The way yuh attack the man ina yuh speech is as if you personally bring up Garvey pardon to him and him reject it…I guess yuh did a look as usual fi score some social media points and now yuh write this epistle a justify what you said and a try nice up yuh person same time ..You are an unschooled waggonist that is what you are..Yuh a one a dem whey can read and write but doe know what yuh reading or writing….Yes man yuh a one a dem whey get 80/100 but only get it because yuh study ansa and nuh know how fi work out di problem … di 20 whey yuh get wrong a dem whey yuh nuh memba..BOOO… Yuh hear a bagga BuhBuh Dread a cuss Obama ..memorize it and pitch come pan social media wid it.. Remember di bag a hair nuh seh dem meds tun up and yuh a put up Selassie whey neva count uno fi not even a minute second!

Everybaddie round yuh know seh yuh that so?..Really?? Dread-head-bald-head-hawt, Obama is not your did not vote him into any position and you personally should have no expectations of him..Ah Portia yuh fi direct all your grouses to because a she uno vote in and a she a wok fi yuh. Guh run up ina Muta locks

You could have said what you said in a respectful manner that would have even made a bigger impact on people who dont know the very details about Garvey. They would then read and maybe join the stance…But no… Likkle fame start come your way and all of a sudden you are bigger than mighty mouse..Ah di waste man country yuh did go ina pan a show whey put on a by a man from waste man land ..Yuh never fraid yuh get wasted?…Ah same suh yuh chuck off dung Lisa Hanna windpipe because she a real woman and yuh know she cyah manage yuh..Not even Portia yuh cudda do dat tuh because she would mek yuh know why yuh lox nah grow and mek yuh swallow few a dem chuss mi!

Stop study words and go try see if yuh can feed yuhself di meaning a some a dem whey yuh dash out pan yuh page. Narcissism a kill every cell of your being and you have not risen to 1/16 of what Bob Marley was..Draw back yuh mule dem and stop pretend they are horses…(figa dat out)…. Mi waa ask yuh one ting…What have you done as a product of Jamaica to clear Garvey’s name?

Oh yuh think seh your part a dus fi loud up pan social media and no leg work..Lissen mi Jamaicans waa nuh part a whey yuh seh..Di 70 million a guh use fi mek sure a reciter like you doe graduate high school. Minds, reasoning , logic and understanding a go get developed outa di 70 million… Chronixx and not dollar outa a it coming from you… You try go get a likkle use outa it and leave politics to those who comprehend what is written Mr.Chronically Conflicted
***bout yuh born prepared fi judgements………….u wudden haffi explain dat a shame yuh shame*** BOOOOOO

P.S —-Chronixx yuh sammy disguise dead ooo………….cut wid di pretentious consciousness because yuh doe know di start, di miggle or di end ah it..BOOO– Why yuh neva mek yuh way go up a UWI go look fi di ansa and try move up Garvey ting by asking di ”waste man”???… oh a di same ”waste man ” yuh waa clear Garvey name?? Him a waste whey di people dem a glorify and you want his help (di waste man).. I dont think so Mr Chronically Conflicted.


  1. Well said met. All now mi still upset. Chronixx feel like him a the next Bob Marley when him nuh 10% of JR Gong.

    Kmt mi gone get ready fi work. Him lucky him nuh have a show inna Kingston cause me woulda personally guh throw a bottle a lick some sense inna him head.

    Met said it best: what has Chronixx done to clear Marcys Gravey record. Not a damn thing.

    1. If him so passionate about it he should have made his way up to UWI and go find out why dem seh it expensive to clear his name..Is not like Jamaica offer the money to foot the bill to do so then carry the evidence n present it to America so in that case America liable fi seh what dem seh because the expense will be on them.

