Ok now met this is the story about di battyboy bully life. Now it was the ugly crocodile looking gal lacy who send in mi friend Juliet story yesterday..the man body face one inna di white pants. Lacy yu cyan stop mad ova bully now. Him diss yu everyday in n out. Yu tek up him war dem pan yu head n mi Neva see yu tek up yu three pickney dem yet n carry go chuckiecheese. Yu did deh a Juliet party unease cuz bully have di gal weh name Janice in deh a pop bottle n ur ass looking like the dog who lost his bone. Now met the girl weh inna di selfie pic that’s di gal weh dem claim to say white on bully page. She name toya but how is that possible tho cuz di two a dem chat n class each other. To each it’s own tho. She did run go friend di bbymada bcuz she did want mad bully but pity she knws bully only using her n ave her pu**y pan schedule. Now di nxt gal weh inna di rumper a she name Janice every weh di dutty boy bully deh him ave her behind him. So mi want knw how my friend Juliet get involve inna bully mixy matchy dutty life.


  1. Rass yuh sure a Nuh di baby mada fren di gal weh deh pon him page an mi confuse cause if him a use har why him onli av har up pon him page rass claat a real jerry springer stori dis mi confuse

  2. Laawd unno leave di people dem alone so what if him av up wifey pon him page an matey a pop bottle a fi dem life them look happy so leave dem unno too rassclaat mix up bully a dutty man and him nah change lets just hope the gal them see this and run di bwoy

  3. Di gal weh name Janice mi know har dat deh gal deh only f**k money man so a weh she coulda see pon bully cause we all know bully money done as fi di gal pon him page mi Nuh know har but both she an Janice a fool cause bully av him gal pon him page an Janice deh pon him page a like up the pic so I guess dem Nuh have no problem with it … But Mek mi mine mi bizness yaw

  4. Wah kinda money bully ave, d dutty bwoy love con ooman n den tek dem money. But e look like him money done now cause d dutty bwoy gone from 2011 Benz to a earlier year Altima, move back wid him mada an also a sleep from gyal house to gyal house and every minute d babymada a cuss him bout money fi d baby, cahh him nuh stop floss a party, mi nuh know why d girl nuh put him rass pon child support and stop feel sorry fi d ol’ crossiz bwoy cause him a wicked

  5. As mi blink a bully name a call first it was babymada then man looking Thief n oprah, stinking big pussy callesha di one weh do a play wid har dutty ole pon Ig now a man eater sell pussy idiot Janice and a idiot gal deh weh him av pon him page mi Nuh know di gal name but she same one listen Mek mi tell unno dis bully will always be bully him chat everybody a just him that we cyah style the gal them cause bully will chat dem den tun round an deny it unno listen to mi good cause mi know weh mi a chat bout bully tell my friend say callesha pussy stink but him did quick fi cuss ova di stinking pussy

  6. whole a d gyal dem weh bully f**k, him si dung and chat each one a dem wid the other dats y d pussy eva inna gyal drama |anytime yuh hear him name a always some form a mix up| and dats why d man dem from diamond exclusive cut him off COMPLETELY cahh him chat too much chat all a dem and a f**k some a dem gyal and wife, an d battyman arguement dem , and eva since him start gahh diamond exclusive barba shop him have gyal come a d ppl dem shop come war, police always ova deh a look fi him, and all Dutty Sashy pooh file restraining orda gainst him and send it ova d shop, wah day ya before Diamond Exclusive did close ova N Lauderdale hardly any customers guh deh because bully an him excitement dem weh him always gwann wid a d ppl dem shop

  7. Ok bully a deny Juliet ole pussy suh dat deh pon she would di real wifey please stand up ? Di gal weh name Janice mi Nuh understand cause shi fren wid smaddy bully f**k to but mi nah call Nuh name bully say Lacey a ole dawg shit suh mi Nuh understand why shi a war fi him cause all him do a shame har , next ting bully Nuh loyal to no bodi even Troy him chat bully chat everybody

  8. Nobody nar coment bote man face lacy cause she is a unknown bitch, my fren julet a betta big owman fi lacy me kno lacy for years and from she a 11 ar muma a beat her fi stop fuk n suck now she a 31 she a fuk for 20 years n no have 20 dolla fi show fi it, bully tell him friends say ar pussy stink n ar mouth full a rotten teeth, lacey a fool love buy out bully war im bully fuk her six times in a bush and car neva a good night sleep over she get, and bully neva even kiss ar cause d rotten teeth them a drop out, suk pussy nyam cratches bully fuk everybody but im still was fighting chaleesha fi d stinkin pussy cause he said she love swallow, bully chat all these girls they all need to beat him wid a belt, he came to ny and try fuk down ny too but he say ny gal dem love too much money, back to lacey weh no av a bed to sleep ina she dont even kno ar kids dem fada, poor girls…d one big oprah look like man bully say im will neva fuk ar not even fi money, julet a betta big owman for dem fools yah…

  9. All now bully owe my bredda 1800 for some food so me kno him bruk n hungry now poor bully u name done a america u really did afi start fuk man for money but better days will come, u need to pimp rotten teeth lacey n d pretty girl in the black to but back a bmw, d one janice a fuk bully and her friend was fukin him cause she told me, lacey a d nastiest one in the pics cause bully fren fuk her already plus a selector was fukin her for kfc, she need fi go find her kids them fada n stop try get a hype off a bully pierced cacki cause he hate u like poison cause him tell my fren that…

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