This is a no good boy from Birmingham call shortman we have walk and f**k down the whole a Birmingham and don’t support his kids a woman him spent him money pon plus him have a gal a bred right now this is a few a him women dem I’m sending u more I need u to put this out and let the world know seh him role with turna burna all him do a buy champagne and don’t have nothing

That’s the baby mother now
This a the baby mother him bring go Jamaica the other day and she send back fi him and all him do a dis the gal
No support har
Dem boy must be highlighted

Him don’t want no one girls be ware

7 thoughts on “BE WARE

  1. The sender needs some remedial education. Why send in a story if you are barely literate? If some women are more selective, there would be no need for “BEWARE”! A man cannot f*ck a woman if she has her legs closed.

  2. Keep your opinions to yourself as you dont know them, who ever was bright and out of order to put these pictures can suck something old and stink. Putting up people pictures is one thing but putting up a unborn childs scan is taking it to far and guess what karma ah guh flip pon yuh narsty negah….

  3. Ah wah dis. Ah Tash from London new man dis?? How she cyan hype soh wid di ppl dem man. How fi har pic nah deh deh. History

  4. A tash d man want…. d man nah hide her
    . D man post her up pon him ig an fb..shi an d man always out. But wait tash an d man was in ja to…. deh cup a tea ya too hot

  5. You people weh pree out di people life need fi guh jump off a cliff better yet drown yuhself in a sum acid. Ah wah do yoou. Yuh nuh know nuttun bout di people but you ah put up picture. Mek it even worse yuh ah put up di child scan. You bright stink an outta order SUCK YUH MADDA 10 TIME DUTTY DARG

  6. Ah wah duh some duppy bat gyal ah walk and ah hype with peoples business which is not something new tell me some ting are these the only people in the world with baby farther problems, noo suh wah really mek this yah one reach pon yah wah suh important about them and him. No mi nah lie who ever put up this need fi guh suck them mamdda 10 times alongside with the bad mind people
    and stop look ah hype off ah people business Unuh to bloodclart bright.

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