Nichelle so your baby shower was a blast which one of the many baby daddy attended I look at your baby shower pictures and I don’t see any name on the cake why nichelle you still didn’t figure out who’s the daddy yet

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  1. Blessed morning jmg……smdh….seem like baby shower ain’t about di baby nuh more, everybody guh deh a act like Russian spy loll

  2. At least she know who the Mother is!!!
    Whyis the sender so concerned…seems like her man is a candidate! LOL

  3. a true cc baby shower is supposed to be about the two parents and the blessing of bringing a child in the world now a days it’s about who is the father it’s so sad

  4. a lot of these females have multiple baby daddies 3 or more and try to act like them a smaddy. wish her the best of luck and a safe delivery and a healthy bouncing baby.

  5. A seven man name me hear call over ya pon this ya belly ya so good luck on your journey in finding your child a father girl

    1. No Joke, the sender went to the lady baby shower to nyaam up the lady free food ah fill ar long gut, all prolly tek weh extra food inna ar long bag…

  6. What a concern fi di sender, smh. Some a unu a wicked, suh wah if di ooman nuh wah loud up a who a di fadda? suh wah if she nuh know? Do you know who your babyfadda is sender?

  7. Baby shower changed. Baby showers used to be about the mom and her female friends and family. The dad use to come help set up and then disappear until shower done him come help pack up. Now a days its like a big dance with all flyers printed, fb events launched etc. Like wtf.

      1. Yup all for show. Like who dem impressing. Safe all that money because somewhere down the line they’re going to need it.

      2. Yes my co worker told me Friday that she had to go pick up a $550 cake for her cousins baby shower. I bet the gifts that she got didn’t value $550. That money could have been spent on the baby.

  8. sender sounds real jealous! Nichelle I hope you have a safe labor and delivery.
    sender needs to get a life ! (smdh)

  9. Really really really this dutty hoe Nichie who can be jealous over her she is trash bitch go sit down man fool you good for you when you see man out a road and jump go f**k him cause you love likes and get trick you f***er you u not getting any thing you should have save that money and help you self are you madda fi pay back the ppl them money that she have every thing people use the word jealous get a f***ing life bitch no one wants what you have which is nothing not one of the man them name that call even wants to step up and say yes no maybe so they all are denying you you should be a f***ing shame and even if one do admit that him still don’t want you nasty bitch so the madda so the child one bag a nastiness bitch you got played

    1. Question.. Is this SHawn Sharpe Sister??????????? no sah so di hole family a dem is hores man and woman.. no sir :tabrakan: :tabrakan: 😮 :fm:

  10. Lord if i laugh the only man at the shower was a picture of her and her son nichie a your son breed you why wasn’t there a picture of you and one of the many daddy’s

  11. Met them say a jounior hennesiss him walk and a talk say a fe him them see him an har a drive all over the place with the big belly because boom a show are bad face boom tell everybody say a no fe him . Met a Tracey champion a the god mother because a she have the ugly boy boom met it could be fe daffy lava or Ian shy shy or bald head .met when me go a queen a she me hear the man them a talk about with jounior because him a tell them say a fe him met it no look good

      1. Marie and the kurloo gang pls run in and confirm. Nichie is so much like her momma I always did think she had more sense than the rest of the siblings

  12. Met is about time Nichelle stop f**k no the girl teck some bread a man under the cover it is a shame. Well me them say a ugly boom a the daddy .met fe tell you the true that boy could not eat out a me bottom the way how him ugly .but she love money too much are x friends them a do are bad instylesssssss ugly people why jounior no go sit down him tell the man them say him a help are out a laught them a laught off a him a the barber shop clown all him brother Nichelle she do him so baddddddddd a mad him did a mad him spend out all him money pon are

  13. Omg pink wall a the best so a no boom own again a junior Hennessey Bronx news boom and tracey just f**king none a them don’t want each other boom have him baby mother and tracey have har many man them so that can’t be a relationship that’s what you call f**k with benefits I can’t with these so call dancehall celebrities

  14. That kerlew .family is the set of people around hear tamela she f**k secretly nasty Nichelle worst nasty mother young boy Peggy young boy clean up Marie walk an chat ar Pickney the say them naw help are she of to a live with people. Marie have a condem hold every man she teck them dead she salt .

  15. Met them walk an sell them wear an left cloths to people especial tamela kerlew an the mother kerlew the thing them stay bad wey them a sell no tag the people them a talk and the full a attitude when u no buy them especially tamela with the wear an left them

  16. _______________________________________________________________________ This post made my day, what a laugh. It ain’t no lie after Tambo, Tamela dropped right off. I am tired to see her with the thiefTing wear and left JCrew clothes. DWMFL!

  17. A true man, baby showers really change. I re-call baby showers use to be like a tupperware or Mary Kay party (remember those)? Just the mother-to-be, her female friends and relatives. Now, some a dem bigger dan an even start later dan some dance. I don’t get it, ur spending thousands only to receive not even hundreds? Not that it should be primarily about the gifts but the baby and yes even the poor boasy parents could stand to use that money later.

