So mi hear say, Shauna Sweetness aka Shauna Moggella man leave her and gone back to him woman. The bi**h deserve everything she get fi a f**k other people’s man. How damn stupid she is fi get pregnant with a second one and the man did left her with the first pickney which don’t even reach a year now. The man not even a pay her no mine. When she did have secret shower she never did think say the man no want her and now the man left her from February. Shauna dry your tears cause no man don’t want you. You use up and nothing but a bleach out hoe. You a walk and a beg people . Stop hitch on pon the man family like them care fi you or that a go bring back the man. The man don’t want you so go find a man of your own and stop f**k people man. You should be embrass fi no say the man don’t want nothing fi do with you and all you was a f**k. You free paper burn out. When you a plan fi the wife you should a plan fi you self. A you lose, duty gal. Pickney naw hold no man. You think say having a second one would a keep the people dem man. You a damn fool.

0 thoughts on “AND DI WIFE TEK HIM BACK?

  1. Sender I think the man left before February you no see the man never go to her two party in January,the same way you get a man you lose him are worst,the man ever know Shaun’s background and when him find out the man

  2. This is what you call K.A.R.M.A….. Mi think the wife only teck him back fi teach Shauna a lesson. She soon leff him fi good when she see She Shauna suffa as much as she did.
    Mi think di man leff when him find out har Pumpum record plus the fact seh she no lookable without the Makeup and fandangels. And to top it off him see seh she no have a dolla . Di way how she use to floss him think a gal wid har owna money. Kelly cah help har cause she need help herself. What a hot mess ina di moggla stadium

  3. So if u married and worthless, you are still no better than being single and worthless.

    So wait the baby she just have the oter day, she a breed again?

  4. Yes she a breed again she going to have a son,shauna a push up in the mother and sister,but I’m not sure if he gone back to the wife but him have him woman what live In philly

    1. she’s only taking him back to spite baby mama, after baby mama bare some suffering she will send him back….try to keep up quena lol

  5. 8:28 the Otha day lol she get knocked the day she come out of labor that’s nasty kelly is pathiec and Owen is becoming a lil bitch mi can’t even rate unno no more Owen you post dem pic yesterday mi expected a lavish place to rest your head that apt is crawny and cheap if Unno have a good wife that apt would look elegant . You loosing and u don’t even care

    1. I’m really confused how kelly and Owen”s place get in this argument. Unno fi stick to the topic at hand. If u want want a story about the smiths then send it in Fi dun them neatly but u can’t just dash up them name inna anything

  6. Unu a cuss di girl, go cuss unu dutty man weh out a road a f**k with out condom. She and di wife is in the same boat cause them f**king the same man. The wife is even more stupid cause him know she going to tek him back. She go road do u things and go home weeks, months later cause wife still home waiting

  7. The man have a new woman that young girl , poor Shaun’s try to dash away the belly but she was told that she have reach the limit of abortions in pa and jersey smh

    1. This just sounds foolish. Pa has a dash way limit or federally mandated time limit? Unno wicked eeh

  8. Unu sh*t house a Philtya di best. Fi show unu how unu tan. U couldn’t sen in the full body shots of either pics? F*kin haters I swear. B/c she looked beautiful in both & yall haters didn’t want to take away from the ugly picture yall trying to paint of her. Unu know people life more dan dem to rass. Shauna hold up your head baby girl. what ever the case may be. You a nah di 1st and You won’t be the last. You have your fully furnished, clean roof over your head, your bills getting paid cause unlike some of these sh*t talkers, you have a J-O-B and you have your beautiful kids that are a blessing. And nobody loves you like dem dirty people here claim, at least you know they love you. Unconditionally and forever. I hate when yall try to put people down with lies and BS. Go worry about your own lives and stop watch di gal!

