1. I was thinking the same thing sender. She looks rough lately and trying to play it off bout “he prefers her hair natural” as an excuse kmt. Didn’t he buy her three stores though?

  2. @anonymous what u mean buy her three stores? Lmfao….they ain’t winning in real life it’s all a show!

  3. Dwl mi see dem a road, she a di hypest ting, DWL she deserve him she love the spotlight suh she haffi mek sacrifices. Shamiele need fi hurry an come back cum fck shit up again.

  4. The store shit always come up and I’ve always ask what store zum give errice? Also long fake she wear even tho she don’t talk and post it up but she act like them real when she wear it. Also she don’t be going anywhere inportant daily she just dress up to post pic gal u have too much time on ur hands

  5. Rhetorical question, but this woman really get up everyday and get dressed only to make her mother take pics of her in the front a di yard?

    Nothing else?

  6. @ anon3:53 mi nuh like comment on when ppl weight fluctuate bcuz sometimes dem a suffer fr sumn terminal but Errice looks real scrawny bad bad in that pic

  7. Zoom have a brown girl who lives in bogue village and he takes care of her and they have been together for more that 3 years now and she also drives one of his Benz. She use to drive the one Erica driving it’s because she don’t hype or love social media and is her house he sleeps when he is in mobay

  8. Back to sewing fi 2017. Errice I hope yuh learn yuh lesson,you have talent fi sew, nuh mek nuh man tek yuh from yuh trade. If a man come thru mek sure him a build yuh. Yuh cyaan build a next man brand and him nah build you. Look how much money pass yuh fi di Christmas eeh gyal, all who never hot inna 2015, well hot fi 2016 inna fashion designing. Errice get back pon di machine and improve yuh craft. Zum a whore, him nah change and him nah cool. Hey watch unu cratches and di disease dem weh a roam di streets.

  9. If Errice did stick to her little trade and stop run behind Good Good, she would be one of the top designers now. See Kayture and Nish and now the Carby chick gone a lead. Errice going to have to come good to get back the top spot.
    Word to the wise:”if he got with you when he already had a woman, why wouldn’t he cheat on you?”

    1. Do you know that top designers learn and go school go perfect dem ting and so? U nuh dus become top designer and nuh go learn the craft

    2. I dont think Zum and Errice lef , dem always like that plus Zum always have 6 woman at a time suh him cycle everybody but its never only two women

  10. What a world we live inna tuh rass when ppl a dress fi Tek pic fi likes dress up an naw go noweh

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