Which one of fabe woman rocked the look ?! Dead hair weh nuh have no bounce shanice or trashy rizz? Rizz how u nuh stop walk up and down talking about fabe ah your big time mon and not once put up a photo of u n him from the mon get arrested?! You got some nerves. Shanice the same money u ah spend pon bag and shoes u need to spend it on you and u crew dead cheap fake Brazilian hair ah some old horse weh dead deh pon u head .. u don’t hair cardi B song cheap azz weave dwwwl



15 thoughts on “WHO ROCKED THE LOOK

  1. Big nose carisma love walk and f**k and love start war wid the lil young girl dem fi cocky..go get your life crush up rinkle body gyal..but u wear it good.

  2. The girl up top looks way better than Rizz. Rizzoli shape baddddddddddddd and har stomach ugly ugly ugly go get a tummy tuck my girl. Yuh walk and mine man like dog (yeah Opal talk it) yuh need to spend some money pon your body not brand name. But then again…what money….I forgot you is a scammer. Not a dollar to your name :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak dem use di people dem credit card and buy clothes, bags, shoes and dem bank account empty.

  3. My f***g daughter is not with n never with Akeem so y’all leave her name out y’all motherf***g mouth n go wash y’all duty stinking pussy

    1. Is she an adult that take buddy ? Yes? Okay….any mother that reach on pink wall defending a grown woman weh tek fvck an probably gi dem grandkids needs to go hold some BUMBOCLAAT dignity and stay silent. Mek yuh daughter reach here if she waan defend har self….defend yuh owna pvssy mommy dearest….it don’t look good….if she unda 18, by all means defend your child ….but she’s not a minor now is she lady?

  4. Mommy an daughter must a teck di same buddy meck mommy run come ova yah a defend har daughter pussy suh…Mommy come meck mi whisper summ’n in a u ears….u daughter a f**k “Akeem ” u hear di reason u nuh kno bout dis one is u daughter not willing fi share dis here buddy wid u…#Deadments

  5. Big pussy gal I’ll defend my mother f***g kids any bloodcloth time ok so go hold severely f**g seat n don’t tell me what the f**k to do you f**g mad or what I don’t care if she’s f***g yes or no that’s my f***g child n y the f**k your so mad cause I’m defending
    My daughter bye bitch

  6. Bitch you sound so f***g stupid my child f***g you must know cause it’s you them a lay down on n f***g you the f***g bed n you open your mouth to catch his cum go suck out you mother big pussyhole n me f***g Akeem lmfaooooo you dumb bitch never did n never will you n your mother must a f**k the same man that’s y you have the nerves to write some shit like that

  7. Shaqauna ah f**k from har eye deh ah har knees she a nuh ..nuh body special Jackie u worthless ugly Tivoli bounce round u can’t keep a mon u ugly pop dung gully creepa

  8. No matter Wah charisma wear she always look dirty no hate!! And hakeem nuh Wah none a them a di little gal weh name pinky that he was with when him get lock up a run things from them time deh and pinky look good bad all when them have on the latest designer clothes them can’t look like har

  9. Shanice been ah fucc from har eye deh ah har knees she and her whoring friend krissy dem bitch deh a nuh nobodyyy

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