7 thoughts on “COME WID DI RES A DI STORY

  1. Another semi-illiterate sending in a stupid story which doesn’t make any sense. The sender should take some evening class to become fully literate instead of watching other people’s business.

  2. I guess the sender is basically saying you left your husband who beat you, but you return for the beaten, which it’s apparent you never wanted to leave in the 1st place…. I’m assuming that’s what the sender is trying to put across…

  3. Sender leave the lady and her husband. They took vows. For better or worst. Unlike your baby father weh no want you. Suck u ugly mumma senda. Her husband is a provider all the provide you provide your baby father still naa stop walk and f#$k pon you. Come talk why you have up the girl. You no waa hear the truth.

  4. Denise a hypocrite and act like she perfect. love tell people bout them man and her man have woman out a road. No man is perfect so come out of people life and let them live how they want to.

  5. Denise chat how much she can’t wait FI leave FT that a polish she really love by the way didn’t FT suck den den ex friend Keisha pussy☕️

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