So me set up a fake page and add the wife pon insta and it seems as if she and the boy left cause a next man picture she have a boast over, I do not blame the young lady cause she deserve so much better than what him a give har. This boy come from jail and the gyal try help him spend up how much money pon him and him no stop dis har maybe a that’s why she never bother file fi him cause all a him fren them weh married get through long time and him still stuck a Jamaica cah left, anyway a the wife use to make him look good cause a good while now me no see him inna nothing nice like a town him clothes them a buy now cause when the wife use to mind him boy did clean could a step out inna name brand regular but a pure knock off and town clothes him a wear now! Right now Mickel have a next gyal a breed again and a the second belly she deh pon she live right next door the wife family you wah see all she fava dead mongrel mawga and look hungry cause him nah fawt pon har. Met this boy don’t want a soul and Shawna and Renae nah see that a just f**k him a get the only person we really see him show attention a the wife and the kids them weh him claim the other kids them him hide and see them especially the dwarf looking one name Renae pikney.

Shawna own them get notice cause the wife know bout them one deh the rest him hide from the wife say a no fi him own dem! The wife have a daughter fi him weh fava him bad everything pon the little girl a fi him me would a send a pic but the wife no trouble them so me nah go post her child. Imagine though in all this the wife no make a sound simply mean is either she shame or she don’t give a f**k about that careless boy! Or them left and nobody don’t know cause him no wah them feel like them can get position so him keep them pon the same level.


  1. Bad to Bad the wife is a nice person and she was in it for love it’s just unfortunate that some of these men just don’t love nobody they just pretend until time catch up with them. Glad the wife finally come to senses and realise she deserves much better!!!!! She will be much better off without all his drama and baby mothers.

    Note: Ladies one thing we all must remember we can’t force a nigga to love you, if a nigga cared about you he will prove that shit to you. He Will never let you be second best or an option he will make you his priority….let’s not forget that. FACTS

    Ps he will know that she really cared about wen it hit home late.

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