Following the Vybz Kartel guilty verdict last week, dancehall duo Twin of Twins have come out blasting the ‘system’ for using Vybz Kartel as a scapegoat.

“Looking back and assessing this whole Vybz Kartel situation, the justice system has spoken and at the end of the day we must respect their decision. On one hand one can safely argue that Kartel’s cockiness, unchecked ego, disrespect for moral values, disrespecting God and obvious propensity for violence proved to be his undoing,” the Twins said.

“On another hand, there is the system playing the age old card of scapegoating the the situation to their advantage using Vybz Kartel as the perfect poster child for all things negative about ghetto and dancehall, lauding this as a victory for the justice system as if the State has never won a criminal case in the history of Jamaica before. One can also argue that the result of the case and the over exaggeration of it, is based solely on his popularity and that there is no particular bias or nefarious intention at the centre of the outcome.”

Curly Lox, whose real name is Patrick Gaynor, argued that numerous politicians have committed acts of crime against society over the years and are not held accountable. So, he said, “there can be no victory for the justice system without balance, equality or the same pursuit of justice on both sides.”

He noted that some of the persons now criticising Vybz Kartel are not necessarily haters, some are disappointed fans. Some he said can relate to the deejay’s destructive behaviour.

Curly Lox also noted that some of those who shout ‘free Worl’ Boss’ are not seeing protesting about the ‘system’.

“Ironically, none of the above who ‘suffer’ at the hands of the system are not willing to protest for better wages or against exorbitant taxes, high gas prices, ridiculously high light bills, etc,” he said.

Curly Lox noted he sympathises with the family of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

“There is the family of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams to who I must offer my sincerest condolences. I’m sure they are overwhelmed with grief anguish and an omnipresent sense of loss, as I too have lost my son, Zion, in 2007 under violent circumstances . And at that time as I suspected, everything came down to whether these lawmen who were supposed to be professionals, were fans or not. My assessment was based on their disrespectful comments which included ‘because you name Twin of Twins you feel you can tell police what to do?'” he said.

Curly Lox explained that persons are not stupid for supporting the convicted deejay.

“Some will say that if one feels or retains any sadness or pity for Kartel then it means you support what he has allegedly done. I detest these pretentious, politically correct, educated dunce bats who pretend they don’t know that support doesn’t always mean endorsement! Does it mean that his mother, sisters, close friends and family members, who are broken-hearted and extremely saddened by the outcome, endorse his alleged behaviour?,” Curly Lox questioned.

“Should all the good that I’m sure he has done for a lot of people be forgotten? Should all the people that benefited from his benevolence who he took from the bowels of poverty and gave them a life through music abandon him now in his darkest hour, regardless of their differences? His whole life’s work and significant contribution to the dancehall culture is now measured by this alleged murder. To some he is a devil and to others a saviour, there is no one man who can be one thing or one way to everybody.”

Curly Lox added that people need to realise that artistes are human beings and are “susceptible to flaws and as such should expect them to make errors.”

He continued, “my prayers to Kartel, the co-accused and both families in this turbulent time. To the disheartened fans there’s an option called forgiveness, it lightens all burdens.”


    1. Met, dem conviction shaky and I sense double talk. Scapegoat? Kartel and anything like him in Jamaica is a Part of the PROBLEM.

      I’m tired of people going for the same ole excuse of the
      ” blame ALL of Jamaica problems pon the politicians”. The problem belongs to ALL of us. Diaspora, rich, middle and poor. Young and old. Christian and nonChristian. All me nu exempt.

      1. as Lundun say dem jus wrap it up neatly because dem nuh waa di backlash…whey dem seh up top ego blah blah Im down wid dat..Mi nuh se scapegoat but he was made an example of not in terms of the music but my links told me that they had him down as one of the biggest crime bosses…………………….so his conviction is to send out a message

        1. A nuh likkle tings him did a gwaan wid at alllllllllllllll from bigger ford mek him speech I knew him did a gwaan wid tings.what him family gwine se now?

          1. And yu links are like rare gems…cause dem exact. Me can’t sey…peep But yu links are on point. Good thing de bitch was a coward so it limit him to Portmore.

        2. Oh… :maho Me did a wonda if a yu at first….lol. Now you expand pon why yu agree me feel better…woooh. lol

  1. I agree too, just like I was very upset with Jah Cure for raping the young girl I believed he should do time for it n he did it came back n said “he’s now a better man” he used his time to reflect in the hurt n the pain that he inflicted on her I now can listen to his music n say I’m a fan because SINCE he has done nothing to my knowledge to say he is the same person that he was when he committed that heinous crime. Kartel now needs to be reformed spend time to CHANGE his nature which made him think he could take a human’s life without repercussions n if n when he can truthfully say n live a life that shows just that by all means let him free.
    I have always said this the beauty of being a human is that with sheer determination we can at any minute change what is within us. Till then Kartel my question to you is now that u have killed Lizard how can he go about garnering his CHANGE?

