Met, good day to you as always! A little birdie whisper and tell me Chris and Cecile are no longer together. I didn’t believe her cause mi no see you run anything about it and you know you a di only source mi trust bout these things. So mi say let me ask yuh. But I notice they seem to have a somewhat private relationship so I didn’t want to assume anything.


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  1. Bless up Metz and the JMG crew.

    One comment only on this, since I got a couple of bredrins (friends) who going thru the some of this.

    Sometimes as a man, you might see an older female who is attractive, and says all the right things to win you over. Then slowly but surely, the age factor becomes an issue.

    Age = maturity + Wisdom, just a fact of life. We men mature slower than women, and want different things at different stages in life. A man in him mid 20s – early 30s want to LIVE LIFE. A woman at that age, is usually goal oriented and wants to settle down (correct me if im wrong ladies).

    Chris still have some growing up to do. Usually men who date older women have MOMMY issues – meaning, they never received the level of care that was required as a child, hence they need a MUMs as they call it, to satisfy that need.

    BUT, as the relationship progresses, the mature lady usually wants a man to make changes to his life – to fit the mature way of living. We men on a whole hate when people try to change us because its best in our eyes, for that change to occur naturally. If is man-royal or mamma-man, den no problem doing whatever wifey wants.

    The story might be speculation, but like MOST/DI MAJORITY of the other COUGAR relationships, this one wont last the test of time.

    1. :thanks2

      Johnny, I like older men myself, not not some dirty hood geezer, but an established order man who can provide security. I don’t have daddy issues, its just an attraction that I can’t help.


    2. Yuh know wah yuh a talk bout mi youth, there is nothing more I could add that you havent already said. I agree with u 100%

    3. i like ur honesty na lie n dnt figet d karma factor too cause Cecile go in a d likkle gyal life n tek control

  2. Den no bout 2 year ago mi see sum body a interview Chris Martin n ask bout Cecile n him n fi bout 5 minutes all u could hear a crickets n when him come to him stammer say Ce ce cile a a a di di di bawsee lmaoooo than bird done fly the coop long long time man

  3. why Cecile still a hid de lil gurl tho?!?!?..nd i tink Chris only a tek care a him dawta i doah tink dem into ntn like dat..wid dat sed a wonda if him a mind him next dawta wid dat other gurl weh him suda jus gwaan buil’ wid

    1. dem was eva into nothing like dat from di beginning? memba 2 a dem did pregnant ONCE TIMEZ *lisp tongue voice* :ngakak

  4. I don’t know what goes on in Cecil’s personal life but, when ever I see pics of her at events, it’s she always with her uptown batty boy friend. So, to me, she spend more time with the gays in public than she do with Chris.

      1. Is true. I can’t remember his name but dem always pose up together. I guess she find more comfort in company.

          1. Yes, same fish!

            U know what I don’t get: How come gays like Dexter live openly amongst jamaican upper crust without persecution, but the dutty foot downtown gays are harass and persecuted for being gay? Ah waah….uptown folks have a different mentality than downtown folks?

          2. gays are not harassed…some a dem brite and people will stone dem…uptown ones more civilized sorry to say

    1. Honeybee no fi nothing mi hear one girl say Cecile di a look har a inna di hair dresser shop mi did deh mi say when mi hear di argument mi hair straighten out sed speed no perm was needed a wonder if sumting can go so tho fawda????

