ONE month ago, the life of a downchin-and-out deejay called Gully Bop was transformed after a video of him ‘freestyling’ went viral.
The 50-year-old artiste, whose given name is Robert Lee Malcom, became an Internet sensation. His newfound fame made him a headliner at Sting where he turned in an impressive performance.
Among Gully Bop’s most loyal supporters is his 25-year-old girlfriend/manager Shauna Chin.
“The age doesn’t matter. I have grown to love him and I was the one who proposed to him. He knows how to tick me off, then know, exactly what to do to make me laugh,” she told Splash. “This has always been the type of love I wanted.”
Chin said she first heard about the deejay from her mother, Donna McLean, a lover of vintage dancehall.
“I saw the video of him freestylng and I instantly posted it in on in September. I saw his potential and I just knew I had to find him, so I took a cab to Grants Pen to locate him,” she recalled.
After some difficulty, Chin found Gully Bop. After a brief conversation, she realised he was not a ‘madman’ as he was often labelled, but suffering from depression. Having worked with other entertainers including Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee, Chin said she used her ‘links’ to get him media interviews.
She is not affected by criticisms of the unlikely relationship.
“I have been called a money-grabber and that I was just trying to get fame, but that’s not the case. I love him. We have both been through a lot so we blend well…it’s pure love,” she stated.
Chin was born in Portland. After completing her studies at Port Antonio High School, she migrated to Philadelphia where she has lived for almost a decade.
It has not been all roses for Gully Bop. This week, Claims Records, the label which produced most of his songs, severed ties with the entertainer, saying he has become disrespectful. But Chin insists this is not the end of his career. He has several projects — including a collaboration with Mr Vegas — in the works.


    1. After completing her studies? Lawd me did think dem did a go write a xyz community college! Or university.. But who am I to judge, she say she love him I believe her. Met leave me alone lol :siul

  1. And if these projects don’t tek off I hope this “kinda love” that she always wanted nuh run out bcuz every time I see a picture of them har face look unpleasant and har expressions seem forced

  2. Me love ugly man so me kinda understand. Wish UNUH the best and may the marriage be fruitful and overflow with love.

  3. boy only thing me fraid a is di two big teeth dem…dem look like him cudda use dem chop dung a tree..but more power to her..every ho have dem tick a bush and dis is proof of that…but unoo notice she say from she see him a freestyle she did haffi find him…chin look pan it as a meal ticket an go locate gully…lets see what happens

  4. She is such a f**king liad…. a kibaki and singing sweet dem first use to up an down wid country man when the video jus a get viral… kibaki did whaa f**k har so him call her come come help out wid country man fi try impress har…. she ended up f**k ova di whole a dem… she tek di man from him place.. from him family.. from everybody weh did know him…. country man family nt even know weh him deh…. she a di rel cause a di fall out wid claims records.. rite now she and country are wanted people…cyaa step bck a grants pen

  5. but when you check back di interview wid suzie q son Yende or whateva him name… when him ask gully bop how dem meet an how long they were together, bop seh a long time him a look chin from when she was little….so now all the sudden she just know bout him through video and had to look for him…. somthing naaaah add ups upss :nerd

    1. Truthteller, she is not smart….He is just dumb. Look how much man wid money an fame she pass tru an she never had none of them or dem money on lock down. A him alone she can tek for Claffy.

      1. :ngakak Nut’n nuh smart bout har…unless dem change di meaning ah smart last year. At 25 she clearly lost di bakkle fi manage har cratches… she ah manage Artiste *and I say that A wrerd wid ah whole lot of reservations* Shauna please tuh go and sit oba ah zinc pan of steaming hot water and young limes for di next 7 days. Yuh wi tank mi one day….:travel

  6. if she a 25, mi a type from outta mi fada balls a wait fi him piss mi out inna a fertile egg..who a 25?~?~?~?

  7. chin is just a girl a look a way out, u call it survival chin, put you pride down and get that money girl, u find a way out, go for it girl

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