  9. 9:16 shut the f**k up bitch what lies is being told she is having a baby by a married man and he left her go suck a dick hoe . The topic says the married man left her not is she pretty or how she dressed in the pix idiot bitch

  10. In The last pix she looked a mess a hot f**king mess and her ass is flat and crawny so what’s the purpose of posting the whole pix I don’t feel like throwing up today bitch

  11. Did we forget that she is now resting at Kelly yard, jelly she soon f**k tour husband then you will learn

  12. The man dispose her like trash he didn’t even bother put her in the recycling bin kmt . What a gal salt this is perfect example that messing with a married person is crosses. Go take birth control and close your legs to ppl man a hore like you have nothing to offer a good man. To to that man that thought he could of turn you in s house wife smh I give him a C for trying

    1. oh stop you noise she have bellies to offer, two down plenty more to go. I would be worried if I were you that’s nuff food out ur mouth when childsupport hit rass home

  13. The wife not pon welfare so Shauna been found out about getting knocked up to take care herself…he dash her away from October and she was already pregnant from then…no way he knew about her pumpum mileage or second baby…he feelin deceived by her acting like she some high quality….party her life!!! pregnant falling down dogging bullets that $hit not cute….shoulda been home….begging for hand outs is not a position she work where under which name bitch a complete fraud…now the smoke clear and da man leave her…she a take all his $hit so da nice fully furnished house is thanks to him…

    1. him never affi know bout it cause he added to it. god o bitches need a life bad bad bad, nutten naw gwan feh unno but the gal pussy mileage? smh bunch a crabs inna barrel

  14. I dont kno wah unu get out of putting people down. A only hope all a who up ya a comment life is well sort out and in order. God soon deal wid all a unu.

  15. NY u know what the site is about so u dont have to come pan here from the looks of ut u a support what a gwaan to by commenting and reading the comments, so u can tek whe u self.

  16. Mi will meet u up unda u mada b*tch. @11:09 Like I said. It’s not nice to talk bad abt anyone especially if yalls sh*t aint in order. I don’t know Shauna. and I could care less for her or anyone on here. I just simply stated ITS NOT NICE TO SLANDER SOMEONE’S NAME> Cause most of the garbage they put up is LIES and NONSENSE! KMFT. No we can tek weh we self togedda!

  17. Gal so it the f**k down some where, frankly mi nuh give a f**k whe u say bout send up under mada. An u a talk bout its not nice, look at your response that tells u the exact type of person you are. Please u aint no better so shut di f**k up.

  18. @11:17 Just bcuz u dont slander ppl here does that make u any better? U still read the stories & the comments, im sure u form ur own openions on the stories u read as well. Pot calling the Kettle ________ (fill in the blanks) IJS.

  19. I like Shauna. Nuff a unnuh a talk bout pussy milage n unnuh sameone pussy done from 1901! Shauna grown she can f**k ANY married man she want. A child is a BLESSING! Why unnu MAD??? A fi unnuh pussy Shauna a use f**k???!!! Lowe di gyal n guh clean unnuh DUTTY house r weh unnuh kotch bcuz nuff a unnuh live pan Pink wall n duh live nuh weh! Guh thru Shauna mek di crosses dem guh suck dem madda!

    1. A child is a blessing but why bring a child in the middle of this mess not fair to the child especially if the man don’t want anything fi do with you I just feel bad for the children dem

  20. All unno duty gal who go f**k people husband and expect blessings there is no blessings in this situation just bare nasty shit a gwan and yes Mi nah go stop chat about the Phily nasty bitches lifestyle bout baby is a blessing bitch go jump off a bridge what blessing it this cah mi life so boring I could Neva imagine

  21. @11:49 U just f**king MADDDD????!! A sure PUSSY she barrow? Since u suh PERFECT! weh f**k u duh pan Pink wall?

  22. Well a nuh philly people one f**k people husband, it happen all over the world. So talking about har is one ting but mi sure whatever state u live inna, somebody there a f**k people husband, man, fiance etc. So if a u a hoe it nuh matter whe u live, just saying this is not a philly disease.