    1. he should have apologies to that girl.. he could have said I was not the one who raped that young girl but I am very sorry to hear about what happen but I would never commit a crime like that because I have a mother sister and aunt and I would never bring myself to doing such horrific crime to any women..

      1. Because we all know he will not openly say he raped her.. to this day he denied saying he raped her… but a him have to live with his own consciences,

  2. to how everybody a gwan u wudda think kartel all dead too. Its not that serious. Hes guilty. DONE. Mek di man do him jailtime an we move on laawwdd.

    1. No moving on! We move on too often, shit! some migrate and yet the problems remains. Time fi stop gwan like we nu have issues fi address.

      1. I meant the fans, should have put that. The FANS a gwan like seh there is sumthing them can do fi change wat a gwan….I hope they find four more heavy charges on kartel mek him stay in deh till him rot.

  3. di twin dem balance out di ting, dem statement a di best statement mi read so far that has been released by anybody in jamaica that is well known.

    first person fi offer condolences to lizard family. mi find it commendable that they came out publicly and shared their views, which is very unbiased.

    i hope smaddy weh intelligent can explain the statement to di gaza sheep dem cuz wi dun know dem dark an foo fool already an luv sen death threat wid dem lack of understanding self.

  4. I agree to an extent.. when he refer to kartel’s mom as not supporting her son’s behavior from what I have read over the past couple of weeks indicate that she definitely thinks her son is an angel… and he is in no way capable of murdering any one. either she is in denial or she knows about his criminal behavior and supports it

    1. well a doe agree wid dat part needa…she go roun di ting if u nuh mind sharp she all a blame lizard fi dis and him dead

      1. Yes she met.. she never give her son no wrong.. and it wasn’t kartel alone charge for the murder and she a go round say them must let go her pickney.. smh dem only care bout themselves as a family and nobody else pickney

        1. that is why he is where he is..dat same mentality ina him upbringing why him feel him powerful enough fi kill lizard n still dont acknowledge him

      2. @met kartel mom puts blames on everyone else but not her son.. even the guys that partake in the murder with him them guilty including lizard weh dead but not her son..

  5. Best statement so far . You can see that thought was put to it. Not in agreement with the opinion on Kartel’s mother, but even that was said with thought.

  6. A lot of ppl feel like tru odda murderaz get weh, him shuda get weh to, suh technically speaking di police shud have turn a blind eye, dem shudnt went after him di way dem did! GTFOH ….

      1. Same thing with the cases of the mango thief and de Ackee thief.

        De twins should have remained silent cause me can’t tek de double talk.

          1. Ok…I’ll say “uncle” on that. lol me just want one a dem fi challenge that ish outright…especially de crap bout artist nu show him support…which entertainer will come forward and tell him and shorty fi phuck off? hmm? Kartel fan base could a stay if a dat dem a try fi win over.

  7. Kartel willingly placed himself in the position as poster boy for badness and slackness in Jamaica. There was no scapegoating that brought this to pass, only his own actions. The narrative of the poor put upon everyman is not applicable here. It’s a fantasy. We are dealing with a dangerous psychopath who was happy to lead a machiavellian life of intimidation, murder and blackmail.

    Why should Kartel be shown any pity? Did he show pity to his victim(s)? Was he not recorded on voicenote saying that he was willing to murder someone’s mother if his ‘shoes’ were not returned? Yet we are to feel pity for this man? What if it was your mother he had in his sights that day? Would pity be the emotion that would spring to your mind?

    What gracious acts of kindness are we missing here? If you are talking about kindness then the dancehall artist Shaggy’s actions would seem to be what constitutes real kindness. Shaggy’s investment of his time and money towards a selfless goal of providing real hope and change for those less fortunate are the actions of a real samaritan. Feeding the dogs so they don’t turn on you is the least a man can do. There is a BIG difference between selfless giving and the act of calling attention to a small act of ‘charity’ in order to keep the favour of the poor and needy.

    It seems that most of Kartel’s time was spent in the pursuit of manipulation of those weaker or less intelligent than himself, the glorification and deification of his violent lifestyle and enormous ego. Not to forget the manipulation, beatings and blackmail of those brave enought to refuse his demands.

