Mi want the fans gi mi canadian fren a rate cuz some gyal from south bad mine har, mi naa call nuh name. Them spread video a mi fren a suck hood and try stop har shine but she still a mad dem.. rate up mi gud gud fren trubz plz..

0 thoughts on “WE DONT DO RATINGS HERE

  1. Y the F**K y’all hateing so what if she suck dick all bitches do only if night could turn into day PINK wall couldn’t hold Unnu……….and for the sender the so called FRIEND y u mad U CHAT TOOO RASSSSSSSS MUCH

    1. when yuh go on jmg just know seh is a shark tank yuh step inna, yuh an yuh fish brain will get naam. Unu tek ppl fi fool huh true. Maybe true gnu see di patois gnu feel like a bare dunce an idiot blog on met site. Who yuh fooling

  2. :ngacir2 :tkp If a laugh a dead, Met said we no give ratings roun yasso, Senda please to send this to the other site that give ratings on fb. You friend need some curry chicken back wid dumplings, She look like she a suffa from malnutrition.

  3. Dem ah style har pan the sly…not nuh friend send this… Well she looks good except for the plastic yarn on her head!

    1. Not a fren, s suh dem use sikes an use the bloggers fi do dem dirty werk. Nah luk pon dem. She a wait pon we fi do di donmentz

  4. Sender is definately not a friend of hers!!! Why we need to know bout the sucking of the cocky and she nah no better pic than this Halloween pic

  5. You want rating: well u look like a grimlin and cousin Itt from the Adams family all in one. I don’t know why black women must put these damn ugly ass wigs on their heads.

  6. Trubz a betta yuh guh find a chie fren in Jesus mumz cuz jus fi give yuh a small ratings dis enemy went a bit in.

    Aguh give har a 3.015 stiill.

    1. anno no ratings the snake a give, apparently the “video” never get enough exposer so she a try a next route, dash we the photo and send ennn the video sender DAT WE WILL RATE, go ahead just press send you finger deh pon the button all day

  7. sender mi very generous with RATINGs. send the video let me rate the headaz, want see if har suckings Rated R or PG

  8. No sah ah which cemetery
    Da gyal yah live inna.
    Da gayl yah de far from de kitchen.
    Ah nuh hate gayl ah hate pon dat
    She cranny lookin an de cheap synthetic wig favor dem old
    Matte up dolly baby hair
    Weh wan dash weh
    No sah stop suck hood an put
    Some food inna yuh mouth
    Yuh fren seh yuh hot but yuh
    Not even luke warm
    Yuh hotness tun right down
    Please somebody.
    Donate some food an ah proper
    Wig to ms.trubz

  9. I don’t know her personally but from other pics of her that I saw, she can put herself together well and I don’t believe that this is a friend of hers at all

  10. Dis fren is no fren. Of all the pics to send een why dis one? Does this pic show your “friend” in a positive light?

  11. Every f**ing day ppl deh pon the girl back so what if she suck hood a badmind unu badmind cause the gal have the man and u don’t before unu go look a work and stop watch ppl business bet say unu a lick out batty and nuh body naa watch unuh go suck out unuh madda…….it hurt mi heart fi unuh

  12. All u assholes at badmind in denial ..true the gal have the man an unun whoring Fren don’t ..so wat if she suck hood she ain’t going to jail mama ..obviously is not at friend put up DAT pic and ina the wol dis unuh jus badmind me hate unuh unuh upset me stomach then unuh ago talk bout the gal pikney ah bwoii Tru unuh nav nun fi talk bout maybe its becz fi unuh own INA the cemetery ..unuh nasty Fren deh send ar dirty pumpum go give man fi money and Neva get the money enuh fi go class ..she a wet liner and she do worst dan suck hood she a lick out bottom ..due to u next Fren ask at y spoonaz and syrell leave ar whoring ass ..

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