met mi kno u busy with the flippa story and that u might nuh memba her but the girl that got pregnant fi mickey hill mi see har a new kingston pon the portmore jutc bus a talk to har self hair no comb and a talk to harself mi a ask a round an hear say d gyal mad from she lose d baby and mickey lef har.mi fren say she nah go school she just bun pure weed and she tun real cruff mi feel sorry fi har met mi a wonda if man can wicked so him need fi use him money weh him have and help d girl.mi feel sorry fi har mi did ago tek har pic but mi neva want mek it so obvious.mi ask mi fren weh a fren with har and she say she nuh deal with har cuz she mad .



  1. Maybe the stress of having a new baby without anyone helping her maybe that is what causes her to be mentally ill, or maybe someone gave her season weed to smoke.

  2. This is sad that the fren say she noh deal with her cause she mad, this girl is probably suffering from postpartum depression.

  3. I hope not….yesterday I was getting out my car and having a full on conversation with myself if the window was down or I was on the public transportation whre the window was I’m sure the wind who blew up my hair too …does that make me crazy? O.O

  4. Losing a baby isn’t easy, maybe that did put her over the edge & if that really is the case, weh di man can do??? Even if him did stay wid her, she STILL no have her baby! Some people are VERY fragile mentally & caan tek stress, caan tek problem, caan tek loss! She might really need professional help & in Jamaica??? if you nuh have money like that, you can forget it!

    Mi feel sorry fi her, if is true, but even if it true, mi nuh really see wha di man can do bout dat?!?! Mi wouldn’t want deh wid nuh mad man? Would you? So in the same breath, why should he??

  5. @ Brooklyn cutie pie. That’s harsh. She was ill before she was mad . Maybe if she had support with the illness she wouldn’t have turned mad. God bless the mentally ill of Jamaica and a Jamaican background. We haven’t enough empathy for the sane, much less the vulnerable.

    1. You are entitled to your opinion but in my opinion, that wasn’t harsh, but just a dose of reality. Why blame the man? What can he do? Like I said, if it’s true, & she mad, she need professional help! And God bless getting that in Jamaica if yuh nuh have money like that!

      If she mad fi true, I genuinely feel sorry fi her, I’ve had a miscarriage too (in my 5th month) & that sh!t is NOT EASY! Thankfully mi never go mad or anything & my man was by my side BUT i was STILL depressed! All the man being there, i didn’t care, what i wanted was my baby! So like i said, i don’t tink yuh can blame di man. If is help she need, is not from him, she most likely need professional therapy

  6. My niece isn’t crazy but when you all don’t have anything to said you all make up a story, Who so ever making this up need to go get a life.

  7. @Proud Aunty where is she? Because a same suh Mystick daddy did seh and hear Mystick come seh she was herself in order words….

  8. A suh unuh nuh have nothing fi do on big big heros day…Smh jah know lol the person who sent that in is soo concerned about her being crazy y u neva bring r go Bellevue. smh… she nuh mad yuh hear she is quite sane… u need to find something and occupy ur time and leave people and dem business alone

  9. I hope that is the truth and your niece is doing okay and not mad. Jamaican people really love call people mad

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