Cocaine found in Chu Chu’s body
A post mortem has found that popular roots actor and entertainer Chu
Chu had over 56 pellets of cocaine in his body when he died.
Chu Chu whose birth name is Cleve Warren was lead actor of Dynamite
Production, producers of several popular roots plays.
Police say the Cocaine was found following an autopsy on the body of
Chu Chu yesterday.
Chu Chu died on Thursday November 20. Its reported that the Actor
collapsed at a Service station in Ocho Rios St. Ann. he was taken to
the St. Ann’s Bay hospital where he was pronounced dead.


  1. From good to go days chu chu a to do dat . . We beg him fe stop after he build the mansion a run away bay . RIP me friend .

  2. Mi seh everyting pon dis website is tru enuh. I’m sure mi all read a comment seh fi lef him Caz Ntn nuh go soo. Look deh now a cocaine pellets dem find inna him l i.viR

  3. Goodmorning metty HAPPY THANKSGIVING! now i want to see who a guh pon radio guh sey a lie JMG a tell pon CHU CHU! THERE’S A LOT MORE TO COME JUST KEEP UNO EYES AND EYES AND EARS OPEN,CAH IT JUST START!

  4. Even if di cocaine nuh buss eena u, di plastic bags dem in full a carcinogenic chemicals and in your hot body those chemicals going to leach in you body and cause cancer down di road. This life ain’t worth it cause you will pay a hefty price one way or the other.
    Despite all him work, dis dude will ongle be remembered as a drug mule. Him legacy tarnished all when him not even live fi enjoy di money. I ongle hope he did not have any children.
    All the best to his family, friends and loved ones.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Met and all. Wow, I always say when it comes to walking down the road of life there’s just no short cuts. Many of us may not live to own a mansion nor drive a luxury car but I’ll take freedom and peace of mind any day over ill-gotten acquired stuff. Condolence to his family and loved ones.
    Met one of the things I like about ur website is that it keeps u in the know without ur having to talk to or hang out with certain individuals. When u waan know wha a gwaan a road, it’s right here.

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