13 thoughts on “DI SHOES IS CRYING TOUGH

  1. Sender stfu nothing is wrong with her. She’s an ambitious young girl with a beautiful attitude. Not to mention her self esteem with dem curves. Why the hate tho.

  2. She looks good….
    If you have big calfs this is what happens, I have big calf and I’m face with this sometimes.
    Either you don’t buy or buy and pay additional to make it wider…

    Please stop watching people for no reasons, envy a guh kill some a unuh… I couldn’t imagine watching someone so much to even taken the time out to send photos..

  3. She big stink gal tan bad Ina real life mi hate she n r big done out muma dem wan a gud bed ina dem house Ina wan some air fresha nth bout d done gal channel r Cuz shoe she ave on d one a Farrin a jus kno big stink gal get a work over d gas station beside r yard d nasty gal a hide n f**k r dead Cuz best Fren old dog shit gal tru money n she still an get none n she n him baby mother live same place n every body a villa is like family n she a tek d gal baby father nasty gal grem bag go buy a gyd bed n clean out d house bitch

  4. Kmft unu a hypocrite that look good look pan the shoes whey can’t zip from u see the outfit u see make she look tacky real tacky that gyal is a begger young begger every enemy she have is because of begging the only young gyal whey deh dance every night with har mumma no ambition a swear nobody likes this little gyal cause she walk and make trouble

  5. Mettaz u know har dwl bout ambitious ntn ambitious about a 21 year old sleeping on the same bed with her mother sharing a room with her mother and taking every friend Fi har mother man lol hey a must she or her dirty mumma post that bout ambitious lol

  6. I like her but I have to admit when I saw the pic I had the exact same thought. The outfit is too tight and the shoes is too small. She has the ability to put herself together a little better next time around.

  7. Nth bout d bitch nu man nu wan r pure hide she hide n f**k n tek d ppl dem man private r muma a one big hot mess to dem nu ave nth r Cuz dead n she hide n tek him best Fren Poochie d same one weh likkle miss a tek to dat big stink gal n her muma wan a bed n d house wan clean up mon n dem Ina dance like all is well nasty bitch dem Ina villa weh dem live nu badda nu like dem believed mi nu body every min dem get beaten in deh lmao channel is a dog shit Ina real life nu bout mother n daughter mother mouth stink like shit n daughter ca ever talk gud wooiiii n dem nuff ya see omg mi hate dem eva tan bad mother m daughter d bed a cry it need a new kno n buy some air fresha to fi d house n dem live bad to fi family n love hand out dem ca beg to yu see omg do better shit pite low life ppl

  8. Haters gonna always be hater… that girl ever slay so sender go and brush your teeth go do something with your hours, this girl is not a troubled maker people just hate her for no Damn good reason,who to tell the picture man come and she in rush to take her pic so she never zip it up straight to the top every girl do that, sender come with something else

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