0 thoughts on “CLEAN IS RELATIVE

  1. Lady u need fi trow back dat picture wherever u get it. Between di bleach, di hair, di eyebrow and di yeye lash mi nuh know which one a beat u worse.

  2. She fi throw back the pic in the phone, because it nah bingo. Stop promote self hate darn poppyshow

  3. Have a surprise for mellisa wait no ‘ with her cancer cream . We will soon know if she’s a chemist .

  4. While you bleaching the face, Please move your nose out the way mek me see if the cream really working. Unuh is a set a crasses, Stop hate the color of your skin and go hate The sperm that impregnate the bad egg. You fake eyelash look like it come str88 from the dollar store with that bad looking wig and the eyebrows that Jacked the F up.

    1. yuh make mi drop off a mi chair DWL…..@ move the nose out the way to see if the cream really working

  5. Why such self hatred. SMH

    β€œIn time we hate that which we often fear.”
    ― William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra

    You mean to tell me is so much of you all fear your own selves into hatred.

  6. Met andrea did have to bleach a longtime black mad woman dat from Montego bay . She’s mad as shad watch her movements at times . Her face has a Down syndrome look especailay between the eyes & nose ‘ them eye lashes make she beat miss piggy bad .

  7. That fuxxing nose have it own heart beat ovaries liver lungs every damn ting matter of fact it’s paying it’s own taxes wat is it they trying to sell here?????

    1. Cheutty di nose is really ah separate entity :ngakak As a matter of fact she even claim dat nose pon har taxes as ah dependent cause di nose all have fi it own social security numba :ngakak

  8. All Melissa do is buy the bleaching cream them online and mix them with the whitening serum. Now how the hell me fi buy a mix up cream from people a road. No sah

  9. My girl next time don’t do the close up selfie u look like Fiona twin weh Iona :travel movie shriek.

  10. ThiS woman annoys the hell out of me. Mi can’t stand her. Nuff nuff nuff like the air we breathe. My gosh. Everybody know har business cause she put everything on FB. I see she put up a post bout she very sometimish and she will just done fcukk a man and pass him outta road like she don’t see him. And all the manless idiot dem commenting and talking bout “me too”…..Kmt. Is because is ppl man dem tekking or is a one f**k him tek and dem can’t talk to him a road mek unu just playing it off. Which day me can ever pass my man a road and walk pass him…..which day???? Kmt. Unu chat till unu chat shit.

  11. Bunch a follow fashon monkey as fi da monkey up top she dun know she ugly each time she look inna mirror

  12. Mellisa, I realize that you have a lot of hook ups, do you have a rhinoplasty hook up? This lady needs to get a nose job asap! She looks just like Trek. Animal control is coming to pick her up. Please help her! Dwl…,

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