Duty f**k out shorty spender couldn’t wait fi take the girl baby father Dwayne Wilson as dem left she just as bad real dancehall matrass an know the boy full a gal an don’t want no body a same suh she f**k off all the solider dem



  1. dem look like brother and sister still……..dem better check the family tree…..shorty a clean up nothing new to her thing ……

    1. Him same one name so. The mad gal candy tell me fren omar is dwayne middle name. This is all candy doing. And she know dwayne and shorty no deh she same one say so. Is the live video shorty do taking up for dwayne bun her

  2. Who don’t f**k shawty a who refuse to,yes she f*k off the sergeants to move up in ranks,she’s known for this by her peers in the Army. Shawty have a problem she NEEDS THERAPY WITH MEDUCATION(by America standards)if you ask me she’s just f**y f**ky,shawty sleep with her own sister man,so yes she will most definitely f**k yours with no mercy you could be her mother or best friend she will f**k your man,end of story that’s her way of life,f**k a gyal man with no care as long as your man willingly volunteer his dick to her vagina, she will absolutely f((k him,oh let us not also forget she will give him her hard working money a it catch plenty of men but you cannot blame them,who wouldn’t collect free money,she’s been paying cocky paadna since birth,it’s a natural thing for her, baby monkey don’t know any other way. She need to help prepare her brother funeral in Ohio that Gorilla that was shot to death,because of that kid,she a run around f***ing people man,go morn your brother death man give your monkey ass pussy a rest baby Gorilla…

    1. Good morning again…uno si di girl move up in any ranks? Stop it man bout sex to move up ranks, when uno waa get uno point out uno add all kinda tings. The army dont operate like that and shorty is a reserve :travel

      1. If you are a brown noser in the army and you are friendly and flirty you can be put up for promotion all if you don’t deserve it. I’ve seen it happened, I was once a U.S. Army soldier and if you are not carrying news, sleeping with the squad leaders, the Sergeants or NCO’s you will have to wait yuh turn for your promotion. You will still be promoted automatically from E1-E4 but it just takes a little while longer.

        Now when trying to go from E4 rank to E5 rank and above you have to take some vigorous test and training but if you have someone in your back pocket that can recommend you for a promotion sooner and put together a good packet for you to that rank your journey is much easier.

        I don’t know her punnany business but I think based on her time of service her promotions are automatic. I sure would hope she is not holding a rank of leadership because she has no morals or integrity.

  3. what a way unnu a watch the girl pussy?? gtfoh suh much ppl cya hate one girl suh? weh unnu get unnu story from.badmind is a hell of a thing no sah !weh unnu hate the girl fah. every week a summ new. yall gotta stop.

  4. Unu know or hear the girl f$#k few men and all of a sudden she a f**k down dancehall. When unu hate somebody unu mek up all kinds of story. Unu stop it man. We all like a lil mix up but some tek it too far. Will a virgin on here please stand up.

  5. Saying she f**k for rank if u don’t know nothing bout the army don’t say say shit get yall story right class her all yall want till yall bell full then drink something to digest it just leave uncle Sam army out some of yall not even brave enough to sign up

  6. Big hole gal shawty cocky spenda , Yuh same one come back pon FB after Yuh deactivated your page! Stop chat saying it was mark zuckenberg we now how the thing set when Yuh make live video talking about you don’t want no fake friends, BITCH nobody a look friend from you idiot gal! Who waan to hate on Yuh NOBODY! you claim say Yuh not afraid of no one but still cant call name who Yuh a chat yesterday in your live feed. Yuh love attention and now you get it. You driving a lease BMW and live yuh mumma. Yuh can’t even get your own waste Dutty gal. Stop faking for FB and stop chat your friends and using them for things. Yuh lucky yuh survive Afghanistan bcuz yuh is a worthless DOG SHIT and go fix up yuh eyebrow bcuz the way yuh pencil it yuh look more ugly than ever. Now run go do another live COCKY SPENDA

  7. You can definitely tell that most of these people commenting are dancehall garbage. Hair dressers, low life Jamaicans etc. It seems as if people don’t follow facts they just follow stupidity. Get the truth and then talk. Some Jamaicans don’t like to see other Jamaicans doing well they just waiting for some malicious news about that individual to start circling then they jump on it. She don’t need to sleep with propel to move up the ranks she work hard for that. Maybe if you guys had some kind of career going for yourself then you wouldn’t have time to come here trashing her. But these ghetto Jamaicans, low life hair dressers and low income people, party promoters will always find a way to chop someone down. Bunch of low life

  8. dirty pussy face Dwayne why are you still talking about candy the girl don’t care who you want to f**k suck

  9. 77777777 shut the f**k up who love mix up more than dat likkle short tuff bitch she live on here love chat bout people and har life dutty like. Act like shi bad because she is associated with the army. Shi walk and f**k like dog all she and har man looking fren du a f**k dung di place and mek trouble wid people behind pink wall

  10. Dwayne we all know is you’ put up candy name The girl don’t remember you dirty Dwayne
    you need to ask your wife if she did this because no one did no you get burn from next bitch that’s why u an the wife did past problem and you beat her and she lock you up
    Stop your finger only and candy that girl never talk about your on Facebook from the day you guys have problem
    Me don’t think she care about u kmft I am about to send a friend request to that girl candy sometime I read our stuff on Facebook and she made me laugh dwayne you need a life

  11. Shawty what away everybody Man you want to clean up and take care of you need to tell the people you are stocking candy you’ make one of your low life friends send a girl video about you going to pick up your man the girl don’t care she happy that you going to take care of her ex man DWAYNE
    The same thing Dwayne do to candy and is wife and Simone is the same shit u dirty shawty is going to get

