I was at this party and I must tell you I saw these three girls upfront and the bottoms look infected and black like the cenent is slowly seeping through the crazy glue. They coordinated their outfits. ROBBAS WIN THIS ONE again. I really hope later on these asses don’t fall off. Michelle was always a pretty girl and f**d up her body till it look full a puss. These bottoms look sick. Trust me.



  1. Usain drama dunn. So you gone back pon these rotten batty gal.. It’s one out ah the 3 of dem send in the pick and story. Cause dem COULDN’T measure up to usain pretty gal kassi or his gal dem him afick and go chu. If it was really smaddi innah di dance tek this why front way????? a pure back shot of
    rotten batty apple,robert rotten batty, and
    cement leaking black curgle gurgle roten batty michelle..
    Unnuh go read a book r di bible innah di early morning yah..

  2. I can’t get the fool affect of what the outfit look like but I think Robbas in the face is more prettier than the other two… I didn’t know her and Apple were friends all the talk is that they competing against one another so why are they now taking pictures… It is a confusing roller coaster and so many conflicting stories about Robbas and Apple supposedly friendship… They should of went to professional doctors but I think Robbas body looks way better than the other two…

    1. You obviously have never seen Robbas in person or without makeup. Trust me I have and she is NOT and I repeat NOT pretty. She will always need makeup to bring her off.

    1. look how much time yuh comment dem conflict back tuh back Go seek treatment plenty psychiatrist deh deh ina Philly enuh :cool :travel :travel

  3. Its so funny to me fi si ppl putting these females like their the worst of enemies only to see Dem together …bottom line is their no different from each other their all friends laughing afta Unuh suh why bother ..tsk tsk

  4. I dont think anybody ever said they were enemies. Just that they compete with each other. Who have the better body, better bag, shoes etc.

    On the other hand i dont think any of them look good with out makeup.

    Robbas body look the best. Not too over done and her batty no look rotten like the other 2.

    Anyway u waa see robbas mom sunday night a bun a splif and me just a look and shake me head. U waa see her to like them real weed head lol…

  5. Apple look like she tie piece a shoes lace round r neck and r belly wrinkle like when porridge stay pon oven long robbas shoes look like she get piece a foil paper wrap on and d piece a jean y she cut off she put round r neck Michelle short small u c d piece a fat push a d cut out part and fi get r belt when she leave r house because damion couldn’t turn back so she say f**k it

  6. That’s a lie…Apple and robbas Body don’t look that bad..stop hate and badmine and just be real…if u don’t like them becuz of their lifestyle that fine…but don’t state things that are untrue! Apple looks great..yes a tummy a little off and she bleach.but the girl is baddddd asf

  7. Batty man damion dont have a choice he think Michelle is his mom he runs behide her cause thats what she wanted long time her long time daughter father us to beat the f**k out of her once she can give batty boy damion clothes he good

  8. Robbas pretty?????? No mi weakkkkkkkkkkkkk. Y’all must be f***g sick in the head…that’s one ugly rass boy looking girl bout pretty, all a dem have to walk with Kay in their back pocket dwl

  9. All a them gal ya ugly without makeup non a them naturally pretty them thief and show off pon nothing but clothes bag and shoes he who worships vanity unu know the rest

  10. “Frankenstein” chicks can never impressed me… Straight… no matter what them have or wear cause me know ah sell them ah sell them souls fi hype. This epidemic has to be stop yall. This stuff is crazy!! No real talk yall, all of them need to be shamed. Fake breast,hips, batty, lips, cheeks, teeth, nose, and even skin color Come On. :cd Why is everyone acting like this ok…in fact who naw rub or get surgery hardly getting any love nowadays. This trend is absolutely disgusting! They are abominations! From the Kardashians, k Michelle, the lil kims and all the way down to the apples, robbas, jodis, yankees…Let’s not forget the Transsexuals (Cross dressers) who been doing this since the 80s. It’s so easy go under the knife or get injected with foreign liquids and trust their life to Man smh all for the sake of likes or to be lusted by men (and women )! They all have this look about them… like freaks shows man! Right is right and wrong is wrong people let’s not forget that. This is all the way wrong just putting things in perspective… :cool :travel

  11. Stop try blend these low level scammers with Kardashian$ as much me hate kimk these hoes b on all type a government assistance fake flossers dem be

  12. BADMIND: You people are very jealous of these girls.You stay in you all apaprtments and get mad everytime these bitches go out or post something on instagram. These bitches have the latest designer wear and they all look good.They never called anyone of you to beg a night sleep, or ask for bail money or beg you all anything.You all love talking about who have house and 401K and in real life aint none of you all have shit. But guess what…most of you all work everyday and still aint got shit. You all have no house, no cars and no f***g bank accounts but you all work legal and you all got papers. It is crazy how you all live on these bitches everyday.You all are secret fans.Wishing you had a CHANEL bag or the latest designer shoes. Just at home wishing. Miserable and unhappy that you cant party and bring it like they do. The whole crew got this clothes, shoes and bag shit on lock. Step your motherf**g game up. Stop player hating on the computer.These bitches living the life you all wish you could live. Everything they do you all hate. Everything they wear you all hate. You all have some serious issues. Have Robbas ever called any of you to pay her bond? Have Apple? Michelle? Kerryann? Twinny?But you wish jail and deportation on them everyday. So why the f**k you all worried about what bitches do to get shit. Either step you all pussy game up or your scamming/buttering game up. The clothes,shoes and bags is driving you long time bitches crazy as f**k. You all talk about surgery but you all want tits and ass to replace the saggy shit you have, but aint got the coins to pay for it.So when you all see bitches fix up and go back and re-up you all mad. Yet you are the same ones that talk shit that you all are lawabiding and legally employed but broke as f**k with f***d up credit. You all cannot even credit a breast implant and that is even available. So the crew will not stop drive you all crazy.Yes you can wish jail all you want.It is a part of the game. Bail money and lawyer money on lock. Stop hating. Aint nobody worried about no papers.Some of you all have papers and wasting time in America. Aint no stopping these bitches…these bitches on the move. You all a sad set of f**g haters. Not one of you can show a FULL TITLE FOR A HOUSE OR ANY OTHER REAL ASSETS, but love talk about who dont have HOUSE but you all dont even know people f***g business. You all will never know about what these bitches really have as you all will call the FEDS. Badmind get the best of you all.You all make up stories about who hate who and who in competition..these bitches laugh at you all..you will never ever break this shit up. Good clothes, shoes and bags fi life. It bun unno bloodcloth everytime a picture goes up. Bitches winning and haters hatin.

  13. Lol you ^^^ just type one long load of SHIT! You right tho … Those bitches you named really winning cuz none of those Fukked up Fuks ain’t “WINNING” btw yuh type like rotten bottom Michelle … Is that you girllll ?

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