        1. Pleaseeeee a begging a ride pls pls pretty please
          Tweet come on now :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir:

  5. all wah day a the show weh dem did have and ban demarco from de two a dem was there nd not even beside each other dem stand muchless sit

  6. a wonda if a dat mek spice nay 2 inna Cecile at wan point..tanya jus suck out dem thin out suh nd cuz wan piece-a malice sed way eeh ….smh

    1. that would be cecile not into spice ….cecile keeps pleasantries I hear she nuh really ina no deep friendship wid dem because she know how dem mouth stay since di tings bout har love triangle and di same above mentioned person *wink wink* and another man whey did get caught in di rapture :tkp

      1. a dem ting ere mek shaggy jus tek de gagglings nd cut enuh caan manij de afta mix …..Cecile nuh bada run tideh cuz a still doah hear *PLOWW* frm de big stone mi did fling inna yuh hole de last chead yuh run in pon a chat bout Chris needs yuh badly.

        dem too gud man

        1. no maybe shaggy a coward chris is mr keith sweat him like dem get real freaky wid him …shaggy cudden manage velly well maybeez :tkp

        2. Wait deh simply….cecile an Shaggy did ah juck? Mi kno Cecile talk bout har swiping with no shame, but mi nae kno sey Shaggy did bennefit from har mouth action to? Bway I learn ssomething new on jmg everyday.

          1. So a she swipe dem or a dem swipe she? cauz mi could an swear she seh any man deh wid she affi chaw d meat, or d swipping go both ways?

          2. Ok tenk yuh mam, it always puzzle mi how a quiet boy like Christopher Martin weh cant mash ants, manage a bed bull like Cecile eh nuh, it mind boggling baaaaaddddd!!!! :matabelo

          3. one quiet who? :tkp
            den outa all di man and ____________ a only him one breed har so imagine that :angel

          4. Wah yuh seh Metty silent river run deep. Fi see him a throw seed and tongue under Cecile though Lord. A mussi when him inna Rising Star and seh him was a Christian a mussi dat image still stuck inna mi mind, and a trick mi, cauz Im always of d impression seh him was a Saint, a dont know y!

  7. cecile hide and f**k too much chris you a try act like you have money and i know you dont a bolt pay for you to fly all over the place and give you the girls he dont want anymore lol cecile you need a new song and give the new cocky dem a time out

      1. A wah Metty d bike nuh fast enough so yuh draw fi yuh buggy? No sah dis sweet lakka suga!! I need some wata

        1. Not di church choir master!!!!! Mi mother always say nutten badder dan a backslider….it look like she was right once again!

          1. tweet a believe chris is a freak from bert so maybe him was choir master FI A REEZU :alay

          2. Shalama shalama freaks of a feather f…. together :thanks2 :thanks2 :thanks2 <<<<really Bolt and Chris after dem decide who a get what….

        1. bolt buddy running from one side a kingston to di next :nohope:
          chris and him mussy negotiate who can get what and when

          1. No tell me dem divide di island like how Europe divide Africa a di Berlin Conference!!!!!

          2. no dis a di united nations big meeting ……… bolt buddy doe have no shame no pride nuttin……….him want everybaddie whey did tek everybaddie him waaa experience whey di next man dem experience :hammer

          3. a him name u taste i taste but a so him start out from groupie and still lusting after them but neatly..

  8. Mi know one a Cecil matey dem har face big n swell & sink eeen like peg bread
    Lmfao! She fly out to NY go look fi Chris one time but e look like Chris nah nuh money fi tru cuz now mi see ar a miami wid one next man ..

    1. _______________________________________________________ big face mean big cheeks ..all di better fi di buddy dap into maybe :hammer

    2. chris smart cuz a sed suh Cecile face shape suh him wont mix dem up cuz dem luk alike him velly smart for dat…………:ngakak

  9. But Cecile face it broad no rawssee so di bigga di face a di more Chris turns onzzzzz yes say wat a day nooooiccce ee man

      1. Met oooo mi caaa badda enuh Cecile u haffi go build room inna u jaw so Chris can ruff it up wit the buddy mama

          1. if him never have d talent and money him wouldnt even know weh pussy look and feel like, fi him body would an still wrap up inna plastic and nuh self, like it brand new. Him would an full up a oil like texaco gas station.