      1. met, It’s only selected people was invited,they wouldn’t even let him a di gate. If he said it will be too expensive straight wasteman. Why dem have so much school inna Marcus Garvey name in black community if black kids have criminal to look up. fix it Obama. Check how the level of crime in this those communities free the mind of the young yutes money can’t fix the minds good roll models will

        1. Dem never wrong fi let him either..My family member was there and she not no one special she just very bright so maybe him dont fall in that category . Obama fix wha him fi fix..Chronixx is to do the same

          1. if you look into his history of work chronixx is always looking out for the future of black children his body of work proves it

        2. him just come bout him a put in word with di yuth like crazy…. the kids roll model cant be criminals. free up the mind of the yutes

          1. There was Bob..Buju Lucky Dube and with Buju’s gift when him come road the world will see

          2. Met yuh know a nuh di fuss politician Chronixx a tek it too but the yutes (Looking a you Lisa Hanna lol)

    2. did you read the new latterly kids a kids a Jamaica right after black history month. I wonder what they learn their hero are criminal …… Marcus Garvey schools in USA produces a high level of criminal why?
      Met mi hear yuh ask what’s wrong with these kids today …..

      1. Mi was not a criminal from Marcus Garvey High School so mi cyah answer that. All of this that you are alluding to is unnecessary . Jamaicans in Jamaica do not know who Marcus Garvey really is..We need to start from the bottom come up

          1. mek wi fix wah wi can, wi can’t mek di oppressers control di mind of the kids still. Jamaica government is a bigga waste dem can’t see di connection wi the yuthes and dem past…. dem need good roll model and self pride … not fi look up to dons or fi hand outs

        1. Met do you think if Marcus was with is his would still be labelled as a criminal white people would me out marching daily till him name clear. What yuh name schools afta a criminal… met yuh know betta too
          obama free up di man name yuh wasteman

  2. Greetings met and metters.

    Damn met, you dropped some gems on this one. the point about the intelligent and those who just study and pass is something i keep saying and people look at me like i smoke crack.

    Chronixx is a pseudo-revolutionary. He can repeat the lines rebels before him used but he cannot back it up with action. He went on Jimmy Kimmel show to a global audience and he could have stood right there and defend Garvey’s name. Instead he took the cash and cheers and left in peace. Now he is on social media after his buzz dead off and a front lol

    Chronixx listen to me, you not even reach the levels on Garnett Silk or Beres Hammond yet so lay off this narcissistic behaviour bredren. I agree with you on the Garvey issue but that is not how you get things done bredren. This is a likkle dutty behaviour that is prevalent in Jamaica where people think everybody owe dem something. Obama did not give Garvey a record and as the POTUS he is not entitled to clear him. Calling the man a “waste man” is not gonna make him think yea let me take this issue on.

    I am not one of Obama’s cheerleaders but that was uncalled for and very disrespectful. You could have sat in the audience and put the point directly to him like the other rasta man instead of hiding behind a smartphone. I hear people say you the next Bob Marley and I always laugh but this has confirmed my previous beliefs.

    1. him can’t even walk ina di shadow a Bob shoes…they just hear people talking and a yap..what Chronixx fi do a go pay di expense fi clear up Garvey name…wha bun mi bad is if u go pan di damn streets of Jamaica and ask Jamaicans what Garvey was about 8/10 of them CANNOT TELL YOU BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW!

      1. Chronixx n bob a two different people. Chronixx a try change the mind set of the yutes and him always big up bob. Obama a look out fi him big cooperation while oppress di young black minds give the black kids hero to be proud about

  3. Which is the truth and nothing but the truth. The same man dat tell you he lives by Garvey teaching is the same man who tell you how much he idolises the bleacher and government should free him.

    I remember someone telling me how Marcus Garvey was killed in Jamaica, I was like bredren Garvey dead a London and his body was flown back years after. Man bring dung God off the cross say mi wrong. Most Jamaicans dont know a ting bout the big man. Dem just use Garvey name because it makes them sound like they stand for something but we see thru dem tactics long time. :hoax2

  4. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others ……

    Dats y yesideh mi seh weh mi enuh he really b-lev him is de next Bob md he is so far from being him it nuh funny not even Mutah wuda address de issue like dat..him well jave up the wasye visa n gah de waste land guh perform doah like mi grandfafa always seh ” os npt wat yuh seh is how yuh seh it. ”

    Obama cannot fox every gad damn thing nd ppl a luk tuh him tuh dweet which is ridiculous cuz him himself haffi present him cause to a board fi pass any damn bill or whatever unu call it.

    Why him neva kick out gense Sis P for not presenting it to the man, yah gwaan like de man eat, sleep, breathe imma fix Jamaica.

