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Mi waan put deh boy yah pon blast.Uncle or whatever yuh waan call yuhself from Bxxxx bout yuh a promoter all yuh do is walk and f**k off di party gal dem yuh walking STD f**ka yuh.stop repeat the same old f***ng clothes from 2012 til now,di money yuh a tek buy name brand sneakers yuh fi Tek go buy clothes and a chat bout yuh a flossa,flossa mi bl***t.ugly hard face leprechaun looking bwoy yuh always ina dem 2 Louis Vuitton glass a party not 1 bl*** night yuh nuh lef dem a yuh yaad.walkig STD bwoy wid all dem pothole ina yuh bl*** face yuh nuh see seh yuh need helium wah dem use fi blow up balloon fi blow up yuh bl*** face.mi nuh know wah dis Guyanese gal wah mi see yuh a par wid from time to time a do wid yuh ugly bl***.di bitch mus a have STD to cuz she a f&&k yuh ugly bl**** and a match out wid yuh ina pawty.dutty uncle yuh need fi stop walk and f**k everything wah move wid yuh likkle STD d**k wah yuh a mek gal suck off.

27 thoughts on “IS WHO NAME UNCLE?

  1. Cho boxcova. Dwl. Yuh know I can’t mannige today. Lmao. Sender come here please. Not even the man name yuh nuh know. So yuh couldn’t sneak an tek a pic of him when yuh see him out with the Guyanese girl so we can see a who name Uncle. I don’t know this Uncle you speak of. Mi know Cousin and Aunty an di res’ a dem ….. but not Uncle. Sorry.

  2. Uncle f**ck u an d**ck u don’t? Hush yaw nuh badda meck di guyanese gal hott up u head now u hear… Next time f**ck wid cousin maybe just maybe him wi stay.

  3. WHICH UNCLE??? I hope not Uncle from the days of Bally and the Champagne Crew days…….but that would be an old ass man to still be partying and flinging around STD’s. Last I heard he was living in Arizona, COME CONFIRM YAH MAN??

  4. sender u very very upset wid kotton man, a weh u never get, money?oh my girl him ,f**k u and duck u, girl the cocky weh all a the gal dem want , gal go bathe , kotton say u stink ,and him cocky smell when him dun f**k u ,go bathe good , u upset no return for u at least sumting a whole him , and him good good Guyanese woman, weh a hurt ur head, send ur sister ,aunty ,niece ,and u fren and see if kotton nuh f**k all a dem wid change, abayyyyyyyyyyyyyy,a kotton a keep sumting party next month weh u ago do bitch , bitch, weh if kotton a dog and him nuh want u , u a wah metters ask this bitch, she is what?

    1. Kotton nah keep sumting bloodclatt party bitch yuh too lie oo yuh suh lie a sell sumting affi a sell pussy fi keep party party way ago flap just like har dutty horing crew membas.if yuh ask di guyaneese gyal a get it but kotten mek it known say him nuh wah big hole sumting har pussy sloppy she affi suck him cocky oo suh fix up yuh chat

  5. she give kotton std if him have it ,my gal dutty one to , if u sick gwan a doctor kotton nah pay fi it , uget u dtty uck party style ,lol whoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, and now u a hurt, kotton anymore henneseyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,( a f**k me we go inna the hallway inna the artist voice).who u a talk travis him worse , him badda dan kotton , u nuh see how him mek tinajetset get slim ,or mawga like dog a she stay bad , travis a cocks man more than kotton ,a thru him private , so my dutty gal if, and u can keep ur mouth ,u will get travis ,on jetset time whoieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ,cook oats fi tina and manish water

  6. Sender, one question, did you go to the doctor/clinic to get tested and if positive treated? If not, please do so. Don’t add to the problem, be a part of the solution.

  7. sumting out do all a di gal dem ,now u come ,miss demon a wah kotton took from u u age paper a good ,u like run in pan people man too much ,him son lef she to but fun fun , and den apple brother nuh want har back , u soon get u wish all a dem soon gone , kotton u fi help out others ,u fellow men weh need help ,kotton stop being selfish , share the secret , a moneyteam have the lead now , moneytrain how har u a see u fall back wid the browning , it mek sense u har this gal say kotton sick , stay wid Keisha she we spend pon u , like how tinajetset bro gone a ja , she nah cause nuh war liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike kotttttttttttttttttttttton , baldhead good to fi him war gal gone back a jail too, so him freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, snoop dem say him like beat u

  8. Danny cotton a ole whore on probation. Him soon gone back a jail drugs money sweet uno. The war soon stop the Feds them soon run in so enjoy while uno can. Al uno a get a henny and beatings

    1. And kotten beat sumthing whole heap nuff time mi hear dem next door cah him nuh want har nor trust she suh him beat har and f**k out har hole den run har out couple hours afta u see di browning a come thru kotten nuh wah sumthing him treat di browning good gawn yah browing yuh gone a lead stacy guh look a life all a man wid papers yuh worthless like yub whoring fren dem shitty pussy tashleen batty wash sherifa dian di only gyal way have lil sense she chat unuh like dog shit

  9. senda…kotton gave u std???? wow
    y r u so hurt?
    hope a supm can cure unnuh love give careless f**k too much n know seh kotton a dog.
    sorry fi unnuh.

    @unclekotton a him insta name.

    anyway payneland go back to school u n d senda please, unnu dunce bad.