          2. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

  10. Dem gal ya brave no bloodclaaaat cause Bolt always look like him no bade so how that dere buddy reach inna unnu mouth I don’t want to know yuck

  11. Why unnu behaving so badly tideh, no man unnu get weh.
    On a serious note why is she really hiding the child though as though she is Blue Ivy. She need fi stop it, just dont post no photos at all.

    The Tanya Stephens [art mi believe cah it did get so bad that Tanya di class up Cecile sey she fi stop gwaan like she come from rich family and how she a poor gyal weh suck har way tru,

  12. yuh knw back inna 98 delly ranks did hab de hots fi Cecile a wonda if ntn did eva gwaan fi all him :nerdl

    1. She must did mek him face up d kitty and taste d meat, cause she love dem deh sinting deh eh nuh….I suppose. :lapar

  13. met yuh know yuh mek a very gud point luk uh much man Cecile tek weh she gwaan like she nuh tek and a bcuz Chris penis jus cum chue church door it was awf de blockage weh did build a piece a nah breed or keep pregnancy a blessed phuck yuh get Cecile be grateful always mumz

      1. mi sey him kneel down b4 Cecile like a altar call nd him pull dung de curse as him mur-ma de blessings in tongues ..yuh knw de country bwoy bad doah.

  14. Chris Maytag n Whirlpool ain’t got shit on u bredda lmaoooo
    Den wait y the questioning of the breed it quite easy to anderstandt u know first Chris suck all blockage out them him insert the seed :nerd

    1. ______________________________________________________________________________ I feel is simplicity train yuh eno

      1. a beg yuh doah mixture mi plz ..cuz a hurt yah hurt mi yah nung nd dem kine a hurt yah nuh COBA unda de Obama Care suh tap :maho

  15. Met, lets be honest here…..maybe gays are not been harass now, but they were been harass at one point.

    Where is ISpy? She seems to be in the know about uptown folks…..I need info on this socialite name Phillip P. I swear he’s a fish…. :ngakak :ngakak

      1. Honey Beee dont call mi name wid that Komodo Dragan looking bredda please!!!!!!!
        All I will say is that nuff a dem a bi-sexual mi never call nobody nam eenuh mi just a sey.

        1. :ngakak I know u would come through for me love!!!! I never see a pic with that man an a woman in a pose position where i can say “that must be his girlfriend”. Why u said he look like Komodo Dragan? Is it his over size nose?

    1. Mi really believe him swingeth. Fukka ugly ya u see, can’t figga out wha a gwaan fi him cuz him very deficient in d looks dept

  16. Hey dem country bwoy deh bad eno mi say one held mi back in di day n me say di young man say mi fi put the PusC pon him nose bridge ————————————

    1. a wan a de best place fe rest de pusc..cuz dat soft pawt a the tip a nose duz great works on the clit yuh knw :angel

  17. I wonder what was the attraction between both of them? Chris is a man trap in a boy’s body. Mabe he sang some sweet lyrics to her or it was just mutual attraction. Or she she was at that age and just wanted a baby?

      1. talk truuu Ms. Met, Chris nuh fava dem likkle Chihuahua dog deh a swear, everytime mi see him mi see Chihuahua of Beverly Hills main character dog enuh.

  18. Met yuh too bad DWL but him did deh wid a slimmaz one time to..
    Him n Cecil nuh Mek it to me dem just nuh match..
    Just tru mi nuh wa get catch I woulda send in the IG post dem n gifts Weh she claim Chris buy her DWL

  19. bwoy Chris yuh caan deny the nyaamings yuh know..yuh babymada been a call yuh out neatly only pon insta,a grown ppl wid sex knowledge knw dis code papa

    badgyalcecile #pineapple juice! Drink up ladies πŸ™‚

  20. Bwoy met and metters unu a dis best….lmao….pink wall is both informative and entertaining at di same time….

  21. Always keeps me entertained and laughing out raas inna mi office ……big up met, simply and chuet de real deal..

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