  23. Exactly my point unuh cock up pan pink wall and a chat thepeople dem whe a chat the subjects of the day. Yet insist on acting like you are better.


  24. It look a Philly tek man man! U MAD R NAH???!!! u life muss b boring bcuz deh pan Pink Wall. Guh wash yuh STINKING hole n lowe Philly gyal dem. WI GUD!!! BITCHHHHHHHHH!!!

  25. @11:57 n 11:59 Di BITCH brite like its Philly ting. A gwah like she betta dan ppl weh a comment n di bitch deh pan yah a comment too n claim seh har life nuh boring. A dunce gyal dat. She need fi guh clean weh she kotch.

  26. The girl weh name kim an call her self Barbie, yuh nuh shame fi know seh mi si ️yuh pon video a hug an kiss wid daymion friend weh day a Di party ah jersey. An him well a kiss up ️yuh neck. Shakeria ️yuh betts cover for your bestie fast.

  27. A gal teck my man and all now she cah stop sorry. Yeye wata coming like penny in wata fountain when she look pan di pickni weh she bring outa spite. Me tell har seh “If mi did know” cah help har now. Gwan go spite the welfare line now Grazmite. Sad part about dem situation yah is di pickni dem suffa. Dem think dem a spite di main woman by breeding and it backfyah pon dem. Di man always end up hate unuh, cause di man dem feel like a unuh di careless gal come mess up dem life. Lol.. It always end with the famous saying “Mommy’s baby Daddy Maybe”, cause di daddy get up and gone once dem affi face responsibility. Mi no sorry fi some a dem gal yah weh prove fi meck ah point. You cah meet man dis month and next month you gone breed fi him, not one ounce a planning was involved; the height ah carelessness. Dem fi go spread dem wings and lock dem legs. Gal like unuh meck Pusc price stunted and cah go up. The way how times hard man stop mine woman cause every weh dem turn gal a run free Pusc with no morals or price.


  29. Shauna me like u mo woulda keep my mouth shut.weh ucome write dis book pon Fb fah..U run come come out a Kelly party like u a go look a Status and a life.thank God u stop squeeze up di baby now cause u always a suffocate di baby chu u did a hide it and the beans spilll so u no have no choice..Pickni nah hol man and u no have nothing fi hol di ppl dem man.go look a real life and stop living in a Dream Land..

  30. Shauna I must say u look nice at Kelly party.For 6 months pregnant like u seh,u don’t look it.Wishing you all the best girl.

    1. Kelly di time Owen teck go buy you MCM Bag, him save di money and go buy unuh a house. We know him buy it from di Scamm dem fi half price so you nah cut no dash muma. Di way how dem MCM bag deh popular dem come een like Flip flop in ah summer. Kelly ppl save dem Foodstamp and sell it fi buy MCM bag, Bye girl.. Anything too popular mi no wah ina it cause it look way too cheap. Kelly remember this is the land of pretend, everybody act rich and aint got Shhh. Hungry ago kill unuh when di Republican dem teck office. No more free money or Foodstamps fi unuh palave wid. Start saving from now ediot.

  31. This is Philly topic so anything goes as usual…Pat Classic dun half a dem young gyal deh inna di party.Pat attire flap Kelly blue curtain,kelly I loved ur hair though.Tekeisha stay home please,is not every pan knock u fi guh..granny u cannot chat to u sista

    1. Tekeshia have to come out to watch di babydaddy that she thought she stole from his woman. Tekeshia you are a girl with very low self esteem and it shows in your choices in men.. You always choosing these men that wants nobody including you. Wasn’t it less than a year ago you was pregnant fi Carlos Steppa and now you run to Kiddy and gone breed. Mi woulda shame fi see mi ex and mi current man are cool like dat. do you not see men any where else but in the clubs ? Please get a tie off this time cause it’s obvious you do not believe in condoms. No body in the party misses you , why would you come out wid ur big 6 months belly. You should be home happy and loving ya boo as you claim. lol

  32. A weh glama crew look like a Kelly party? lmao…. EVERY pan knock dem deh deh n look like FART!!! KMT…

    1. Glama crew always look a hot mess.i wanna light their plastic wigs on fire so bad.they alway ls in some f***ked up hair styles and cheap looking clothes especially Jigga babymom.All they do is act ghetto and start shit with people.

