The name calling thing to children a di worst thing a parent can ever do and a put pan social media knowing fully well child services a go wrap dat up mighty quick…Beat her yes cause she have no reason to be showing up her body pan social media, block har madda and a call har madda crazy yes she fi get a duss out fi dat but not suh.

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  1. I bet she won’t be posting any more twerking videos for the rest of her time in her mother’s house. I’m not down with the name calling either, but with teens…sometimes a little public shaming help, just make sure it don’t help you into jail mamas.

  2. Best video Met ever Post! :peluk :peluk :peluk damn outa orda! Sum a dem know how dem parents mad and stay and aaalways a test dem parents! Dem types always fraid a beating smh

    1. OMG G NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…you ok with this shit????? mi a really softy cause my eye watering….you see the next post with London??? Its shit like this why some kids treat them parents suh!!! Why she calling her a bitch?????? This is so damaging…she know what her mom capable of but it didnt stop her from twerking on FB so something mom doing is not working….THIS IS CHILD ABUSE AND SHE WILL GET ARRESTED.

      1. Marie? I could not watch past a couple seconds, yes it is child abuse, BUT HEY! Our Caribbean people, This is their way of discipline which don’t make NO sense to me because it will lead to that child Abusing someone else. SAD.

      2. At first i wasn’t Marie then,, then…. i found it really funny my spirit tells me she deserves it! She is a bad one like really bad! She naa nuh change a change tho. A now she aguh bad!!! Next time she and mommy aguh fight o0 woman to woman

        1. Mi think she deserve that beating bout she block her mother and call her crazy she is a lil girl..Mi nuh agree with putting it on facebook but she fi get it

    1. ” Due to how the slap dem pan her back is on the same spot.”

      Just like dat mek it soak in :thumbup . AH bet yu say as long as she live wid mommy she ah chill :ngakak

    2. The mother trying to beat the twerk out of her back. :ngakak

      This is a classic case exemplifying when Jamaican mothers bawl out to God saying “God, yuh si how dis pickney a try sen mi guh Fort Augusta”.

    1. Agree…well over board. I have beaten one of my kids and that was two slaps to the middle of her hand, maybe twice in her time growing up. The video was a severe child abuse.

  3. I could not watch it after couple seconds, I understand why she is getting the beating BUT, this brings back memories of the abuse I got physically from my Aunt in Jamaica with the Pool chair belts for no reason, I have marks on my skin from those beatings that is a constant reminder. Yes Kids should get punishment but this is straight up abuse, The mom is a hoodrat, the name calling, you an tell the type of parent she is hence the little girl twerking for social media, children live what they learn. This Video is very disgusting and I am a mother of 2 daughters who never had to use a strap with one just graduated from college and the other is a sophomore in high school, other means of discipline is out there and this should not be one of them. This is how Kids start to bully other kids in school and always want to fight because of the physical and verbal abuse coming from the home. Not cute at all. IMO.

  4. Smh it’s like one extreme to the next ok the child twerk n all that on SM as a mother u even a shame her but not so much n in that tone I hear hatred in that mother’s voice Oh Jesus man God HAVE to come for his world cause chances this madda nah lead by example eno smh n cry

    1. Chuet? I am a strong believer in leading by example and your Kids will follow. From the tone of her Mom and the bad-words you can tell what goes on in that house, Is shame the mother shame she block her and call her crazy, Yes God need to come for his world, This type of beating and name calling, “Train up a child the way he should go and he will never depart from it”

  5. I will not blame the mother for the daughter’s twerking video. Because all u see on instagram & FB is ass boobs & twerking! U could come from a strict christian home once u on social media inevitably ur gonna see it! & when we adults are strong enough to take it as nothing these kids arent theyre gonna be influenced by it! So yes mother beat di influence right out of her!

  6. Beating aside what if the facts show that the mother is crazy!Is it normal to call ur child n post it on fb fobitchfbthe cops to lock ur ass up,which sane person does that?

    Listen as a dad I will never abuse my child like that cuz it’s a no win.she beats her n she turns out good in life then she grows up n start beat her kids cuz look how great she turnt out.she beats her n she harbors deep rooted resentment n it then she spirals outta control.Hence in both scenarios the cycle of abuse continue n the victims count increase.

    Come on parents,unno nuh believe inna breaking every chain!?

    1. If parents do not break them police will kill them. Now, is that an even exchange? I think the mother was more upset that she disrespected her

  7. Humiliation is a dangerous thing so the mother better watch what she is doing..she may drive this girl to something she can’t live with..

