Due to how she use to hype nuh bl****t n hot lol now r man dead u not even a see her again because a man hold them up & make them look good that’s y them say hypeness n show off nuh go no where tiony a wah me hear say a cashier work u a Do now how comes? U wasn’t saving? No sah them just cum hot gyal yah wen pan lef them r dead pan them dem hotness done


10 thoughts on “AT LEAST SHE WORKING

  1. Wtf? Sender u alright inna ur head? Some woman would ago look a different man fi mine them or go sell some pussy. But she get a little work and a try hold it down. U sound like u did vex when the man a gi har di money u evil stupid bitch. This is actually a good think that she’s doing u dumb silly cunt

  2. Sender, please go to jancrow mountain peak and Chuck the phuck off!

    A girl a work and you think that is an insult? Please free the world of your vicious, reprobate existence. JUTC no romp fi lick things…go step out in front of one if you can’t reach the mountain.

    Sad sack of $#!t…amen bitch :thumbup

  3. Senda what’s the beef u have wid di girl….u seh har man dead wah use to teck care of her, but in the same same sentence u seh she a duh cashier work so what’s your f***g problem then??? How i hate bitches like you I swear….Damn if u do & Damn if u don’t. The young lady a work an a nuh everybody wants to be in the hype life fi di rest a Dem Damn life…guh hold several seats bitch.

  4. Yes, her man passed and now she is working a legitimate job. Bet you if she did run and find another man or three to support her lifestyle you same one would run come in about whore this and whore that.

    Let the lady be.

  5. Are you a human being ? Do you know what it is like to lose someone dear to you? before you feel sorry towards the girl for losing someone , you a laugh say she cant hype, everyone have a way about them and circumstances from life force us to check our path and behavior and adjust as such, some sooner than others and some not at all.

    Lady whomever you are , God’s Blessings go with you.

  6. So what if the girl working that’s what grown ppl do they work so di man dead and she look a job so she nuh affi beg or whore how is that a bad thing .

  7. Wow, sender, You bitter to di belly. Imagine the girl lose her man. And you gloating and rejoicing. The lady working, so what. At least she nah dash out har front. By the sweat of your brow you shall eat your bread. As for that heart you got there. It need little coconut water fi wash it off

  8. Why these bitvh don’t stop watch people BBC life…she want work a fi her BBC life Mi friend nah beg yuh not thing, she nah sleep a yuh yaad. She nah wear yuh clothes she nah use you an you a use her… . Old bitch uno love ppl BBC life too much… toniy boo you a boss long time anuh just now Mi friend… some gal fi suck them muma

  9. Same ting mi a seh, Sweet. Her man dead and she teck herself off the scene, obviously mourning and go get a job, wth is this submission about? Why don’t we have compassion for others even in their time of heartache? Even if she somehow hurt the sender in the past she gone low-key, so let it guh. Folks lacking compassion and empathy too much these days for each other.

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