  10. bronx news mi nuh think so cause him a co-operate wid d feds dem. everybody know a informa. probation n a party everynight in public with d same dealers dem kmt

  11. I pray you’re ok.. These men are ridiculous. Ask God to release him from your life you’ll be happier

  12. Di ,big pussygal DAT sent this in ,is because yuh come ah d man yard without get invite ,and him didn’t let u in mekk u put him pon here yuh nuh tired ah d lockout from him bitch ,u can tell wen ah gal don’t live no where morning coming u looking somewhere to sleep bright yuh bite yuh know how bed buy ,and how rent pay hoe ,I know is u sent this in dutty cash ,stop call up uncle name ur time down ,it was only for ah hott second suh stop pose up Inna party with him cause yuh walk Inna every party that keep fi see if he in there to watch him bitch get I live his family them hate yuh stop call him phone u is like ah germ ,go sit ur f**kin f**kout rass dun cause everybody know u dun every party man f**k yuh out longtime and put yuh to sun ,take seven seat back cause ur 10min over ,take some time out and give the attention to ur child ,not man OK ,memba she father less so be the father and mother she now ,and left uncle cause every man fail yuh go and find Jesus cause only him can help u now ,

    1. Dirty sumting dirty girl stop di talking girl u know nothing ur talking about girl don’t mek mi fren f**k yuh up girl cah none a unuh duh bad or can fight

  13. Me hear say sumting give the best head Inna the Bronx..dem say she freaky baddd..mek the man dem f**kout every hole pon her body.. She have kotton now…but him soon gone wen di batty and mouth tired lol lol. Real woman cyaa envy gyal like she none tal Cuz as a mother u nuh fi suh f**ky and disgusting so. All she known america for. You nuh hear she name….sum thing .hahahahahaha

  14. Big hole cash dun out hole cement hole cash weh can’t keep ah man yuh time dun ,di blood of Jesus against yuh di of Jesus devil gal y u don’t tell yuh baby father mother sehh ah u call yuh man from ur country fi mekk d van kill him cause yuh think uncle would ah mekk yuh move I. With him wicked gal cash stop call dun uncle him tired ah yuh and him sister dem hate cause yuh come ah him yard com sprinkle powder, and d family put yuh out tell d ppl dem because yuh come ah him house couple weeks agoes an knock down him door bout yuh wan ccome home ,bitch home where yuh ah f**k from yuh eye do ah yuh neek and yuh don’t have ah bed bitch ah uncle nice clean house yuh wan come cock up Inna bitch but yuh get left him and him family fine yub out before yuh kill him off like yuh daughter father bitch ,d blood d blood d blood of Jesus against yuh bitch ,

    1. Sumting yuh suck yuh mada idiot gyal u will Neva get wifey position no day no time look Pon uncle IG an see who him lable as wife just gwan deep throat the cocky n have several seats bitch tek a good look cash name Ina the great book!!!! Yu breast dem long n lean like u face

  15. Sumtimg uncle don’t want u my dear just n gwan tek one n two kill offa yuh when u go a DI man yard yuh want tek up residence him sister dem don’t like u either dem say u have a man looking face uncle too nice n neat fi yuh ugly monkey looking gyal cash a way better gyal fi yuh cash have up har nice clean job n is a citizen of America n har body real unlike u dun out hole Stacy sumting bitch yuh soon get move up to cause uncle don’t want nobody hahaha ole laughing stack u ugly like

  16. Poor thing weh wrong with u al Stupidity, Low Esteem, Worthless Girls u all need to go back to school or look a job or get a higher position in ur job, do something good for yourself because u all arguing ova Uncle and him a unuh don’t kno who uncle need only him alone know who him need in his life so u 2 need fi stop it because u all getting trick *poor thing* sigh
    Stop disgrace unuh self but then again unuh don’t hav any self-esteem. Kmrt

  17. Cement hole cash uncle don’t have u are no one as no wife ,how u fi ,be wife and u can’t come to his house no more cause his family band yuh from there yuh ah talk bout pic on IG that f**k don’t mean nothing after and nuh ur pic alone him have on IG he only do that to make u feel gud yuh f**king fool ,go tekk yuh daughter from her grandma and take care of her ,memba uncle put yuh out and yuh nuh stop call dun him uncle phone fi ,tell him how him fi talk to his nephew cause he don’t wan u to come there and him tell u the family hate yuh so just leave him alone hoeing cash urs time dun ,di blood of Jesus against yuh hole bitch

  18. Sender u wicked no bloodclaat bad bcuz how u start ur letter like u don’t know Uncle then u reach into detail about what him wear fr what he hav fr 2012 *ur mess & a germs* U jus want to mek di boy look bad smh to what i realize he’s a f**kist,him cocky no by pass no women, him choose who him want to f**k which nights or days,him dont want Cash nor Stacey actually nobody he’s exploring, but knowing men he surely hav someone he really like but she wouldn’t be in the street like these road cocky runner,so i jus think u hav a vengeance for him for whatever reason only u kno…too bad jus leave woman boy pickney name out a u mouth & off the internet

    1. You are so Fukin right but sumting time soon expire cause uncle a complain say him a get tired a her him just tell me that last night dwl wat a piece a drama over one man no sah it sad bad sumting u sad bad yuh diss u good good man fi a dog an a look wife position what a gyal fool fool n dumb

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