12 thoughts on “BWAAY, HIM SEH HIM HAVE A SON

  1. Bwaay it too early fi mi and dem tings here…later mi listen di rest..but larks mista..u gills deh shoine loike glass at high-noon

  2. Not shocking. Alot of gay Jamaican men have slept with women and even have children. When they were in the closet of course

  3. yes jermaine has a son, him did have woman wen him live a jamaica a farrin him come show up him battyism, jermaine a did a badman wen him deh a jamaica

  4. dutty juliette go and pay the girl on jamaica ave for her hair style that u sit in her chair and do and after she finish u trick har bout u aguh bank and never to return go pay the girl ina dollz and diva salon har money dutty wukliss old woman

  5. A so she go pon Jamaica avenue go do her hair and when she done she tell di girl say she leave her money ina di old lexus and run weh wid di girl hair money….wicked rass

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