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

    1. Morning Simply, Muta know how fi talk ..Chronixx just feel him above what he really is……. not even a little speck in the business and him outa him clothes already :travel

  5. SMH… Not to mention him ah come perform inna me waste land May 30th (which I already bout tickets for)….

    I actually respect him and for him to say that is just so uncouth! Garvey fought for what is being done now… A black man running a racist country like America… He didn’t even stop to think how OUR judicial system works before passing such judgement… Garvey wasn’t convicted under Obama’s leadership… Furthermore, how’s he so sure that isn’t in the works? Ah Portia fi ah pressure dem things deh… Pardoning a dead man not doing a damn thing for my country… Him really believe seh ah dat Obama ah pree?!?!?

    Bwoy oh bwoy mi loose affa yuh Chronixx!! and to come back with such a horrible rebuttal just shows that you aren’t being true to yourself by admitting you took it a bit too far by disrespecting the President……

    I leave yuh tuh the US Embassy!

    MET you summed up all my thoughts but did still wah vent likkle

  6. Xcuse de typo dem JMG EDUCATED TECH

    him fi learn how fi stay humble lile OC seh niff a ride Marcus name but don’t lnw de full history behind it…him nuh see the fuss place Obama guh a Bob head quarters

  7. So much uneducated fools in this comments section, that is why jamaica can never better because dem fight down dem own, big up garvey and bun out di CIA who frame you fi bring you down.

  8. Hi Met & All

    And this is why artists back in the golden days used to have A&R surround dem, fi teach dem how fi walk, talk, dress, and to prevent them from embarrassing themselves like this guy.

  9. I am still so upset with his comment. Out of all the troubles in Jamaica yuh concern bout man weh dead and gone long time. uno soon want Obama fi pardon DUDUS, A wonda if chronixx know dem have some mad ppl in America who love “the waste man” dearly and will mek him can’t come perform here. Be careful how you disrespect the president and want come inna him country

    1. The contradiction is, Obama is a waste man and chronixx is a worsssaaa waste man than the president. That is the contradiction.

  10. As a Jamaican who came to THIS WASTE LAND And made use of every opportunity, Including-Voting for MY WASTE PRESIDENT!! This idiot Visa needs to be cancelled. Go up in the Hills with all the other uneducated BoBoo dreads and don’t come back. You are an embarrassment! TWO PRESIDENT EVER GRACE OUR COUNTRY SOIL Reagan and Obama out of all the 45 and the only thing you could come up with instead of being grateful that this man even blessed us is calling Him waste? Because of a Dead man? CHRONIXX ANSWER THIS! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR POOR PEOPLE?. One thing that really get me MAD are these Dorn Rasta people who thinks they can go around and disrespect people with their Ideology who came from a MAN who did not give a faaaat about them. Well said Met. I can’t even bother, Chronix give back the waste country the money you came over here and received. I have never been to one of your shows and I would never support the likes of you. Have some tact! PLEASE GIVE BACK THE WASTE COUNTRY THEIR VISA. YOU OLD BUTU.

  11. I find this Chronixx character to be very exhausting, like a chronic pain or disease that just does not go away. I guess he living up to his name, being a pain in the ass.

    1. just another house slave asking why is he trying to make a difference, they give us what they feel fit for us

      1. Unlike you I am not in anyone’s asshole waiting for them to shit so that I can eat. I know many of unno wah run behind artiste haffi do any and everything cause if dem nuh shit unno nuh eat. So yes, feel free fi run guh show him your rebuttals that your leave here so him can see that you are a loyal numbskull.

  12. @Met, Gosh man, chonixxx at it again??? why is this one man so taxing?? of all the things on earth to say.. Of all the things on this earth to ask the US PRESIDENT PARDON FOR AND THEN FI REFER TO THE PRESIDENT AS “WASTE MAN”. I cant with this ninja..There are so many more pressing issues that would benefit jamaica to ask about than pardon for a dead man, please..Chronic get a raas life and go look up the meaning of humble!!!

  13. Funny thing is, if you link Chronixx and say u a keep summ’n fi uplift the yutes or fi big up Marcus Garvey yuh better have a fat pay cheque fi gi him and him band. Dem man ya nuh drop nuh catch. West Indies him fi go play fa to how him nuh drop catch.

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