1. Haha, a swear me see it pon me timeline and a dead wid laugh. Fi somebody weh hype suh, den hair nuh fi tan suh. And she has no edges so u can’t too too blame the hairdresser either. She start the weave weh she see hair. Lmao

  2. Dwl real fckn talk stop mine pony n stop buy plastic hair
    Dis gal Tashine swear she hit the jackpot lmfaoooooooooooo

  3. When has her hair ever looked nice….this is nothing new….she cute yes but cannot put herself together to save her life….she always look uncomfortable and out of place to me…but then again a pure hypocrites she surround herself with so that may explain that.

  4. Pony a f**k nuff gal inna LA and she know and still a mine the bwoy. Him look every womon fi mine him. Sad bad cuz the gal stupid so. Batty bwoy Pony mon fi mine womon

  5. What a pice a obesssion over the ppl them oh laud, shi always pon point never see her look tacky yet, jcompre to some a these lammies in dancehall

  6. Where Velvet fi get money from fi mine man fool fool ppl , pony Afto a mind her who pay for those good shoes for them both nuh must pony, think logical. Pony a mind di gal wicked ppl, Velvet work when shi feel like it, pony Afto a spend, I think that’s the only girl him Eva spend pon in di world

  7. All mi can say a shi a di only gal mean pony Eva buy nothing, dah boy Deh don’t spend money on gal so she lucky bad if I must say

  8. Talk truth. Pony takes care of her Only woman fi truth him ever give things cause he’s tight bad with his money. Stop worry the people them relationship status Point is she make history

  9. Look like him still dealing with the big ugly bloated baby mother a queen she was on his snap the other day and even the sister had him up

  10. Plz Trisha don’t want him, gal have her good up man from Maryland a think him from whey him pocket nuff pony him was there because of the baby birthday

  11. Tresha talk. All the time in her shop how she don’t want him back in her life people did uhu. Figot say shi dimiss him out her life, she talk that all the time.

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