So look what this man on ig posted.then he was so rude to say jamaican women. Ladies please stop asking these people for money. Screenshot_2016-06-12-18-58-01_resizedScreenshot_2016-06-12-18-58-10_resized

17 thoughts on “UNO BEG TUH DAMN MUCH

  1. She is #shameless…. but question, how is she scamming if you were willing to send her money and she didn’t pretend it was for another purpose?? Sir, I think this more falls into the boopsie category. You are a boopsie i.e. a person who is attracted/in-love/in-lust with another person and in turn gets taken advantage of financially.

  2. I dnt thnk him have a issue fi send di money.thnk him a se tru him neva get fi sen it she block him said speed..which kinda look away. Yo have dem woman ya all over social media a proclaim independence and a beg like dog weh a search fi bone. Nt a thng no private again.him nu easy a raas tho mi naw lie..ago add him n try get the 250 weh she did fi get.n mi naw block him

  3. Boss lady my ass? Hate deze fckrs who teck up phrase and nuh know weh it mean. Boss ladies nuh troll di internet begging nuhbaddy fi nutten. Unno nuh hab one ounce a pride inna unno bumbo. Some a di man dem soon start piss in unno orifices since unno come so damn cheap. Unno bawn wid unno faculties intact, every sense perfect and all unno can come up wid as a means of survival is fi walk beg and carry unno front pon forehead. Good health waste pon unno rass, some a unno lazy fckrs should bawn wid real limitation fi understand unno self.

  4. Mi want a hair long to Mi..Back
    1200 500 :ngakak :ngakak…..
    I found out that it’s ok being in America even tho it has so much corruption, I’ve learned so much that when I talk to ppl In Jamaica I see how low the knowledge level is it makes me sad. Ppl only live an know what they see but I can’t help to think about the unseen what we can’t see… guess that makes it odd ppl say why are you worried about that..

  5. She nu time she no mek it. Har body stay bad and har hair eva look like it wah do..if a neva fi filter di newer pics dem wlda ugly like har real face. Har clothes dem lame and cheap.see she go ja wa day and de party ina $12 suit.dnt mek gyal weh post thngs on social media trick unu caw dem naw live no life.

  6. Amanda weh did wah thief the man from him woman. Amanda weh did feel tru she live a usa she coulda win the gyal man.amanda u lose. The man never wah u. Him n him woman did a go tru a phase. U nu c as soon as the lady se babe him run back to har. Amanda when yo same fren dem send him this him laugh and tell him woman. But she tell dem she nu care bout u n u lowe life so she nu wa hear. Amanda yo fren dem a have field day with u name.bay screenshot n pass along. All yo so call bestie dem. Amanda hw u fi hype n live ina basement? How chin fi chat ppl wen she is a jacket weh give two jackets. Chin weh mi cuz mek suck off him thng ina car. Chin weh de pon page on social media a look man a dubai. No sa. Amanda di man se him f**k u n yo hole never right so him cldnt lef him wifey fi u.amanda weh di a force the man fi wife how u ago style the lady bout marriage overated. Memba d boy did a swell u head n drop u as soon as him woman did willing fi tek him back.

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