Reading is believing…collecting from a next man to give to di bunna man..robin hood kinda ting doe?
MNL according to the below she used to mine di di man find a farrin ooman married to she a stalk di wife and all a bet pan it seh him wont reach farin because a di police record…He wont be coming back to u boo…….if a di police record u expect fi mek him stay Jamaica dat yuh can have him ..BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..AH WHA DO DEM HEEDYAT GYAL YAH MAN ?

Good day peeps, y this Gyal don’t leaving Dwayne claim to fame alone, the man lef r and she a call him ppl them a Farin bout immigration, she’s a teacher and a follower of dancehall, she say a she use to feed him, but at the end a the day a the baby fada things she use to tek and give him, now the yute a gwaan in a life and she a try bad mind him fi Wah I don’t knw, but Gyal a road ave a beating fi u, that’s she in the pic and that’s she texting the man wife phone, now who a the gugu


  1. Dwl, a every baddi ave prob with that girl, lol oh god man, like who the hell she think she is, I ave something to say abt her too, how I go abt it

  2. LAMO, don’t knw wat that man saw in that lady, I knw her more than how she knw her self, young lady move on, let him go cause he’s gone now, as u tell r him must tuck up so wait for Karma

  3. Miss lady dem seh ‘yuh win some, an yuh lose sum’ Suh doe badda mek dis loss tun yuh eena stalker. Yuh time up like expired milk, suh jus move on wid wha lef ah yuh dignity……:travel

  4. Woiiii some gyal a throw cocky padna and nah get nuh draw samantha it’s over hun nuh dweet just leave the people them good good man alone and gwan your ways…this is your karma them seh who cah hear must feel but you dont feel yet this is just the beginning hunny!!

    1. Hi nice to meet you have a seat wat really a gwaan wid them u sound like a u gave di file in this community we share tell we wat really a gwaan in the pardna

      1. Anytime Metty seh dat shit mi drop dung ah grung_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    1. Oh thats the sharp shooter around ere one shot ur died lmaooooooooo unnu too fuxxing boring koki mad unnu till it no funny smh

  5. @Cheuty, me site the raas sikes lang time…Me say, dis ole harlot couldnt wait fi cum dun samanta and call har papas wife and all dese tingz…ole bumbo hole..All this ova koki.

    1. Highly no watch dem a dat dem tell dem self say a papers so dem can ketch likkle sleep a night time kmt all when di man tun him back unnu still a push n fight go siddung man

  6. If a man doe have up him paypa inna mi mavado voice.. am sarrie but me nagive them nuh paypa as dem know weh the bus stop deh them gone…

  7. @tawkchuet if you nuh know weh yah chat seh well don’t seh nothing at all and so what if a me send the file can you beat me I don’t f**king think so Samantha had this coming to her long time it’s either yah f**k har or u a har fren so since you are such a concerned fren tell you fren fi get a life and atop stalk people man this and like I said before this is just the beginning the more she play with fire the more the bitch gone get burn all who nub like it drop asleep and don’t f**king wake up and unu so concerned bout papers none a unu nah gi him it suh weh the f**k that huffi do with nothing?

  8. Tell yuh bout dem young bwoy yah. Unuh a pree the young lady weh him lef a di fool fool wife unuh fi pree. Its obvious a paper bwoy a look wid him sweetie bam bam self. She ago find out sooner than later that same like how him can lef har him ago lef she. She goodly not even look good. U think this woman did a mine him; you ago guh western union till yuh pocket bun yuh. Bet yuh homeless soon cause it obvious a sweet this yute love.
    Women quick to jump on each oda when a di nasty man a di problem. Wise up bitches!!!

  9. Yeah at the end a the day him and r lef so how it concern r if a papers or love? It’s clear she can’t get ova him, u watch need last night and see the man kill him ex, love come and go

  10. Why pree the wife when the wife nuh do nothing but deh yah a mind har business as you can see the messages was sent to the wife all now she nuh respond and even if she is sending money till har pocket them a burn har why is it your concern is it your money a you a mine him some a unu so f**king illiterate as soon as unu hear marriage unu automatically think it’s for papers why it can’t be for love nuh true a dat deh route deh nuff a unu guh and unu get hurt unu a wish the same Fi the girl well it nah guh happen sorry fi mash unu corn a naff things the man guh thru wide deh idiot gyal yah and now har time up suh time Fi move up…but mi done comment pon this cause the more foolishness mi c the more pissed I get have a good day peeps

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