I Don’t get it why these’ dog in the pound. All them throw is cocky partner and still don’t have a pot to pi*s in. nothing to show. like come on man. they not tired to here them name in the streets. They claim they live with woman, but be chasing these low class bitches. Moblynch and Jasonevabless yall don’t have kids. Get your life in order man. yall make other man talk bout yall, yall don’t have enough pride yet. Mob paying bills for Twitch baby mother and Jason leave in baby mother home and a eat out girl in parking lot. Then go home to her like is nothing

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  1. Sexy body Jason ur back again? U really slack bout ya nyamn out ooman inna cyar and ooman deh home a wait pon u. Which ooman him live wid now? FYI sender Jason has about 10 pickney…a joke a mussi bout 7…Jason can u confirm or nah lol.

  2. But wait how this miss me. Listen leave the man them alone. Jason you need to do better. you can’t f**k with certain gal. Mob single him don’t live with any woman. Ain’t nothing wrong with him paying him girl bill, if she the one he f@@king, them him must help pay her bills.

  3. lol..nah who how the hell evabless niggas always on here. people not even interested in them anymore. yall played out. Mob and Jason don’t have any change to change so why yall even talk about them. Give them a break man. Mob and the girl that hang with whytgurl been together for a minute now, although he mess with everyone else. Jason shit, he whore out the whole of fort Lauderdale. So aint nothing new bout them. Same niggas same story. Im tire of them man…. @the write post about something else please.

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