  33. Story sweet bad mi live in philly and don’t even know what’s going on philly ppl ste the best mi luv unno

  34. Keyanna r weh she wah name from glama crew is mad as rass! love start shit dem lucky dem walk inna crew bcuz any day name day a Jamaican gal buss dem rass dem wi fine out wah gwah. Gwan like dem a toppa top n nuh ready if di one name Keishaneva light skin nutten wouldn’t a gwah fi she an Lizard woman ugly nuh rass dwcrl….

  35. Correction, Isn’t she Lizard wife Causeshe well change har last name.

    Kenya either those stripping days are paying off are lizard need him purple cyad. Please stop acting like Lizard cya cheat or leave you. You must have some info that will sink him why you act so sure of that position. Let alone none of ur 3 kids are his.. girl bye..

  36. Dats what dem do guh round n married di Jamaican man dem fi give dem green card and think seh dat a guh hol dem. Yuh nuh see Keisha di brown one married Burgs n dat still could’nt keep him. Him still lef har and guh back to him baby madda, kmt.

    1. No I’m not Glama, But here is some info to remember sweetie. Baby madda ah eediot, cause if Burgs head hot him she cah do nothing Unless Mrs Glama says so. Yup , Him might go home to baby madda every night but the Social Security checks will be is increasing daily for Glama. You may think she is losing, but in the future she is actually winning while di baby madda losing. Why waste all those years wid a man and when him drop dead you cah collect no Social Security cause you was just a baby madda. The worst part about it Dem still a share di Teelie evenly , but Glama a benefit for the future. I doh blame you yah Glamma, send home the headache every night and teck you stress reliever when you want it. So to all di ediots that think di Yankee dem a married di man dem and nah get nothing, think again

      1. STFU yes you from Glama flop crew and y’all look at hot mess.Please im begging y’all lose those homemade plastic hair style.Thanks

      2. Burgs don’t have shit… And anything him do have a go to him kids first. So glama girl boo boo child think again

  37. Shauna is not cute no day at all she has no shape ,if it wasn’t for d fake titties you will look a mess although i will admit you do dress well at times.Kelly that second outfit look horrible you looked like a batty man…it seems like some of y’all hate to see people happy,whether she ugly or not her man love her though

  38. lizard woman Kenya ugly no rass and foot full of raisin spot.My girl stick to pants.yall too ugly and look a mess to be f**king making trouble with people.Like yall own dancehall.Drop a sleep y’all Glama drama crew

  39. @3:12 A nuh she nuh she nuh want Burgs. A Burgs nuh want dat! Tracey his baby mama don’t care if he still screw dat! She can get ALL the social security check she wants. Nobody is thinking about her a whatever she get get from the goverment.

    1. Sweetie,didn’t ur mom told you to chase the money instead of a mans penis??At least u earn something chasing th e money rather than die of stress trying to secure a unloyal penis..Burgs could a never tell me him wah me and breed 2 gal a road.count the amount of cheating plus 2pickney mi affi see forever that are not mines..Girl tall got Daddy issues. My daddy showed me what love was these girls cause they sure ain’t women ,needs their dad now.. Tracey coulda fly high and low fi burgs him still no loyal..Do you wan me to list the amount Ah gal him start wid up ah di recently acquired job?.. Just keep consoleing Her while she own up to her doormat title

  40. Everybody Burgs hoe. A one pickney di man get outta road. Since him n Tracey deh n a thru green card. How unnuh suh wicked? weh di man get two pickney from? Unnuh bloodclaat wicked! Weh yuh tink him spend him money? him yard. Glama get suh suh f*** light skin nuh impressed di man. Him nah left him Jamaican gal fi nuh Yankee. she can keep di ssi check! n tek di dick sometimes cuz him nuh loyal to dat dancehall matress either BOO BOO.

