A search is now under way for a one-day-old baby girl who this morning went missing from a ward at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) in St Andrew.

The child’s father, Milton Maxwell, says the mother had just received medication and had dosed off with her baby sleeping in a cot beside her.

He said when she got up around 10:30 a.m, the child was missing.

The mother alerted the hospital staff who immediately started searching for the child.

The matter has also been reported to the police.

Both parents who are from India are employed as nurses at the UHWI .

The Gleaner will provide more on this story in subsequent reports.

20 thoughts on “BABY STOLEN FROM UHWI

  1. Oh Sweet Jesus, I really hope they find this child much sooner than later. Lord the person who did this may they receive swift judgment.

  2. People who do this are wicked f***s!

    Police need fi guh lif up the nurses and see if dem nuh talk cause one of them must kno suptn….

    When babies go.missing from hospitals at least one nurse always in on the whole thing!

  3. Like phuck’n how? wah possible could the hospital tell mi happen,why the baby dont have a buzzer..from UWI to PUBLIC is the same teef’n baby shit or baby mix up why dem security nuh tight after having child we are damn draineddddddd

  4. Smh..I hope they find her ASAP poor baby.some people just shouldn’t born cause they only here to be destruction to others. Thief the woman baby needs his or her hand chopped off

  5. Oh gosh the parents must be beside dem selves..I pray the baby is found and reunited with her mother ASAP..i just could never imagine how they must be feeling right now. So sad

  6. This makes me think about whispers I’ve heard before about underground adoption services that operate right under our noses. So nowadays people impersonating doctors and people stealing babies? Real life telenovela. I heard the mother was given anesthetic and fell asleep. Only to wake up and baby gone and no one saw jack! Boy I feel it, especially since they work for the hospital smh.

  7. This really need fi stop at that hospital. I really hope this turn out in good results for these parents. SMH

    1. Trick man seh she a breed and pickney due now suh she been a watch them gal de woman pcikney and think she wuda really get fi pass it off as hers

  8. A hope she sue the damn hospital cuz dem too kaliss as well from nurse to security baby ward needs to be under tight security

  9. Jamaica need to make the parents & babies wear the wrist bands like they do over here in America. Also, it appears that one can just walk on the ward but you get like 2 tickets to pay for parking b4 u can get off of the property, smh. I was there last month!

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