Contrary to what was posted online, it is now being said that reputed clansman Chan Tesha Miller’s entry into the United States did not happen as was stated. Miller in fact, entered the United States approximately three months ago and was accosted in Miami Florida during an altercation with his friend.
The clansman was released earlier this year in Jamaica after robbery and assault charges from a case in 2011 were deemed unproven. Miller, now 34 was also incarcerated in Florida in 2006 on illegal re-entry charges. He is now being held in the Miami FDC Detention Center


  1. Altercation wid him friend? If me know say dat my status nuh right, me woulda try and avoid all arguments and altercations at all costs, especially when mi know say dat I’m skating on thin ice, so to speak.

    1. When you are a bad man and have all types of foot soldiers around you, you don’t take no chat from no bwoy. Irrespective of his status, the guys just don’t care where he is, he just have to chuck badness and show who is the boss. Not sure how this altercation resulted in state/federal agents getting involved, since it is unlikely the friend call the police, so maybe they had him under surveillance for some time and stepped in at the opportune time.

      From what I read some time ago about his first re-entry arrest, the Jamaican Police were able to track his movements from New York to another New England State and then finally to Tampa, Florida. I think they did this through his communication with his cronies back in Jamaica. Maybe they did the same thing this time around, since he think he have to be in constant touch with his group at all times.

  2. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh leave di bass. yu tink gansta ting ah poor people ting. man haffi ah look food too. money, power,respect. in that ahdah

  3. di nuh duh nothing senseless, informa friends we f**k yu all the time. it pay to be connected but when bad mind and grudgefull come in play it no pay. aaaawwwwdahhs.

  4. Do u realize that Tesha Miller lawyer, Mr Bert Samuels is the same lawyer defending Portia and Bobby in the Trafigura case??? just asking, no harm meant.

      1. so now mi know weh half a di 50 mill gone..di man cah evn look inna di camera….dont look like he has a soul……well unfortunately him nah come out a desso …a mi woulda like dem fi fix da mis print deh caw mi sure him a nuh 34 mus bi 43 dem did mean cah dat deh face deh harder dan di brick dem a port royal

  5. TESHA u ever wonder why this the second time REAL YOUTH DAVE give u up,first in tampa in REAL YOUTH DAVE house awhile back now in hillsborough with REAL YOUTH WENGHY at the babymother’s house. DAVE try to get rid of both of you( TESHA n REAL YOUTH WENGHY) HE IS SCARED OF GETTTING OVER THROWN BY BOTH OF YOU cause both of you too tight.DAVE WANTS TO BE THE BOSS OF KLANS BUT BECAUSE MR MILLER WAS HERE DAVE’S RESPECT GOT A LITTLE SHADEY.its the same way REAL YOUTH DAVE PAY JAMAICA POLICE TO GET RID OF RICK n blame other people.police have been loooking for ‘REAL YOUTH DAVE’ and can’t keep on with him but yet still the got TESHA MILLER n REAL YOUTH WENGHY TWICE hmmmm makes mi wonder too. DAVE U A FARMA(INFORMER) go back a clarendon with your farming(country bunk) SUCK U MADDA

  6. Too many ppl kno real yuth dave an other ppl business from yaad an abroad with di whole bag of baby mothers & pickney he ave that he dont mind real yuth ya so call police frens and others a wait pon you in jamaica

  7. Hell bruk loose again real yut dave u ya baby mom who u ave di 2 ugly big head pickney from and sista name stink a road bad bad eyes a watch and mouth a chat unnu hard

  8. Gm met people views r serious about klans tesha wangi an real youth dave an others WOW dave an others secrets a leak out little by little

  9. Look like someone is setting up Real Yute Dave to get assassinated with all these accusations. Why not call up Real Yute Dave or tell him to his face that he is an informa……if yuh bad that is? Hey, post a picture of Real Yute Dave for all to see, mek the job easier to.

  10. Picture real yuth dave neva take photos when he keep show he just hide ir no batta show up Nobody nah fraid of real yuth dave jamaica have some heat fi his rass when he come down its funny how everytime tesha and wengi come america only them 2 get dip not real dave so wats that tring to say if dave is an informa that he is go SUCK YA MUDDA

  11. kmt wangi 2x in florida now he gone fi reentry like tesha someting not right real youth ya name a cll too much more don power to ya if thats wat u lookin to receive

  12. Yow dave y di fuk u let illegal mens cum in ya territory and being heat pon u when u kno heat pon u already smfh u a real IDIOT

      1. The funny thing is the person you least suspect, is the one that is the informa. Not everyone has the same luck and Dave might just be operating on borrowed time. This person posting under different name is obviously feeling the pain associated with one of the arrested one. She definitely has a thing for Dave and will stop at nothing until he is brought down.

        BTW, guys like Tesha have a six sense as to who to trust and if he suspect Dave as working for the other side, Dave wouldn’t be alive today. From what I read, they track Tesha all the way from Jamaica (Jamaican Police) when he was arrested in Tampa a number of years ago. They knew of every move he made as he moved from New York to Tampa by way of Rhode Island

  13. All this need to stop its not new to dave that he is known as an Informa time will reveal who is the sneaky snitch or snitches!!!!!! So let ppl feel free to speak thier mind and stop supporting dave if he is doing BS

  14. Who is she when every1 is posting bout informa dave his name stink all ova is dave that bad ppl have him up think about it smh innocent ppl watch ur head back so you all dont take a bullet for he right person

  15. Badman dem BUMBOKLAAT.Good job Agent Dave.Jamaica please give them a warm welcome when they return you know what I am saying don’t let them become a problem there. Nuff Bwoy do FEDS time fi Real Youth Dave

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