  41. Sounds like yawl wanna to put dem other persons dem pon da map and that’s fine come with da info if it’s true… but I just was told Shauna dress call all of $23.00…so she no pay entry fee cause it her frien da party and her dress cost less than a quarter tank of gas…boi taking care of her pickney hard for her life me a tell ya..we see clearly now why she a left the first child in JA wonder how long before she pawn the next two off too… Anywho who the baby boy father me hear she was hiding and f**king da next man?? I don’t see how she broke and f**king so many men she need to close dem legs teach her daughters to be better women then she was taught because f**king other people men not a good look…ijs

    1. u lost us in this whole convo boo..Shauna doh have a son yet.. Her 2other kids are here..tell us the website for the dress cause it look good..that was all the info I got from this convo

  42. @ et him know Nikki don is his child.Glamma and Tracey was going to leave at the moment so he had to deny him..Prezy is a sweet small version of Burgs.matk my word Burgs grind regret not owning dat boy.As you can see Nikky is doing fine taking care of the boy .Burgs a carry pum pum feelings chu she did stop sleep wid him.. Nikki find new man already as far as I can see.dat gal no meck man be har setbacks .Nikki I see you staying in ur lane and less dramatic lately good job..

    Tracey Burgs wifely.lmaoYou can believe all the stories and ignore the obvious..the worl know seh you no sleep good at night ..stress and buddy roaming gi u nightmares..

  43. @midnight fools who’s us ?? try and keep up she’s pregnant with a boy that’s the son I’m referring to…whose da baby father?? Obviously you don’t know that her first daughter didn’t get to the states until last year…I can’t help you find cheap clothes not my style just know a hood bitch that has the same one and told me the price… maybe it wasn’t for you if things a go over your head…

  44. A True Shawna wear cheap dress and act like she rich saw plenty of her clothes on one she wore to Damion party was $20

  45. The bitch broke and dey pon welfare. when she a post pic of louboutin and Giuseppe shoes, she naw tell people she a return dem back at the store the next day after the party. A big fool and flossing queen that with no money. A bust head she fi need fi get. Baby is not a blessing when it don’t come out of love. Only idiots have pickney with married man and think sey it is a blessing. When them suffer them should not wonder how crosses reach them cause a you cause it pon your self.

  46. u all are so weired, every child is a blessing because some women cant breed. Furthemore yes Shauna tek di marrid man but why di marrid man stray?? & if a nuh she it would b somebody else. Also her clothes cheap & clean, she look sexy inna her cheap clothes so how is that affecting pple life, no one can stop pple frm chat shit but before unu see the spec in someone else eyes, me sure unu tek out di plank out of unu, unu a act like no man never left unu yet but knw we all human and we all live and learn from our mistake so instead of breaking hating on a next woman, try and uplift each other, these man are dogs and no one is immune to them cause they use and abuse anyone. Shauna is hard working and taking care of her kids, she not making trouble with no one so jus hop off her name and low di girl fi live her life in peace, each man affi answer to god fi dem own sins, so worry bout unu own sins an judgment day. STOP HATING ON EACH OTHER cause its not cute kmt..

  47. @JUDGEMENT children is only a blessing when the child is wanted. further more you laying with a married man and expecting someone one if want you you show nothing but you a low life. bitches that f**k man fi dem money and expect say they ago keep the man with a pickney deserve what dem get. f**k and left with the pickney. you call that stupidity cause a she one ago struggle with the pickney. She a spite herself no the man . you a fool a

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