Met mi have a question fi Ishawna. Yes you are a very beautiful girl lose weight and look better and ting so nuh badda tek dis as no hate ting.
Anyways….is it that you really love Ugly horse face Foota or Yu a fool or Yu jus don’t know seh Foota a gi Yu bun…which 1…WHICH ONE? Foota up ina few a mi frens social network and a tru dem waah “kip di link” mek mi nuh rinse details.
And dutty Foota, Yu propose to di girl a dance (whack) n ting. Everybody know bout unuh…COME OUTTA DI LIKKLE GYAL DEM INBOX AND WATSAPP FOOTA. It doh look good esp in these days of screenshot and dem sumen deh coz wifey a walk n brag and show off and di gyal dem a lauf Afta har. But wife a wife right? She have di ring she a cook wash n tek care a pickney so “side bitches can gwan chat” lol
P.S when mi seh likkle gyal mi nuh mean underage ok ”

Mi see pon Facebook seh Ishawna and Foota lef…a chuuu?


  1. sender it be bitchhhes like you that str888 kill my vibes. nutted naan gwaan fe unu so ya’ll smut sluts are determine to ruin someone else’s relationship because nuh good man nuh want unu but memba dis likkle girl a.k.a big ooman….you whores may have the man’s pawtna cocky but wifey has and always will have his heart…and his kids too

  2. mawnin Metty..i’m just speaking of relationships in general, not to zero in on fidem relationship cause i don’t know them personally but if the two of them are dealing with their own personal trials and tribulations wtf does matey/maties feel as if them shoulda poke dem nose inna people affairs muchness make matters worse?? Metty i’m just not a fan or mateys sidechicks smuts hoes and whores. just my take on this situation and others in general.

    1. The person is not a side chick she say him up ina people social media..Other bloggers say di same so something mus go near suh

  3. Ishawna can do wwwaaaaay better. I feel for the kid.. But she can do way better than stink foot foota. Beenieman say so. Lol

  4. This girl said jump off lmao my girl mi rather walk and beg f**k than deh wid Foota…dah f**k :s they are entertainers…ppl are gonna talk and a dat mi a do…don’t like it? Bite it

  5. its sad cuz it seemed like he really loved her…thats if its really true tho……

    konshens can get him way now dwllll

  6. Kmt them soon start f**k again.. a so some babymother and baby father situation go sometme.. if them live each other them a go right back.. a follow dem a follow beenie and D’angel everyminute them lef.. them go back together.. a just so most relationship stay only them understand it

  7. Did some one really say ishawnna can do better without foota? Which man ooun know nowadays a go waste them money on ishawna and her music career? Lol. Ooun mussi no read bout peter.. ishawna just mawga down cause she a fret on her music career she soon run back in foot arms, because nobody have time for her voice only foota..

  8. Met I can tell you it’s true. Sender nah tell no lie. Foota don’t have no respect for his “engagement”. I know someone who Foota nuh stop try look after him engaged to Ishawna. Ah no just wah day him a gi har bun either Met. To di first blogger stop blame other woman. That’s why mi shock when mi hear seh dem a married because him a fucc pon har since Cane kill Abel. All one time him a beg mi hook him up wid mi fren Met and have di audacity fi have mi up when mi tell him no. Real clown.

  9. My life a so dem a gwan whoooooooa the single
    Life kinda sweet me now. Foota just like the rest a di nasty man dem inna dance hall
    The whole a dem f**k pan them woman. But on top a that him attitude stinks.

  10. Why is always di ooman fault? Foota free fi look ooman, and di ooman dem weh entertain di lookingz even though dem know seh him have him baby modda and engage her free fi do dat to. If foota can get anybody, Ishawna surely can get anybody. Let us just relish in di suss. If oonu have a man weh dont look pon a nex ooman, praise be to oonu looks n skillz!

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