40 thoughts on “CHUMP UP APOLOGY

  1. Waste of breath from a waste of space… why apologize when we all know that’s the real Donald? He’s sorry it got recorded, that’s all. As a matter of fact, a lot of men talk like this when women aren’t around so I wasn’t even shocked….I let out a big @ss laugh. Oh what things this mad man have in store fi wi?! :hammer

    1. Yardie…you know that mad man is a Gemini(mi shame)….funny…it don’t surprise me …and with that being said, that man is having so much fun….he loves the f*ckry

      1. There’s an exception n anamoly to every rule Dearest Wrappie.Plus we are the twins..two sided…Trump is our worst side of Geminis!

  2. Trump was 60 yrs old when he made those comments. He is who he is and his pitiful apology proved it.
    The only people more pathetic than he is are his supporters, “the basket of deplorables.”

    1. CNN just let one of the deplorable s out the basket, it name Stacey Washington. Eternal highrise have a coon sister wid pre locks :travel

      1. Stacy is getting dragged and she deserves it. I hope a tape of him talking about her, Rev. Burns, Omarosa, and Katrina come out.

  3. Met, see Melania put out memo and GURLL! It is another parrot speech (in short) from when Hilary defended Bill while governor!

    Good day, My bredren PW bloggers

    P.S. Stacy Washington is a coon-rabbit :buldog:

    1. Mi si dat raccoon looking doodo head statement yes PP u know mi like politics ..I dont leave the TV all day :nohope
      Dere is a dirty nasty black gyal whey go pan CNN defending trump is by the grace a God mi nuh drop a brick ina mi tv di way a waa slap her silly

      1. :ngakak :ngakak Me say me a put whey laundry, hear the voice and hear the hip hop and …”take my gun comments” and stop!

        This girl is a house coon reincarnate from generation to generation. I hope Don Lemon don’t put her on with the Spanish Lady cause it’s going to be a fist fight :ngakak

        Trump in a him midnight shade, tangerine tan. One IG post call him cheetho Jesus :hammer Melania fi leave his ass now.

  4. Pity you guys in the USA, your media have oonu in a bad condition… A very biased lying paid off media who have to report what they are told… It is a propaganda battle and the villains are winning sad to say… The villains even used that little girl to make a speech to that war monger woman on TV.. it was all fake and set up to make Mr Trump look worse than he is… He is far from perfect but better than the war villian… Trump visit a black church in detritus the video is on YouTube, he sing and dance and make a decent speech to us blacks… The villians done their best not to show it on mainstream media… Oh well… prophecy is a must…

      1. Yuh think Trump like uno? When mi si black people really open dem mouth a defend trump it reminds me of the fact that we as blacks must be cursed. That man has NEVER expressed a liking for blacks but mi nuh surprised cause black people always like who dont like them

    1. You don’t know propaganda; pity you for TRYING to push forth propaganda here.

      You common niggers are so white wash that all a white person have to do is “visit a black church…sing and dance and give a decent speech to us black folks” :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak nigger find a rope and a tree and spare the white man the energy of holding a feast and hanging you afterwards.

      Bumboclaat you can’t be a descendant of Warriors. A slave catchers you bore from!


        1. See dem go pull more audio of that pervert.

          Me remember a sign contract and do sexual harassment workshop where we can’t hug in a office, and here you have a job creator a “grab the pussy”!

          All Negros defending Trump, do,keep it among unnu selves :hammer

  5. LOL met u can replace it, mash it up u not the only one, a weh him get so much rass ruponzel let down your hair liad woman from) mi shame women are the worst liards a that man a say trump prove it and dem mouth a go like the false teet ad jus a chatter so…amid all this another black person smh singing praises, see dem a try stop anna navaro from say pussy she bawl it out to r….

    1. The black girl act like she did waa beat off di people dem fi trump like she was a step away from jump up n tear off di people dem clothes

  6. met hush, all the fight rosa parks fight to sit at the front of the bus, these ppl naw or cant read or they don’t love their own, how on earth so much republicans newspaper is not endorsing this man in the history of an election and our own a talk horse manure, look how him diss Obama over the birth certificate, did they not see how he called the black pastor nervous mess because she tell him no cuss Hillary in her church, his agenda is bill and hillary

    1. We a we own worst enemy man it so sad..A better dem seh there is no one to vote for. Suppose u see di black girl pan CNN how she a defend trump..I could not believe

  7. met this off track but did anyone saw how the woman a N.Y. send her 1yr old go Jamaica to the father, him lef the baby with the grandfather, grandfather left the baby with a woman, the baby get electrocuted from a fowl coop that was wired to stop mongoose, its on rjronlinenews who was watching the baby smh

  8. When Obama was running for prezzie many officials diss him over birth certificate even that woman who is running for prezzie diss Obama a try style him when she start lose the last election…Trump do not hate black people, all lies, the establishment are doing everything they can to stop him… Just like Brexit in the UK they told so many lies about foreign people are going have to leave etc. .. Pure lies and fear mongering when the real fear is when That woman think she can attack Russia or China or Iran… Then you will all know what you have done when you will be burnt to ashes while they are hidden away in their bunkers… Trump for prezzie and peace to the world… Looking at the big picture not the small picture..

    1. Hillary never dissed Obama over the birth certificate issue. It was a movement started by conservatives and spearheaded by Donald Trump.
      You’re talking out of your anus, no one has said anything about attacking Russia or any other country except Trump when he said he would have blown the Syrians out of the water.

      Met, stop letting this dupe troll your page.

      1. Yuh nuh hear di reporter seh him send chumup people dem a transcript first and dem deny it den him drop di video

  9. @ Dat mi seh …….. if you’re not currently living in America be more concerned with the issues where you live and leave the current affairs of America to who live here because you’re making yourself look like a comedic entertainer, if you’re giving your assessment or opinion based on watching a outdated black & white rice grain tube tv on your living room couch then you really need to apply for a green card and come and live in America before you talk please!

      1. Dem seh when someone show u who dem is di first time believe dem …now di republican dem a run fi shelter cause dem career ina jeopardy

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