14 thoughts on “A WHAT REALLY A GWAAN?? (U.S POLITICS)

  1. the democrats need to rile up the american people to do nation wide mass protest, riots, even some civil disobedience is necessary, thats the only way you send a clear message and get results, and thats how you turn institutions against that circus, just like we see in other countries, once all institutions are against them, they’ll self implode/explode.

  2. I can’t wait to see what the outcome of all this craziness. Trump layer tried to block her but it did not work. So they cancel everything


  3. I just read on twitter where the lying WH says the statement is false, but Ms. Yates Atty sent a letter dated 3/24 to the WH counsel about them trying to block her testimony. There are docs to prove they want to silence her. I cannot understand how this administration get up and lie every sec of every day. @Ram Jam you’re right, the Democrats NEEDS to start having town meetings, protests, rallies, run ads etc, because this shit has to stop. The WH all a try find out who in there is giving media info. Why the Democrats dem being so calm and not fighting? Hillary spoke about all this at one of her rallies and NOBODY listened, instead they were focused on her emails. Jesus I can’t tek this enuh.

  4. If!!!Mi tiyad of this shit now it’s like the twilight zone.How long will these things go on before these f**kers are stopped.
    Met I was thinking we should do a fasten for Trump seriously. Some wicked things are going on and this man has not been president not even 100 days yet and the amount of damage he has caused is not right. Evill shall not prevail

    1. Yes so much things going on and nothing not coming out of the garbage thats going on. We should plan a Friday for fasting or Sunday

  5. I am sickend by wats going on but the Democrats must have a sinister plan I think that them a father up the evidence good so that it’s iron clad and then go after him I have faith that it not just go so the powers of the universe will prevail and truth can and will never hide but we have to be vigilant and patient

  6. Lol ))) All this Russian thing is crap pure nonsense… The only interest Russia have with TRUMP is to do good business and get rid of the Terr or ist them… When the truth comes out about were funding those terr or ists you lot will get a big surprise and plenty of them will be going to prison….
    They have demonised Russia so badly like just the name Russia seems to be something bad…
    Right now there is NO democrats or republicans, what we have is those promoting the New World Order as those who are opposed to it…
    Would be good if you lot actually read up about the new world order agenda and what they they are and intend to do… Thank Jah for Russia cause they have put a stopper on the NWO by defeating the terr o ist dem in Syria….

  7. I’m down with the fasting
    Can it be Sunday? I work a 10 Hour shift Friday and I’m standing most of the day so I need to eat drink and curse (occasionally)

  8. Bless up Metsy and family! You know me neva did a pay dem much mind cazzen seh me so busy wid school and life, but dis asshole got to be stopped caz him a mek the country and democracy look like poppyshow

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