    So because artists are people too, it’s ok for them to be rapists and killers? Just what is the point here? Yes they are human beings which is a fact they seem to forget when they break God’s given laws and act with an attitude of impunity. They do this precisely because they know they are NOT treated as ‘normal’ human beings due to their fame and adulation. Their fame and wealth catapults them to a higher place than 98% of normal Jamaicans who EVERYDAY face the same law that has (for once) convicted a celebrity narcissist killer.

    Kartel must first show remorse to be a recipient of prayers and forgiveness. It would seem that even from his jail cell he is ordering ‘hits’ and issuing threats to the very people that have been brave enough to stand up to his tyranny in order for justice to be served.

    1. I agree with you a million percent. Not to mention the stipulations attached to him “Bussing Them”. Lisa Hyper was photographed performing oral sex on him and he was proud of sharing it with the world. Ryno got abused, Popcaawn got abused, and the list goes on and on. How can someone who you claim Mr. Twin of Twins to genuinely care about people in his circle and cause mental and physical harm to them. You aren’t being fair in your last sentiments. Yes he may have put many on the map on entertainment BUT what price did they have to pay for it!!!

    2. @ Anonymous 6:03 Very Good interpretation.Signed, sealed and delivered, y :recsel uh nuh lef a stone unturn!!!! :pertamax :shakehand2 :repost:

  8. i for one think the last paragraph was said so as to give the appearance of having sympathy for kartel and his family. i don’t think this is how the twins truly look at kartel’s family.

    i think the last paragraphs was said so as to seems as balanced as possible without any backlash from ppl with opposing views on this whole kartel saga.

  9. Luv what dem seh. The scapegoat part I would agree with quick time but Memba it was trial by jury the justice system didn’t Neva try him case per Se ah him own peers. To be honest I expected him to walk free not Bcus I don’t think he did or Bcus I am on the ” free worl boss ” ting but Bcus I don’t see where it was beyond a reasonable doubt. In the end however he was tried by his peers and that mean it didn’t hve to be by the book but rather the conscience of his peers. If I was one of the jurors I think I wld hve voted guilty – this is minus his attitude and his lyrics but solely on the circumstances. I
    Mothers muss know wt dem kids capable of. If I kill someone my mother wld not believe I did it Bcus I am a silent river. My sister and brother are hot head luv fight if she hear dem kill somebody she wld probably think dem capable and put dem on trial herself .
    Vybz a big sociopath I can only imagine the loving son he is probably all bawl and carry on if him madda ask him bout him way – I am only speculating here some madda even collect off the evil doings

    1. Kartel made him self available. He was already acting like a “goat” walking around and eating a lot paper that belonged to others. Kartel loved the attention he was getting for the crimes he committed he did not mind staying a few weeks in jail. He thought he would be more famous when he came out. Unfortunately, they planned a longer sentence fitting his life style. He has not apologized and continues to say if you are not a gaza fan all his quotes excludes you …so since I am not a fan he got many chances and he used them all

  10. Well presented statement twins of twins .but I don’t give a shit fi lizard an him sqaudy dem in prison. to my knowledge that act of killing is not the first time dem All part take in such an act together only that it back fire on lizard ,cause dem did a live like dem a mafia.yuh can image how much other family belly bottom burn dem an there was no justice when lizard ,kartel and the other menace dem was on dem rampage most of us don’t even know dem so is not we fi forgive dem a father god,cause he had use for dem an dem choose the devils play ground and make the devil use dem so god deal with them according to thy will an thy way. Cause he knows they’re gonna run right back to him.But he’s got to make an example out out of dem .you deny me i deny u the word of the lord.

  11. @anon 6:03……I approve dat message… mi still a wait fi hear di artis weh brave enuff fi come out an seh him tink kartel guilty loll

  12. @ anonymous 6.03 well said! I’m just glad the justice system work! Kartel claims Selassie I a him fadda, I bet him a beg fi god now. Old bumbo hole your ass got served!

  13. I have to agree with Twins of Twins, points are well taken, and excellently expressed. He is neither for nor against, he managed to remain neutral in expressing his views, in this situation, he has expressed some very valid points, and I am impressed with his response; you rarely see someone in the entertainment fraternity/industry takes this stance, as oppose to the other over bearing jackasses, like danielle, fantom mojah (a so him name thou? mi not even a capitalize dem name, cauz dem dumb ass nuh deserve it ) who in their interview, a chat bout free world boss although they know he is damn well guilty, and the odds are stacked against him. Good job Twins of Twins (Curly Lox aka Patrick) your intellect and awareness really stood out in this interview. Im really astound be your response. Sorry to hear about the loss of your son, Zion in 2007, it is never easy for a parent having to bury their child, continue to cherish his memories and I know he will live on forever in your heart….. Again great job on your take on this matter, it resonated well with me.

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