1. Exactly Met, this person to me is a shit starter, I feel she and the man deh and a try mash up the man life under sikes enuh. I can bet mi last dime her name might be in there and is one of the matie doing this.

      1. Neatlyyyyyyy. But if any a di girls dat she call out are reading den dem can put 2 an 2 togedda a find out a who. Maybe someone will see dis a contact Omarrrrrr cause mi would love fj hear is dide. Is it true and if so why is he knowingly infecting innocent women. Unuu see how far it ” possibly allegedly” a come from???? CANADA. It is quite possible. Reach a Miami an back. At least she nuh ina denial. Smh. The last dats I tell ya.

          1. Merry cause she hatin hella hard and she’s bitta like cerasee tea, that’s why..a true side bitch scorned..

  2. I pray to God it’s not true n person who send this becareful wat u wish for u just might get it ok my prayers are with everyone mentioned in this letter

  3. hmmmm…but lady, if you see a man taking a medication that him have to carry in a different bottle, why yuh never google it? Dat is di first thing mi woulda do…and what a way she bawl out everybody name

    1. dem gi ooman bad name…if she see di pill in a centrum bottle as she claim she neva haffi get sick fi go check out harself since she found out before she get sick she claim :travel

      1. why she even go inna the man medicine cabinet, is what i’d like to know, because I’m sure it wasn’t laid out on his nite stand or bathroom counter top for public display…..LADY, WHY YUH GUH SNOOP INNA THE MAN MEDICINE CABINET FE LOOK FE DIS PARTICULAR MEDICATION?????? :nerd

    2. why she even go inna the man medicine cabinet, is what i’d like to know, because I’m sure it wasn’t laid out on his nite stand or bathroom counter top for public display…..LADY, WHY YUH GUH SNOOP INNA THE MAN MEDICINE CABINET FE LOOK FE DIS PARTICULAR MEDICATION?????? :nerd

  4. Same knife stick sheep, stick goat. She started cheating … and then hoped that he would be faithful

  5. Same thing I said to myself why not google it? Plus the name of the pill is on the bottle not the pill why didn’t she do some research on it?!?!? This makes no sense to me.

  6. wen mi fuss read this message the fuss thing weh cum tuh mi mind was yuh c how she a call out everybody but yet tuh call out herself….mi nah really try point nuh finga enuh but nuh ppl man she tek nd end up tek weh cum along wid it..dis wurl we living in i tell yuh

    1. yuh know summen Simply…..i don’t know why some people tek we JMG bloggers fe eediats…some ah dem love seneen dem owna file jus fe call up otha people name inna fidem libaty tekkings :ngakak

  7. How stupid can she be to see him pouring medication in a centrum bottle and then having him tell her it’s multi-vitamin? A she a big boy sister!
    Second, she has a phone and needs nothing else to know what the medication is for! You must have never cared if you caught HIV as long as the bills were being paid.
    You saw the man having sex and filming underage girls? Why didn’t you turn the tapes over to the police for statutory rape (assuming as you say, they are underaged)
    She’s either the biggest most pathetic fool on the planet or a vindictive witch.

    1. no HIV ntn, de man doah leff de wife nd she find out she is just dat a ooman weh bare kids give him plus she is a mate of a mate of a mate…

  8. Met me did have to send it in wen I saw it on fb. Bcuz the story was off. N funny enuff a Elephant baby mother page me c it pon first.

  9. Metty I hope a true she a talk, but seriously tho Mandeville is a nasty lil place, mussi bcuz down dere so quiet mek all dem do is f**k n f**k. Also from eva since dem Clarendon gyal dem bad likka yaaws

  10. I belive the story but she get vindictive now. The money did sweet har so she never think fi google the pill. Likky likky blind bat. The writing was on the wall she just never read till she get AIDS. If she never test positive she wouldnt care who him a fcuk,, She was fcuking him from him married so she know him a playa

  11. Even if it’s lie she should out him . I am sick and tired of these men who prey on the little school girls .Jamaica is overwhelm with them ..

  12. Mi just hope di poor wife nuh get it….she did well happy when she a help di man move out him things dem, she think a she did ago get di ring next,now a pure stress she under, she a complain now bout aids, look how long she did see di man wid di strange pill, why she neva check it out from dem time deh??

  13. Irresponsible Met! You didnt hide Omar’s name…how can u tell these things are true! If I wanted to just make up lies on somebody, I now know I can easily get it to be posted on this site

  14. Met if a tell you the truth of this story u loose u bowel movements. 3/4 of her story is truth but she is just a bitter woman thays no longer the other woman

    1. she have bathroom suh she nuh mind run de story man..unno fi tap hold pon stories enuh ..write it she nah guh read e’ mi alone deh yah a blog mi wi ead e’ 😀

  15. Met! dont know if a lie she a tell r wah, but i am a fren of 1 of the mentioned name and when mi get the story pa whattsap me call har she a cry and very upset. Dont nuh if a story a true r a di rumor weh a spread, but she neva tell me a wah… all she a cry a say she cyaa believe and she ago call mi back. and all now, mi try call har a while ago and a voicemal mi get. She all delete har facebook page, cause she have a ole heap a pic wid she and di man. And she always say the man treat har good.

  16. Metty Sean Ivey name mentioned has a Fb page wedding pics, wife n all. Wht a raas ya now. Mi a search him frenz list fi see who dis Omar is

  17. She is a f*cking bish. If she know the man messing wid school children y she never report it. Whatever was. Holding the other women did deh hold her n her tongue too. Part sound true part sound bitter.
    Met hurry n edit out the other name.

  18. Met I’m from the Christiana area and I got the message on Watsapp. I know all the female names that were called and sadly they do have hiv. I know the sender is upset but can’t make a right with 2 wrongs, don’t put people’s name out there like that

  19. Shine u are lying the man sent out recent documents showing that he does not have Hiv but everyone seems to disregard that. Smh I’m all for calling out people who do go around and consciously spread the disease but don’t fabricate story like this. Come on.

  20. This is y no body so respect jamaicans yall so dumb the man gave out aids but ur vex the woman gave out names nuff ov u will fight over man and yet shes stupid coz she didnt google medicene she didnt report him f**kin school children is it her job she said she saw the uniform…what if he was f**kin the mother bottom line is ppl give u information and no matter how it comes listen sometimes coz the only thing this can do is save ur life or the life of another what if one ov dem girls wanna sex ur brother son cousin u soon change ur tune

  21. Damn. The people on here are so ignorant it isn’t funny. Maybe at the time the young girl didn’t think to look it up and believed what he said (as most young girls are so nieve) maybe he didn’t keep it in the medicine cabinet and was caught trying to change bottles sneakily. Maybe she was also scared to get caught in the mans medicine cabinet. She probably posted the other peoples names so that they will be found and they can too get tested. Her nMe didn’t have to be on here to alert others. Instead of everyone believing a famous reggae artist and thinking he is superior to all other humans you should wonder if there is some merit to this bc in elephants recent video is is fat as f**k and if you read up on the side effects of the disease its weight loss and then weight gain and patches of discolor ex irritated skin on the face. Women should know better than to junk if they have baby with an artist their life is set for ever and that’s what these struggling women probably thought… And not that their lives would be cut shorts with more struggle than they already have. If this is true Elephant needs to be in prison.

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