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  1. mi feel like kick mi self fi watch dat mss why do an interview if your not willing to answer the questions? him age show bad that he’s very young an talk like a little boy not like somebody dat even spend a day in college .

      1. Mi say mi hear a song by this likkle boy n mi smh n kmt cause just fi a shine dem likkle boy yah will sell dem soul it is very annoying n frustrating y can’t they go away n leave di minds of the already weak n feeble alone kmft
        Can u imagine all wake n spin round see da MAWGA skeletonlike face deh wid the two big ole black eye rawsssseeee mi woulda just kin ova n deddddd ugly ass shit for brains all the video whey him do whey him beat up di girl yowwwwwwwwwwe :marah :marah :marah mi pink ya now start

        1. him hype suh till him doe even buss really and claim dem book him too early and did not perform…and him dont even mek a decent chart yet outa jamaica

          1. Met not even half a chart all this hype for shit I give it to him he has a distinctive sound n wit good lyrics could b entertaining but right now him no meck no sense real annoying kmt

  2. No me can believe say a Alka dis d fame a get 2 him head. Me say me c couple interview already with him n me a say how d guy humble. Plus me all a give him ratings say how him talented n all these tings. But this interview is a big let down. Look pon dis old interview compared to this one smh a wa do ALKA???

  3. He does not know what artist, technician or doctor mean? A dollar store battery ……………………………………………..a nuh alkaline ….how him a talk to di man so …….he has no stage presents ………

    1. There’s a difference between an artiste and an artist. The interviewer did not know the difference between the two hence his confusion. I’ve never heard of this artiste before but he handled himself very well and sounds fairly intelligent to me. The interviewer asks some really dumb questions.
      Tattooing his eyes is whole new low though.

      1. He is getting a bit too hype and arrogant recently.
        Although he can construct a sentence and had better vocabulary than a lot the other dancehall artists (think Mavado etc), he thinks he is more intelligent than he actually is and was trying to be clever in this interview.

        With that said, I agree that Winford (the interviewer) did ask some stupid questions – as ALWAYS.

        Winford, to me takes forever to get to the point of a questions and still doesn’t ask what he (and often ‘we’ as viewers) clearly wants to ask.

        A little credit to him on this one though, as was actually a trying to be a bit more assertive and challenging than he usually is – I think that Alkaline was actually really pissing him off at times, so the facade was slipping.

        It always appears that his main aim and all his concentration is on try to perfect a posh accent like he’s the queen of England’s cousin – nothing wrong with trying to be, or being articulate, but I hate his false and forced speaky spokey’ness’.

  4. Bounty an kartel a di 2 most controversial artis and dem neva exhibit dis level a arrogance during a interview……Winford a skin-up wid him to much…..shuda politely put dah likkle ticky ticky deh inna him place

  5. good day met,metters,peepers nd others….

    what is #2016 and him caan ansa dat ?!?!?!?

    jus deh pon luk out for it….

    will you do anything for your career?!?!?

    yea anything well no no no not anything…

    what wont you do then?!?!?!?

    him caan ansa dat…

    no to bloodclaat which pawt a UWI him did a study..him mussi mean sidung ova common a luk oba deh cuz a mus joke ting him deh pon a dodge every rass question suh,kmft

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  6. a wha di f**k do dis alkaswine, a whey di rass him come from?
    dem youth yah start do all type a f**kery inna dancehall cause dem know sey jamaican morals low like dog vomit and we start work wid and accept any f**kery now….every rass smaddy a sheep now…..well mi a wolf inna dis rass claat yah!

    alkaswine! kartel wanna be, fictitious fool.

  7. like why the f*ck did he do an interview and NOT EVEN SAY ANYTHING REALLY? all hype, no substance…. fool fool bwoy, MOVE ON.

  8. honestly di artist is YOUNG …this interview was unnecessary and boring,,,but ppl unnu need fi stop down these young and hungry artist because when and if him get BIG den ah unnu same one ago start falla di hype…his personality is all apart of his image…i dont know him personally but his music speaks MORE than him having an interview with di fool weh ah interview him! AT THE END OF DI DAY HIM IS JUS A TALENTED KID WEH AH LOOK A FWRD…GI HIM AH BLY..LAWD MAN

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