22 thoughts on “CHROMAZ VS BAMBOO GYAL

  1. I hope Bamboo girl mek good on her threat and beat Nikki to a pulp and mi hope smaddy video it and mek it go viral.

    Nikki hate the girl because she nuh up to her standards. Every dance the girl go Nikki put her pon snap and just a belittle the girl. As for the video a Nicki mek it go viral. Nikki you are a sick b*tch because you know the girl have a disability and the girl right fo tell yuh say yuh sell yuh pussy and f*ck gyal…you are one nasty gyal. Go clean your bathroom. Not even a dog should use that tub…Give Western union and your p*ssy a break. You are one of the lowest females in dancehall. Snap mek mi know say demons a ride yuh..

    As for Bamboo girl she have a piece of obsession with the beast squad and they dont rate her.

  2. Mek bleach out Chromazz gwey a fight down do upcoming dancers dem. Theres enuf space inna dancehall fi di whole a onoo
    Gyal soon start mek money n fix up herself. But nobodda wid di ghostly bleaching

  3. Yes bamboo gal mi like Yuh a an mi believes bout di stinkness cause when dem a bleach dem raw bad!!!!… An yes bamboo gal nuh gal weh a suck pussy nuh meck dem tek no step a yuh… A har next victim she want…Mi hear di gal talk pan a video and she obviously illiterate clearly… Not because har skin chrome nuh mek it blind yuh…di Girl yah hate her self she was such a beautiful black girl…

  4. No lie I watch chromaz snaps everyday, she is beautiful and seems fun but she too f**g conceited and love trouble people. Trust amd believe this girl is a trouble maker, is not the first MI see she a tek set pin ppl. But empty barrel makes the most noise.. nikki u better humble u f**g self and go look a 9-5.

  5. Bamboo you need to beat the stinking gal all she do a sell pussy to the tourist dem that cone in the country , yes she sell pussy

  6. Nikki u nah Tek set on the right one u can see in the girl message she’s tired of u. You’re such a bitch why u trying to belittle the girl to feel better about yourself and then when ppl start done u n y buss up self u act like a victim ! Leave the f***g girl man that’s not the worst thing happen in dancehall u a act like u have her in video n suck hood n sell fuk like u

  7. Uno can. Gwan like Nikki a good gal eee she f***g stay bad she need fi remove those cartoon sticker from the people from rent house get a job act like a decent person not a cannibal tf…she f**g stay bad so childish and nuh use to ntn so till she go put in fake braces tf bitch ratched careless child
    Bout idolize…..
    People commenting on their IG pic lie AF if u can’t be honest shut the f**k up and don’t lie on comments fi look friend

  8. Nikki seem to be a mouth bad gal anybody u see love trouble people nuh baddddddddddddddddd me sure a that me want the girl or Anybody slap out the braces outta r mouth

  9. No Met anuh so it start…. It start when Nikki deh a one party and Bambo girl stand up beside har then she put her snap on bamboo girl and a say she greennnnnnnnnnnn then Bambo girl ansa her on snap saying her pussy stink and from that every weh Nikki see the lil girl she put her up on snap say she green and she want get her some clothes and she look like man and all type of things…. Nikki seems like a big bully tho she know who fi play wid…. If Bambo girl put up a pic Nikki friend dem and pure fake page comment and cuss har how she ugly and stuff like that, mi feel sorry fi Bambo girl them always a tek set pon har

  10. Mii did a wonder how nuh body nuh talk bout the fake braces weh she put in,lol poor soul wen dem wah Inna tings an can’t afford. Humble yuh self girl

  11. Mi wah dem fight, Bamboo gyal will duss out dat. Mi nuh really into fighting but that bitch need to get her face busted open, crawny like dog!

  12. Dat bleach out gyal is jus MAD caus di gyal skin clean an r body look good. All if she green. She jus want a soap an a rag. AN she can dance. All da buss up gyal can do a mek bare noise. R room dutty like wah.n a gyal u a f**k. Nun a unu nuh betta Dann e nex. Di yadd dutty. House cum lik it a sink to bc. Dat dem a call home. Stop shame ppl an guh level u hut. Bc how dare yuh mess wit ppl an yuh liv inaa a refugee camp. Dem fool deh a gass r up an idiot she nah see seh r dutty business deh everyweh. U r a mascot lil gyal. Unu a lose. U lifestyle a loseee. Erybody who nuh liv inaa deh dutty shelta a winner. Ppl kno seh yuh a clown suh dem use u fi get buss. An u still liv ina bunggle. Stop party an cum out a da leaning shack. Fix up u life caus errybady ago lef yuh ooo.

  13. Unnuh gawh unnuh blootclaat bed!!!all unnuh do a wait till smaddy put up smaddy pon pinn k wall n unuh comment✋nikki a bad blootclaat gyal✌ n Nikki will re-arrange are Mon body face!!!she look like a big transition bamboo gyol bill yawh u fa our bclt trash cu pon u to!!
    Wah Nikki n fabby beat Yuh nasty rass bout yaa evolved the girl friend dem
    Bamboo gyol guess what?? God nuh like ugly

  14. Bamboo gal aka peewee everybody share d video all d ppl dem a towerhill share it why u neva put dem up seh ya go beat dem too? A nikki u have strength fah! As much as me nuh like nikki i wah d gal f**k yuh up! Young gal like u look how u face look?? U need fi start stay a yuh yaad a night dew mek yuh look so old i doubt u even pass age 15 bout unu a cock up unu renkin crotches pan d man car

  15. Nikki chromaz nuh ugly but shape bad lol anyways she low asf to how she gwan and full a r self she shudnt a look fi argue wid certain pple but mi get fi realize say she luv BC attention and she just go round and fuk wid pple fi no BC reason everyday mi wonder y she fuk wid sum helpless pple y she nuh fuk wid sum real mad head a always sum idiot she fuk kmt she need fi go one side

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