0 thoughts on “BOSS MAN

  1. Just like that…… Damn son….them ni**as be wyling. Acting like ya’ll ain’t know what a ni**a just said. Shiit like this be gettn’ me tight son. Ya’ heard.

    :games :games :games

  2. Thug life dwrcl him shut him right down wid reply, standard yuh waan standard yah guh get :ngakak

    Behaving as if

    (Simplicity soon sign in )

  3. Im actually glad someone told him to write proper English. It is clear he can so next time he can stop with the EBONICS..The N WORD is played out, offensive and annoying and he needs to stop it fi real.

  4. Wap wap! Same suh it fi guh. Why dem waan know wah u a seh juss chu dem nuh know, or dem automatically assume seh chu a speak or write ebonics or patwa u nuh master English, gtfohwtbs. Mi speak patwa everyday and if mi nah speak it wid smaddy, mi come right yah and type it, is mi culcha and mi nah geet up caw yt seh mi fi assimilate eena dem tings or chu dem need dem ego stroked. Man deh a him place a use up him intanet and write as him want and language popo pon di scene, and di language popo a eediat cause why him a tell him fi speak and him caan hear nutten, if him did master English him would tell him to write or type, always looking fi correct smaddy when dem need correction demself…kmt.

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