KINGSTON, Jamaica — Accused juror in the Kartel murder trial, Livingston Cain, had approached other jurors telling them to return a verdict of not guilty in relation to all the accused men.

This was revealed when Cain appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court Tuesday morning.

Cain told a particular juror: “I will take care of you as long as you say weh me a say. These men are promising entertainers and uno must let them go.”

The court was told that the jurors in the matter had reported the issue to the foreman before the accused man approached her with an offer of $500,000 for the release of all the men accused of the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

Cain is charged with five counts of attempting to pervert the course of justice and one count of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

He has been offered $750,000 bail with daily reporting conditions and is to return to court next week Friday.

Paul Henry


  1. Anyhow, it was brought to my attention through a fren of mine that resides in the area of the accused juror, that a 11million dollar him get. So how come a 500 grand him a let off when a 1 million fi each juror ? How come, ah booiii mi hear sey him family affi leave since the money par dash out, cah him did a swingle money fi himself.

  2. Ispy, suh a who pay him? please expound honey. Dem must kill this fool…him get a mil fi every juror fi swing di case and shortchange dem?

  3. then who a go really waste them 750,00 bail this man in them hard time here.. who a go in a them right mind a go put up them house? fi bail this man.. make kartel mother put up her house fi him now? and bail him she should return the favor.. which is right

  4. mi woulda love fi tell yuh a who, but that information was not made privy to me, sah

      1. Kinda strange to say how much he got paid but not who paid him…not saying Ispy is privy to that information, but if the streets know such intimate details, it’s only logical to think they know who he received the money from…
        Now do you get it @Anon 4:41

  5. wow, for someone who claims to be not “Guilty”………they really tried to buythis case out….wonder if this can add more time to kartel sentence? so if money dash whey fi buy out the case, then how much willbe dash out for the DDP and rest of the ppldem?

    1. Some lawyers in Jamaica can only win cases when payoff are made or witnesses killed. The very same layers are the one who tell their client the name of the witnesses, knowing full well they will be assassinated before trial. Also, judges get payoff too. They are all friends (Judges and Trial Lawyers).

  6. one more thing can something go so???11 million ja dollars, there’s plenty of childern in ja, and that money can be useful forthe underpriviledged

  7. One more pawn….lol. Gwaan guh spit an polish wid Skirtel now. Seven year inna yu bumbo’Ole. Lawyer fee gwine ease di 11mil outta yu pakit.

  8. Foxy…..a dat me a seh too…dem aguh squeeze him seed till him bawl out.
    Simply, keep yu yeye dem pon the Atty whe show up side a him. Mi a tek bets!!!!

  9. I just read, on Gleaner’s website, that the forewoman recorded the conversation on her Blackberry! Apparently, she was tipped off by other jurors that he’d approached them so, when he told her he wanted to have a private convo with her, she went prepared with her BB set to record. Sonofabitch…

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