0 thoughts on “AND DI NAIL TECH

  1. gm.met & metters but see yah lord take the case ….cause this cannot be true met u see what i see ,this is a baby for god sake which parents in their right mine would do such a ting

  2. This person should be reported to child services. Dem hood rat yah a really something else. Dem all a put full weave Ina di pickney dem head. Now when dem sexify dem and dem get molested, who fi blame?

  3. Di little baby wants her bottle, I hope my son don’t get any hood rat pregnant mi tell mi son sey get a life first because I don’t want to contaminate our blood line!!!

    1. The get a life part and contaminate blood line made me cackle so hard that was hilarious. The mother and technician are both wrong on a moral standpoint but I do see crap like this happening on Toddlers and Tiara and most of those children are white they receive minimal backlash or shunning because they are allowed to continue to have their girls wearing weave pieces, putting on nails, and getting spray tan.

  4. Lol I don’t know what to say about sum of them rachet hood bitches need to go tie them tubes not everyone make to b a mother

  5. OMG this crazy I don’t even want to pierce my 3month old daughter ear because I’m thinking she too young. Poor child

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