Why u really go and marry donte and u know him neh wah u from day uno.

Weh u feel like if u gi him paypas him ago stay wid u?

Fi him buddy busyer dan the 76 pon rush hour traffic so doh gwan like u neva know that going into the shit pit.

Is 2 gal picklni u have u no fraid him go there wid them?

Fi ah educated gal u always meck bad decisions when it comes to who u let enter u.

Sometimes u fi bill and gwan hol it and teck man offa u head cause look weh desperation meck u do.

U niece get lucky and find husband ur turn was coming shortly why u rushing life ?

It is ok not to live up to your family expectations of you, I comend you for going back to school and being a nurse but this mi nah cosign rostah, cause this was a train wreck from day one. All a donte gal dem and u was fren so why go there?

Even if you insecure you doh have to meck di worl see it and u been showing it based on your decisions.

Di pic weh you teck a him dance, if a me like you me hide that and no publicize it no more. All ray Charles cah see seh him didn’t want to be near you. All u mate veechy in deh a laugh fi no reason dat is very sad.

Please doh go breed and bring anada pickni ina dis Jambalya mix Donte always seh him heart deh a JA wid him baby modder. Mi cah bite mi tongue no more. Love you stil

0 thoughts on “WHY YUH GUH DEH………..DIREKLAY

  1. A she Seh Sunday Worst. hehehehe
    Di whole fambily a dem always ah talk bout ppl grudge dem. Mi wah know if a fi all ah di wood dem weh dem a multiply ina dem panty.dwbl


  2. Poor Kc, she really think say if she give donate papers him a go stay. Smh. Him not even want to be seen with her, if him do tek a pic him hold down him head like him a hide. Him not even woulda wear the ring, a Kc alone a flash ring like frighten Friday. As donate get papers him a cut, the most him a stay round far ah 2yrs so him can get him 10ys green card. Everybody know say him naah lef di babymother cause a longtime them deh so KC a go fight till she blue. Unu no so how she slim down thinking donte a go want har more. Wake up gal and smell the coffee, u too bright fi a mek man turn u inna popishow!

      Kc a time fi u stop live a Dr fisher and really go join a Gym. when ur heart fail u wi see which God you a serve.ALll a dis fi barrow a man here and there. Do like ur big sis Audrey and get a young bwoy weh have up him things.

  3. Sender GET THE F**K OUT OF HERE with your bull shit. Why the f**k you a worry bout KC
    And Donte? Leave the people dem f**king business and mind your own. Bout Donte say.Donte neva tell yuh shit, you stupid ass bitch.yuh too f**king lie and mixup

  4. A same so shi get a one f**k from mi fren Sophia man and it tunn har inna idiot ,shi breed an think di man a play stucky.all a keep big baby shower a she alone in deh mnl

  5. Audrey get young man wow so the man she had that gave his money 2 all the gogo gone. Stop say KC educated she is a LPN 1 year program.

    1. KC went to one of the best high school in Jamaica. A farrin she come tunn extra wutliss. Di mount a money har fadda invest ina fi har education mi hear seh all now him a cry cause di gal come ah farrin come tunn cruff.

      :nohope :travel

  6. It amazes me to see how much time some of you have on your hands. Stories that are a decade old you chose this medium to vent. Why don’t you just go to KC and tell her whats on your mind since her life story is soooooooo important to you. Lets realize something

    1. There are several women in PA with a green card/citizenship…He chose KC
    2. He would be a rass idiot if he allowed any other woman to mess up the relationship with him and his “WIFE”
    3. The person who is worried about KC and her husband probably got their stay in the US by marrying someone who is no longer with them
    4. Im sure the person writing this is among the 95% of the people who if immigration run up inna dance unu get F**K….badmind is clearly active here!!!!!
    5. KC and Dante all me haffi tell unu don’t listen to dutty bad mind people just proxy over unu relationship and continue MAD dem!!!!!!!
    6. Bet none of unu weh write dis would never dare step to her cuz unu would be very surprised wah Dante would do to unu….Yes the ppl dem husband would F**K unu up

    The time you spend on KC and Dante name you would go pursue an education or go find something else to do because the fact that she is a nurse seems to clearly bun unu.

    Pray unu nuh fall in her hands if unu reach hospital cuz a unu same one would play nice damn badmind rass unu!!!!!!

    So to the sender who is envious of this union i suggest you go and find a man who will put a platinum ring on your wedding finger and leave KC and DANTE alone!!!!!

    Thank You

    1. Kc u really come pan ya a look hype? or a is one a har beard up neice dis?
      Dante cah and nah step to no baddie ova KC. Maybe him woulda use sikes to protect him interest but not baddness.dwl
      GAl go get some ambition and stop fukk di help. every man weh you tek you haffi help dem cause none a dem no independent. You big bredda shame fi even call you him family di way how you meck you pussc sleep walk all over . Lmao @Platinum ring cause we all know you still making monthly payment for it. From you see Donte you know seh him no have 45cents ina him pocket.

      :cd :ngakak :ngakak

  7. A VERY HAPPY GOOD MORNING TO METTY AND COMPANY……………………….. gweh dutty kc if mi sick n come to the hospital weh you wuk uuuuuuuuuuuuu could’nt touch mi yuh must be out ur f***king mind….bitch do you think donte really ago get lock up inna merica fi u ole germs? betta go pick out the large amount a ant inna yu spoil milk bitch n don’t mek a rude to yu…..pple a look out fi yu n tell yu how the bwoy a use yu up like wash cloth but yu naah listen n yu rass yeye dem lock, we the PHILADELPHIA people are laughing at YOU, LOL LMAO DWL LOL ….we are waiting on the one drop fi the new year hahahahahahah. wait yu soon know what if means..

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