  12. Nobody not lying onthe ugly gal she f**k har sister man fi true & di vex wid har sister bc di sista get pregnant fi di man. She chat yak yak fi true seh when dem di guh bugsy dance how yak yak f**k bugsy di same night & stay down wid him. A she seh yak yak & bugsy bam bam a f**k

  13. Yes met a true she f**y f**y a same way she di deh Afghanistan a f**k down di place & because di man talk to dem biut dem loose pussy she & har fren mek story bout on the man & report him mek him lose him job. She wicked that little monkey gal. She seh a yak yak & dwayne deh is not she

  14. Met a fi har car a di ex man from florida ship him old car send come give har she & yak yak chat each other business she always throwing wud on ppl bout surgery & yak yak was 600lbs before if it wasnt for surgery she wouldn’t look suh. Gal was 600lbs a lap ban she duh & cut up har hands foot belly batty & stuck them up but everyday monkey cuss ppl bout surgery

  15. Met mi & monkey a fren pon facebook & everytime mi c shi put up bout bestie & tag yak yak mi haffi laugh bc she always a chat yak yak even though yak yak chat har to. Dem nuh have no loyalty to each yet still a talk bout bestie lol. A yak yak dwayne a f**k a di little monkey seh suh ma

  16. Den met u never know a di little monkey mek janet storm dem & ramping trash nuh chat? Yes mon ramping trash tell janet storm dem seh a di little monkey a put dem up on pink wall & how she hate her them turn round put up collage with di monkey flyer & har self a help promote di monkey party. Suh janet call har hyprocrite & cut har off lol yes but janet never know a long time rampimg a chat har with the little monkey & yak yak

  17. I remember when Shorty use to live in Brownsville and they had rape her in the building so I guess that’s why she f**k with no care in the world now because they had did her bad but Shorty u could of went to therapy for it then to become so bitter I really honestly feel bad for her she been through a lot when she was much younger all the boys on the block use to take advantage of her

  18. Shorty, Nyoka, Stacy and plenty all dem do a party, mine and f**k people man. Real DH box spring dem! The men fu**ng dem are fools too

  19. Shorty live wid her mother & yak yak nuh live no where either yak yak give up her apartment when breddy mek she move to LA. met u remember when she yak yak get up hot hot & move to LA but mi nuh blame har from giving up her section 8 apt because she don’t know nothing about house keeping. Just like di little monkey in her mother apartment only thing u can see is the bed in the room.bed have no head board just alot of pillows & always in ppl business.look how long di little monkey in the army & cant buy her mother a house she spend all her money on man like her idiot friend yak yak.

  20. Me waa ask unu a question how much the army reserve mek. Unu talking bout mine man and buy house and all these things.
    Yakini weh keep big party saturday for her son no live no where. Dont believe it

  21. Goodnight Met and Metters

    I love reading a good mix-up like the next person but some of these posts are nothing but bitterness and hatefulness… sick!

  22. I’m loving this mix up with did dirty bitch she just a walk and a f**k all over New York
    Dwayne your life is dirt

  23. Dirty Dwayne you soon catch H I V from Jamaica everything you clean up
    Now you sleeping with this dirty shorty bitch that Love to come on Facebook talking about people life and her life is going down the drain

  24. Bwoy shorty and yakini must feel like a celebrity ppl spend 24 hrs talking about them what they do from what they don’t wait uno don’t have nothing better to do or uno a social worker cause yall spend too much time on social media. Judge not some ppl live in glass house and throwing a bag a stone……make night become day

  25. Simone candy and the wife y’all need to go get a check up because dirty boy Dwayne Get burned before from God no who
    From Jamaica dwayne sleep in having sex with no condom

  26. Me and the one in the middle is Facebook friend I don’t like this bitch for nothing she love to talk about other people life and look at her somebody reading out your right it’s about time bitch

    Bitch u need to stop walk with your done out pussy on your ugly face bleaching not doing nothing for you so stop bitch
    Dwayne now I see why you f**g all over the place your baby mother fat

  27. Yak Yak and shorty f**k the same man that’s y den call each other bestie because dem have secret fi each other

  28. Dirty Dwayne me see a video you make last week
    when loss you look in the Mirror your baby mom don’t look right I know That bitch Tell her to Lose her Belly

    Now you f***g this dirty girl
    HIV is coming Dwayne me know you from Jamaica please don’t make me tell the people about your life style

  29. Move u bloodclaat hurt bout what u dutty living yak yak u know a u madda yaad u live old f**ky fu*y porridge body Panamanian want to be Jamaican so bad in u f**g ugly clothes dem lie nuh rass. U & little monkey friend live fi likes & attention on facebook. Both a unu f**k like dog whoreisha 1 & 2 if unu never walk & chat unu business nuh body wouldnt know twiddle dee & twiddle dah 2 shit heads

  30. every first of the month Dwayne wife get a check for the little boy that sick with is eyes
    She don’t put her son name on her but she put Dwayne name me can bother

  31. I don’t know anyone of these women that you are speaking about personally, and I get to understand that majority of these people on here have their opinions and views on these people because one way or another they know of them or have in counter them on some type of occasion or maybe just maybe know some history behind them but what I have to say to ANONYMOUS 9:38 A.M. Just to let you know majority of us Panamanians are Jamaican decent OK if you know your history Jamaicans came to Panama to work on the canal so as myself I’m part Jamaican, I do not business myself much in the culture but still stay proud to my heritage and all that it brings and still a proud born Panamanian so before you speak on someone trying to be Jamaican learn the history behind it… I don’t care what you have to say about her but best believe 90 percent of Panamanians are Jamaican decent and we do not have to pretend… Go look it up, learn the history before speaking… That’s all I’m saying… I’m very proud of my country and very proud of the other nationalities I’m a part of…

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