  8. Beat it yes but not social media or video …and not in the face or upper body….nah lie mi feel dem lick…couldn’t watch the whole thing..and never degrade your child by calling them names…no man it disrupt mi spirit…tek mi back to some HOT beating mi get growing up …some beating weh mi more dan deserve

  9. No wah Mi nuh agree bout u getting beaten and tun round abusing your own… Mi grow up did my grandparents Dem and stricter than them u couldn’t find …my grandmother,wife,nieces wait until u do all 5 things before she hi u all beaten in one, and when u a go get beat dung she come een like a teif in di nite when u well comfy and under sheet a draw bungy, u only can feel di sheets a teck time come off a u and a pure ass whooping u a get. And u caan run who kmt, but guess what mi neva used dat and duh mi kids Dem dat and I never have to now their teenagers an still humble and respectable like a kitten.

    1. You’re right still…but all children are different and beating doesn’t work with all kids…and there’s levels to it…dem slavery style beatings I can’t agree with but you can get slapped or draped up. Honestly the most attitude adjusting moment of teen years was the time when I called myself giving my mother some slick @ss backchat in shop rite parking lot and In front ah mi auntie….thought I was gonna get away with it…she spun around so fast and backhanded me then & there…come in like di slap find each and every marble weh mi loss to bbc….i learned how to shut the f@#k up and know my place fully after that shame and sting weh mi get! And I was a good kid but mi mouth peppery from birth ! (Ah she mi get it from)…..

  10. I’m sorry met that’s abuse straight. I’m not saying I haven’t given my kids a lick or two, but beatings don’t work. My babies would beg me to beat them. Because my punishment nasty. School and home, and basic food, no tv, no consuls nothing. And depending on the crime they could last for months. It’s exhaughsing and sometimes extremely time consuming but I didn’t want them to think resorting to fights if someone crosses you was the route to go. I wanted to raise diplomats and not war lords. I do no that anger, I do no that distress. Girl children can make you feel like your losing your mind. But real talk by the vocab coming from the mothers mouth the apple didn’t fall far from the tree… When did it get ok to call your daughter a bitch? We gonna see this girl soon on tv beating another women’s child to death in the bathroom at school.. This is a old video, and I do think the authorities have been made aware of it. Very sad all around

  11. Met u of all person know that this kind a beating may work for a yute But trust me not for a girl.haven’t we seen n heard the testimony n acting out on this very pinkwall? For example the one with the double letters nickname n several munchies!

    These girls all have daddy issues n a history of abuse.they spoke of how their mommas treated them with a lack of love…do u see any love in this beating n cussing?I remember this who was protesting n rioting with blm is mom went upside his head on natl tv n got in trouble.I heard he graduated n going for big degree…now that kind of beating I agree with not no damn beyuteblmdamng for twerking

    Obama fi buss malia baxide then cuz she did a twerking fi billions!!

    1. The beating will work for the girl but maybe not for the boy. The mother beat her also for the twerking but she repeated more than once that she blocked her and called her crazy to her friends

  12. The mother is the real bitch to beat on the girl like that n talk to her suh a bet u she grudge her daughter i can hear it in her voice when that girl get big i wouldnt supprise if she never look bak at that beast

  13. I would never do that to any of my children for something like that…I was a child once n let me tell u I make alot of mistakes n get beating for it so we should always put ourselves in there shoes

    1. Wtf are you talking about? Plenty of white people bear the crap out of their kids ….and plenty of ghetto white trash living off public assistance and wutless so please stop….nuhbadda wid it ….mek sure you know weh yuh ah seh please bc clearly yuh nuh know di first nor last ting bout white people ….sound like the typical whit woman wannabe…move up man

  14. Nuh like di name calling doe. But di madda angry das why an she have all right to be.. She nuh get nuh good beaten doe, when mi a get Beaten a Jamaica is like a war ting a swear

  15. Yes white kids don’t get beaten and dem mostly come out successful and frigging luney tunes too…. Bombing up schools because they were picked on, killing their parents because mom & dad didn’t buy them a car for their birthday… Raping intoxicated women because their rich and privileged so they can get no jail time…walking in a church and kill 9 innocent people and get carried to a burger king with bullet proof vest on….yes a some a Dem deh ole fart should an a get some ass whooping from birth.

  16. this isn’t OKAY her mother is clearly her example if you’re calling your own child a bitch then obviously she is the example thats leading her daughter to be fresh…. idk how people are entertained by shit like this, nah lie mi hope the little girl run away from her dutty mumma! her mother need to do better so her daughter can do better she ghetto her damn self the daughter nuh must fresh and advance, these f**g parents raise their kids to be grown then when their kids do grown shit them wan up set… jail the mother fi go CHILD ABUSE DIS!

  17. I have 2 teenage daughters n my youngest have brought me where that mom’s mind at. Me at tell unu say a my child weh me birth n have fi 16yrs but me did have fi give to her father, a my child but this generation of kids we have to protect our they will b vipers. Me heart have heavy but she have to go cau me nah go jail.

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