  18. Met this is life with out parole .poor jounior henny that a walking mad man the whole family use him met chain still in jail that the kerlew big brother them did hold him with gun but him a use a Yankee name so him not getting deported to ja that wat hi herd that girl Nichelle she just sleep around like a dog on the baby shower picture it look like she is having a girl she could give it to Tracey champion Tracey really need a baby boom boom boom boom boom a wey boom wife they Florida

  19. Them fe change them name to old cloth.met them did a kill tamela a Bronx the other day mello Angela jetset daughter tamela did have one heap a fake red bottom shoe from china a sell and some other fake shoe 300. 400.350 when them only pay 5.10 an 20 a china fe them wicked f**ker them with are big hand them look like elifantitis tamela is a silent taker sleep around secretly with the man them

  20. Boom no married him have a baby mother correction him have some baby mothers and none a them no live a Florida at least from what I know all a them in new york

  21. Boom a good fi you you have you woman but just cause you so f**king nasty that why you name in this bullshit you f**k too much wast gal you was ok and humble but you want you name out there like that so deal with it as for nikkie boom baby mother may be its you start this cause u so f**king mix up and love down grade you baby father I can’t believe that you would have a next baby for boom after all the bad shit you talk about him you is a big f**king fool and then you say you don’t want him boom don’t even make you know where him live lol nichie try find a who is the father cause boom done u him don’t even want to see you the ugly man sorry him know you after all that f**k didn’t even worth it

  22. So boom and Nicky r still an item? I don’t know this girl but I think… As a woman… Not knowing your child’s father is one of the WORSE things ever!!!
    As women we should really respect ourselves a bit more…j/s

  23. nikkie boom baby mother yes you is you start this just cause u ask boom if nichie baby is his and him tell u no you want to find out you here bout the baby shower so you want to know bitch you just have your baby keep you’re quiet you just have baby and you start your bullshit already nikkie I know you that how you are all you do is love to talk go suck you madda bitch you don’t see that all you are doing is hurt your babyfather dumb bitch you just a mak the big man look fool stop boom mi friend if it’s your baby all you should do is just take care of yours come off a the man name to bloodclot let him live bitches

  24. Sender here and I am not nicky or was I at the baby shower nichie put up tracey bout flyer gal so now me a ask where was all the baby father them at the shower because she worried bout tracey and she no worried about finding her baby father nichie stop f**k with people

  25. Sender how now say a she call Tracey flyer gal was that she we’ll well this a get out a hand .nichie is a f**ker gal can help are self mad f**kiest nasty but a long time Tracey an boom a f**k so wey we ago do boom baby mother of to understand ugly man money talk fe themso a the money ketch Nichelle well boom say is not fe him .boom you know u fe stop dis own the lady child you is f**king wicked

  26. Nicky is a damn fool me can’t believe nikesha dacosta really breed fi boom again after she talk up how she don’t want him. You hav your good man a yard and put him out and now everybody have him a now u want breed. Listen this, Pickney naw hold man again nickesha hush. But sharing is caring . Boom don’t want Nicky facts that! She don’t even know where him live

  27. Boom is a dog nichie you get trick him don’t want you are Tracy so don’t worry about her she done and you worst boom a liar all him do is lie him love take people money and tell him say him lose it and give him gal them boom a dutty dog shit Tracy and nichie a nasty old dancehall f**k out boom love the hype that why him f**k them kind of bitch sad to say each and every one of them is a bunch of shit pit nastiness poor nikkie a she must feel like a real idiot its a shame cow face man you bad Tracy why don’t you try to get pregnant you are a mule just like how you face look like one stop lie bout you want mam with money boom is not giving you any look how long him with nikkie and all she do is throw him out of her house and keep taking him back she throw him out so much times from this man in this country him don’t I have a thing for himself him just get a place for him self now and turn that into a f**k shop dutty cow face man you too lie a you a nichie babyfather shit dick

  28. Wow…. Trashy bashy. Cum offfff di man name. Him still not gonna f**kkkkkkkkk uuuuuu. What u have against di man. U neeed fi go wrap up wid di clown dat u live wid. Waiste trashy dat Dont like to brush ar teeeth. Do man have up him $$$$& so he dooos way him likesss. Neechy instyle I wish u a safe delivery whoever the Doddy. iz

  29. Miss Bronx ,Brooklyn , Brooklyn say so true , queens dea obviously you are the same person . Every time a post put up on Niche u run in with something to say about Junior . Yes bitch you are the only person that spell junior as Jounior and spell I (referring to yourself as) hi you need to stop. You and the people them must be friends cause you look like you have a lot of information Wehu want put out there. Leave the people dem business alone . People no borrow pussy fi f**k a fi dem own dem a use. Leave di people dem business alone

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