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  1. Monifa it sounds to me like you always in friend troubles when a never tracy its somebody else and who a put your name in a dirty bytch your name dutty up long time old whoring gal

    1. she naan hide behind bush nor cut nuh corners fe talk up the tingz dem…no one has to like you, but they have to respect you…ms. lady, it is what it is, I totally feel you on this one…more stress fidem with zero concern from you ( shrugs shoulders ) :ngakak

  2. Wow me a see how this a play out today because me hear say she and her friend fall out she a chat the business ,how monifa pussy busy make a gawn look before I start talk truth

  3. One thing me know about monifa she love make trouble and then play innocent you fi man tell the people them monifa how you take me friend man and text her on Facebook a war and bout you we go a the people them yard you wey me hear say work a law office seems like you don’t know the law don’t send threat to people via email,phone,social media a no that you shoulda put you foot around the people them yard and see if you no get lock up and it look like you never hear wey the next one get wey try ,the same man beat that nearly kill it ,monifa find a man fi yourself and stop walk and f**k and you we have less problems with man ,a man will never respect a side f**k and as fi friends you don’t draw line if you can f**k a man wey your friend f**k that mean you have a bad character your name can never be good a road yuckkkk

  4. Y’all bitches ain’t got shit better to do, like omgggg… Get a LIFE, every woman is a bitch whore slut thief prostitue on here @facts when are you gonna stop bein bitter months now you warring with Monifah and talk bout this piece man #GirlBye you sound dumb as f**k n miserable.

    1. Morning morning my name is tawkchuet n I do just that over here tawk chuet Monifah judging from ur response to #facts mi see say u really did a war the woman fi har man n now a class di man as piece a man, but let me ask u is a piece of fuxx n left u get?

  5. Monifa stay over Facebook and stop come over here come comment me no come on this site come chat lies like some people a facts me a talk me see the text them with my own eyes now a piece a man because you get f**k and no knowing gal get a life or clean up wey lef a your piece a shit wey you actually call life

  6. I guess fuxxing for vacation so you can show off on facebook and instragram is the new definition of life monifa

  7. Wanna be Jamaican monifa when me read the messages wey she send to me friend you coulda swear the whoring gal come from Jamaica a peer bloodcloth she a cuss you woulda swear she come from yard bitch be yourself you over grown man looking ass

  8. Monifa all you do is walk and f**k I didn’t even know you know about working you claim you dont want to be associated with the fight but it seems like you used that fight to make troubles but if you think a everybody you can beat you make a sad mistake monifa stay in your lane aren’t you too old to be f**king people’s man at your age you should be settling down not roaming aren’t you over 40 bitch

  9. Monifa monifa always out to dinner and out to places with a man that no one can see only him corn toes can show so its obvious you f**king someones man for sure why am I not surprised you have no moral or character because the way I see you dressing in public if I was a man I would never take you home to meet my mother I would just probably f**k you definitely in a condom not tell anyone and go on my merry way monifa go seek some help you whore

  10. Monifa you really text people on Facebook a war over man oh my is that alive , him ave sense? Because no real man would not have a piece a shit like you a do something like that every man you take always just f**k you monifa no one wife’s you up your name no good any man round town know that I remember back in the days when you use to run behind tracy wanting to be the girl you envy the girl so much she f**k a man you affi f**k behind her you nasty bitch thats why the man a dun you by the way no the other day me see you a promote the yatch party f**king idiot now you get move up

  11. The idiot still over on facebook a post and them over Facebook a comment that gal have no sense a them same facebook friends send what she put up over here , that bitch will never learn , she claim she unaffected so what you writing for , monifa I know you reading and you are just plain dumb

  12. Woeee but look ya to no monifa come a write on this site everyone is a whore , thief, slut monifa this time them not telling no lie , because the lie detector test determined they are telling the truth, you are 100% a certified whore everyone knows that , so no come back over ya come comment hoenifa stay on fb

  13. Nickeisha… you are a bitch u the only one that writing about monifa yes bitch you
    Don’t have a life all you do is stay watching B dick dutty gal nikkie nastiness
    If B did really want you him wouldn’t a walk a f**k on you like dog
    You been with B for 7 years and nothing changed him stay f**king on you
    Stop call up people name bitch nickeisha you worry about monifa look old
    You look stressed out And tired over B you don’t see him move out a left
    U all you do is cry and beg him fi come back nikkie you need to stop you claim that you young but you make monifa a worry u nikkie fi a young gal you body look f**king flabby flabby and tired you go through everyone Facebook and terrorizing them any one you know that talk to B that what you do you are miserable tired insecure for young gal you need to stop make u mother work voodoo on B set the man free bitch him don’t want you mixup nikkie that all you do is stay on you phone and mixup ppl and put them on pink wall go learn how to keep u house clean and make sure u get the green card before u f**k with ppl I will call immigration and tell them that u marriage is illegal and give them you right name N-D-P and believe me I know you name bitch you always start shit a put ppl name on pink!!!! B is not leaving so you can deal till u die you have many more woman to go through Manhattan Bronx queens Jersey LA B have woman all over!!!you create a monster now deal with it nickeisha b don’t want you stop call up ppl name bitch ass bitch

  14. Bitch nikkie stop talk bout you man beat the gal the only reason why him go fight the gal it’s cause he was embarrassed she tell the truth say him f**k her in a her ass nikkie you don’t have a life!!!!! him beat u all the time no life worthless gal nikkie you should be ashamed to talk about anyone case him no stop f**k on you…stop walk and talk shit you are mixxy the time you find to talk shit you need to go take care of your child what kind a mother u are

  15. Noooooooo to bloodclot Nickeisha you can talk bout people a war all you do to rass is call everyone and war on the phone fi the man and him not stop f**king…look at you bitch the time you a talk you should be helping too…a monifa a run around and help him get everything together for the yacht party she out with him most of the night if not every night and a help so shut the f**k up bitch nickeisha and make use of ur mouth

  16. Monifa you text nickki on Facebook and she deactivated her page now you and your friends them no stop call private a you need fi look a life nickki have a life and since we touching the b topic monifa b because I know your real name too , if you did know anything you would know that you only get f**k when nickki and b not talking and another thing nickki was in jamaica last week she is a United States citizen she got married in 08 who the f**k will still be in immigration looking for papers that long momo I can personally send you nickki name and you know the address it didnt change so you can call immigration me a beg you poppy show , I am a regular on here I am the one who told nickki you up here all the time them send in story and dun you how you f**kky f**kky even before you was f**king b a nickki did send in them story about you too ? Because you been on here way before nickki and “B” time so shut the f**k up whore if me see a topic about you and me comment this is America me glad a free f**king speech and monifa keep promoting because we gonna see how far your promotion gonna get you dumb bytch

  17. And whornifa word of advice to your exotic pu**y if a man cant own you in public you shouldn’t let him f**k you in private because we all know “B” dont walk next to you in public thats a shame now go home and tell your mom what a shitty job she did raising a slut like you ..

  18. Monifa while you busy promoting my friend busy going to school that “B” is paying for I would say nickki winning rotfl

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