26 thoughts on “ANYBODY KNOW HOW HIM DEAD?

  1. Mi hear seh him man find out he was HIV and him shot him. He was in the hospital nursing the wounds but later died.

  2. Legend??legend u sey?? GTFO wid that shyt,Kid ralp h is the ongle legendary battyfish we know and unno latest set of shythouse shims disgusting to even the traditional battymons!!Go SYM and unno batty fi torment unnot wid no peace in hell eternal!

  3. Auntie is a woman while he she is a Ru Paul :salahkamar me confuse what the family wrote . Anyway RIP Bro….

    1. daddy was also pregnant and mi bredda had a baby girl that was circumcised at birth . mi uncle is a lesbian….WHAT S CONFUSION GOD WORLD COME TO.

  4. went to his Facebook page and what i was stuck on everyone calling him a girl and i don’t mean ugirl as in de name he went by a mean they are saying rip baby girl and girl mi ago miss yuh a mean really

    1. Me we settle with being called bitch at this stage a the game 😀 😀

      Me and no trang back man wid seed bag cannot share the same gender title.

      1. PP you always make me laugh, thanks. Sorry, but not sorry fi dem. A dem wudda haffi change dem name, nuh we. I am a woman, plus my heavenly father name mi so. Ahem, a dem confuse Plz nuh mek dem confuse you, too.
        Have great night.

  5. So everybaddi ago gwan like dem nuh see the illiterate smaddy weh mek the post say :when mi “EAR” today

    1. :hammer. U no see a did too much a dem post de a drop bout de place? Yu tan de one de bout wid ‘noes’ :ngakak :ngakak

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