly losing their humanity and sense of peace. There will be a great increase in mental health problems because of the stress of living in an insecure place and being bombarded with innocent deaths daily. Not to mention an increase in chronic diseases which have their genesis in stress.

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