A hunt has been launched for a detainee who reportedly escaped from the Montego Bay Police Lock-Up in St. James on Saturday.
The police report that Fahdean Ferguson, 21, was an Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) witness in the high level probe in the death of Mario Deane.
RJR News understands that on the weekend , INDECOM personnel arranged an identification parade for three cops who were reportedly on duty at the Barnett Street lock-up on August 3 – the day on which Deane was beaten.
Ferguson, reportedly pointed out the police officers.
Following the exercise, arrangements were being made to take Ferguson back to the Barnett Street Lock-Up when he escaped through a window.
The Police High Command has ordered a probe into the circumstances surrounding Ferguson’s escape.
INDECOM officials are also concerned about his safety.
A statement from the police on Sunday said Ferguson, who is also known as Tussain and Joshua,is a mechanic of Hampton in Spring Mount, St. James.
He is of dark complexion, medium build and about 5 feet 8 inches tall.
He has tear drops tattooed below his right eye and scars over both eyes.
He was being held on charges of house breaking and burglary.
At the time of his escape he was wearing a white merino and pink shorts.


  1. Here we go again.
    The witness nuh escape nuh weh! Di police weh involve inna di killing of Mario Deane arrange fi tek out di only man weh point dem out. Now dem police ya aguh kill di only witness.
    Dem fu┬ęking police too bare face wid dem atrocities man, cho.
    How INDECOM nuh mek arrangements fi protect this witness is beyond senseless, but mek dem gwaan, the international community is watching. See them cut funding for the police training center. More funding will be cut when this witness cannot be found.
    Eediat Bunting, tek di man dem koki outta yu mout and say something!

  2. I can see the headline now. A shoot out ensued and the perpetrator was killed, a unliscenced gun was recovered at the scene. Where is this new police commissioner? Even Stevie Wonder can see the outcome of this situation.

  3. Morning Met & JMGers.
    But really and truly now,INDECOM really? Dem hab di only witness innah di same place wah dem criminal yah beat di woman pickney fi nuttn? Another man life put on the line like it nuh wutt a ting. Pray to God them find him safe suh that these criminals wah call demselves upholders of the law pay fi dem wickedness.
    Suh mek mi get this straight, the witness innah white merino and pink shorts at dat, escape di police dem through a windah? bwoy mi haffi laugh bout dah part. dem people yah Lord…

  4. but dat deh boy deh a fool fi tek di bait. can go both ways, he can also become a no show as part of his escape deal. who knows.

  5. Tinan…..seet deh. Di Lawyers tek di case to di fareen press anna beg di US fi cut funding to Jamaica. Now all af a sudden Sista P have Deane name inna har mout an Bunting get di koki outta him mout long enough fi seh dem aguh hold all accountable.
    Only when di free money, weh dem Politician ya a tief as it deposit, threaten fi cut awf, yu see dem a try look like dem a do suppn…..Mr Lorne, keep going till dem bow unda di stress ya!!

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