1. yes yu breast dem long,you house cluttered and you fi lay off the bleach bottles. its making yu look like ole woman

    1. @Heiniken all along I thought u were the lady from HTown whey immi have her fi about 2 weeks now fi teifTing outta the pple dem store again. All along dis ooman nuh have her citizenship nd a tiefT as if shi cyan get caught or dip. Shi get lockup several times fi tiefT nd shi nuh learn. Mrs Light skin Lady whey always a post up her teifTings nd fuxk for Celine bags nd Loubs on FB,IG nd twitter nd sey shi happy nd her husband love her, but shi nuh stop fuxk pan him. Yes the light skin lady whey love post up biblical quotes nd nobody nuh wicked more dan she. Yes the same one whey love guh inna the people dem store guh tiefT, saks, neimans, bloomingdales, gucci, LV, prada, fendi, Cache, Herve, Macy’s, nordstrom, Marshalls, TJ Max, $1 Store, Ross, Home Goods you name it shi tiefT from there. Galleria Mall have her pic inna dem security office. Shi start shop online nd return the things dem afta shi wear dem causen sey she cyant guh back inna said stores. She sell her front very often to the lady husband. Front selling all over Htown, Dallas, Pasedena, Miami, Cali u name it. Shi suck the lady husband hood inna Westin hotel downtown HTown fi LV nd botox, nd him have it on videoooo. Shi even tell pple sey shi vacationing in LA when is immi lock up shi inna. Yes the one whey her fb is no more. Sorry for accusing u of being her Heiniken. Ms Met sorry I went off topic, but I had to apologize to Heiniken :peluk

  2. lol..wid dem size breast deh, and kids, dem could never itch up under har chote enuh…anyway, look like she is about to be featured on Hoarders

    1. Yawdy, breed roach, dat a if 1 army a roach nuh deh deh a ready a prepare fi an invasion!!! Yuh affi get rid a d big roach 1st (which is she) before yuh can get rid/tackle d likkle roach dem.

        1. Mi seh har place fava Bungi fowl house!!!! D roach dem goodly cant even find d spot weh dem lef dem food sake a she n har nastiness, and get fed a she & har custruments & send een d tory gi met like weh Anon 1:47 seh, chu mi affi tek bad things mek joke :ngakak And den she proud a har nastiness to ee si, watch har…… mi fada always seh lazy & nastiness a bestfriend dem walk hand in hand, and if yuh ceheck seh a lie him a tell si di proof right yasso deh….. mademoiselle inna har death trap, all d mirror goodly dying fi escape n get rid a har nassy baxide, my surrounding tan so mi nah tek no picho a baxide,No a she seh careless and carefree, she dont give a damn wah nobody seh dem nah tap har from tek har selfie….

  3. Smaddy need fi sign up dah oman yah fi guh pan hoarders, a how fi har place chuck up suh??? No man mi claustrophobic mi wld an feel like mi a stifle if mi guh in desso fi 1/2 a second . Nasty lazy oman tap tek selfies and guh clean out yuh space man, kmt. (Metty yuh need 1 emoticon wid a broom and dust pan a swear or 1 garbage truck ASAP)

  4. But unu look good good pon di picture..unu nuh si seh the likkle child have ar two hand dem pan ar head outta frustration like di child tyad ah ar and the picture tekking :hammer

    1. @Yep poor baby. Yuh can imagine how much picture shi tek and posing nd shi still neva seet sey the place untidy.

      1. It is, the likkle person fed up like when yuh tek dem shopping and dem tyad ah wi ah stop stop all bout fe buy buy everyting in sight and dem start get frass and restless…just like the likkle person inna the pic…

    2. Yuh eye good eh nuh Yeppie, a how yuh mek out dah child deh inna all dat deh commotion (mi cant find nuh betta word) deh? cauz not even if 1 elephant a hide in desso mi cldnt find him, yuh good nuh baxcova hold dah award yah :pertamax

      1. I appreciate the award, thank you very much :shakehand2 …well, when certain things under go scrutiny, dat is when I shine up the glasses and guh ova everything very carefully…unu notice how the items dem pack in ah certain way;that is because more than likely, that is the storage room, a.k.a the teefin room where the customers come fe purchase the stolen goods at a fraction of the store cost..look how she have the box dem stack..I keep all my good good wear once in a while shoes dem inna them boxes too, but they’re in my closet/shoe racks..she have dem dash one side fe easy access…unu look good; si di perfume dem stack one side, some still inna dem box…that is the storage/teefin/re-sell room..

  5. Finally. Den Fi send har home, how much lives she tink she have r get outa jail free card. But mi glad you realize Ano mi @it is are here..

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